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Thin Thor

Last week was Thor's annual physical. I'm pleased to announce my once tubby tabby is down from 18 pounds to 14 pounds. The vet said he is very muscular and healthy. Of course, part of that weight loss probably occurred in the car as he completely emptied his bladder and bowels.

Thor is not a fan of car travel.

Do your pets travel well?

Milo visits the vet

Poor Milo is at the vet as I type getting his teeth cleaned. To say he doesn't travel well is an understatement. He's shredded cardboard carriers and puked and peed in plastic ones.

This morning we forgo the carrier and he sat perched on my shoulder like a terrified parrot the entire way.(See photo above). But he didn't scratch, scream or have any accidents, so I'd say our no-carrier choice was a success.

Does your pet travel well?