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Today’s fun video: Biden messes up his WSUs

Vice President Joe Biden named the wrong WSU in a speech recently.

No, not our WSU. But who knew there were so many of them?

Crowd was quick to correct him.

Video Shows Jobless Toll On CdA Man

Coeur d'Alene resident Shawn Schlager talked about the making of his documentay that detailed the hardships of being unemployed. (SR photo: Kathy Plonka)

Michelle Schlager had been through a few tough years with her husband, Shaun. He lost his job as a graphic designer in 2009 and has struggled to find work. The financial burden strained their marriage and left Shaun awash in self-doubt. Still, it wasn’t until she interviewed him – as part of a project for his community college class – that she learned he’d spent some time contemplating the value of his life insurance policy. The financial value of his death. “I never knew he felt that way,” she said. It’s hard to count all the blows that joblessness has landed on Shaun Schlager, but they go way beyond the checkbook. “A lot of times,” he said, “it’s hard to even look at Michelle. Because I’m the man. I’m supposed to provide for the family.” Schlager, 35, has detailed his three-plus years of unemployment in a frank and forthright documentary he produced for his documentary video class at Spokane Falls Community College/Shawn Vestal, SR. More here.

Question: How has long-term unemployment impacted your life or the life of someone in your family?

Today’s fun video: SuperPACman


Spin Control returns after some light days with a fun video for your viewing enjoyment.

Why this video? you may ask.

Because Colbert “interviews” an old friend and colleague, Kim Barker of ProPublica, for part of the video. And, of course, because it's funny.

Fun video 2: SNL’s Moon President sketch

Saturday Night Live's opening sketch, as usual, was political.

Not the funniest ever, but a few good moments.

Today’s fun video: Is Muppet movie class warfare?


Some folks at Fox Business seem to think so.

Are they right, or is this a real stretch? Click on comment to weigh in.

Feds To Review Judge Lashing Teen

Federal prosecutors agreed Friday to look into a video that shows a Texas judge lashing his teenage daughter with a belt, a police chief said a day after authorities said too much time had passed to consider state charges. Rockport Police Chief Tim Jayroe said he discussed the 2004 video of Aransas County Court-at-Law Judge William Adams beating his then 16-year-old daughter with a prosecutor from the U.S. attorney's Corpus Christi office. … Hillary Adams (pictured), now 23, posted the 8-minute clip on YouTube last week that shows her father viciously lashing her with a belt and trying to force her to bend over her bed to be beaten despite her pleas to stop. The clip had received more than 4 million views by Friday/Associated Press. More here.

Question: Did Hillary Adams do the right thing by posting the video on YouTube?

Today’s fun video: Palin on polls



Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's take on polls…with a slight problem on the spelling.

Today’s fun video: A whack at Gov. Perry

An independent conservative group, which apparently prefers Michele Bachman over Rick Perry as the Republican presidential nominee, has released a new video.

Perry, not surprisingly, has denounced it as “blatantly false.”

Most notable thing about this ad: The narrator has a great Texas twang. (So great that it might not be real?)

Today’s fun video: A 2-hour debate in 4 minutes


If you missed last night's GOP presidential candidate debate on FOX, from Ames, Iowa, here's a highlight reel courtesy of TalkingPointsMemo

Today’s fun video: What kind of a baby?

Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colo., may have thought he was making a clever literary reference. He apparently didn't realize the connotations.

Lamborn later apologized.

Today’s fun video: July 6, quickly


Courtesy of Talking Points Memo, all you need to know about Wednesday, July 6.

Watch, then go back to sipping ice tea in the shade.

Today’s fun video: Palin explains Paul Revere’s ride

Sarah Palin explains the importance of Paul Revere. Did she get it wrong?




She says no, she didn't.



So it might not be the version you learned in American History (or American Lit). But it's not as if Henry Wadsworth Longfellow got it completely right, either. For the ultimate source of what happened on that night in 1775, go inside the blog.

Today’s fun videos: Stewart mocks Trump on pizza, Weiner on Twitter comments


Jon Stewart delivers a damning critique of Donald Trump.

Not for his aborted presidential campaign, his questioning of Obama's birth certificate or his coiffure. But for his pizza savvy. And it may be the most devastating Trump tromping of all time.

In a bipartisan move, he also asks the question that's on everyone's mind about Rep. Anthony Weiner's not quite unequivocal denial of that Twitter posting. Click here to see that inside the blog.

Today’s fun video: The Donald, we hardly knew you

Talking Points Memo prepared this two-minute “Greatest Hits” of the late, grate Donald Trump campaign.

Today’s fun video: Colbert on the politicizing of bin Laden’s death

For those who couldn't stay awake to catch the Colbert Report, here's his take on the suggestion that President Obama is using Osama bin Laden's death to boost his poll numbers.

Today’s fun video: Super Moon

There's nothing political about a full moon, even a “super moon” like we're scheduled to have on Saturday.

But this is a pretty good reminder to go out and look at the sky at moonrise tomorrow, because this is a rare phenomenon.

If the weather cooperates, that is.

Today’s fun video: Wisc. ain’t Tunisia or Egypt


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Is anyone else irked by some television news accounts that try to find parallels to popular uprisings in the Middle East? If so, you'll enjoy Jon Stewart's opening monologue from Monday nights “The Daily Show” which takes up that issue at about 5:30 in. (The rest of it is worth watching, though.)

It's possible that folks at The Spokesman-Review are a bit sensitive about such lame comparisons because photographer Holly Pickett, a former colleague, has been on the scene in Tunisia, Egypt and now Morocco, and we wouldn't worry quite so much if she were shooting photos in Madison, Wisc.

Today’s fun video: NPR rap

It is debatable whether white guys can’t jump. But this NPR music video probably proves that they can’t — or more precisely shouldn’t — rap.

It is kind of fun, in a geeky, nerdy way.

Today’s fun video: You think our ads are bad…

For those not sick to death of the television commercials for races in Washington state and Idaho, we offer Slate e-magazine’s compilation of the best/worst ads from around the state.

UI Wants Sell-Out For Homecoming

Peter Mundt of Boise introduced himself to me in an e-mail: “I’m doing some volunteer PR for the UI Athletic Department with the goal of filling the Kbbie Dome for as many games as possible this season. I produced a video to promote interest in UI’s Homecoming and game vs. New Mexico State University. A contact in Spokane who reads your blog suggested I send you the link to the video and ask if you could help us publicize homecoming in support of our Vandals.” I responded: Of course.

Question: Are you planning to attend the Idaho Vandals homecoming game with New Mexico State Oct. 23? Have you attended any other UI game this year?

Obama jabs Clinton on wives

Barack Obama got a few quick laughs at Bill Clinton’s expense recently by noting that both of them more or less “married up.”

More looks at the ‘Pledge’

U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers was on CNN’s Sunday morning talk show, explaining/defending the “Pledge to America” to Candy Crowley with Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee.

Meanwhile, FactCheck.org was dissecting the pledge, and found it some facts don’t check out in a report that can be found here.

Today’s fun video: Getting excited about politics. REALLY excited

While some big political races — for president, for governor, for Congress — often bring out strong emotions in candidates, it’s a fact that there are plenty of offices on every ballot that cause voters, and even candidates to yawn. After all, does the average voter know what the county assessor or the state lands commissioner does, let alone feel passionate about who holds the job.

But Phil Davison apparently really, really wanted to run for county treasurer in Stark County, Ohio. How much did he want the chance? Here’s his speech asking for the county Republican Party to nominate him.

Unfortunately for him (and possibly bloggers everywhere) they did not.

Today’s fun video: Stewart gives up

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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Jon Stewart opened last night’s Daily Show with a new feature called “I Give Up” — a sentiment we’ve all  held from time to time.

While it seems like he’s pounding mainly on Republicans at the beginning, stick with it to the end to see that he’s pretty bipartisan in his contempt.

Today’s video: Politico on 2010 elex

Politico’s 3 minute take on what to look for in the 2010 mid-term elections is a bit long, but overall a good summary.

Today’s video: Holocaust survivor dances

It may sound like an oxymoron, an uplifting vacation video shot at concentration camps. But this “vacation video” of a Holocaust survivor visiting concentration camps and other sites in Europe with his granchildren and essentially dancing on grave of Hitler’s final solution is pretty inspiring. 

More on Rossi, Murray, sinners and saints

As noted below, the Murray campaign was forced to pull its video jabbing Dino Rossi for his sinners and saints comment because it was using a copyright song without permission.

It all stemmed from a comment Rossi made to the National Journal about attracting undecided voters:”In the old adage, there are saints and sinners and those who can be saved. The saints are with us, the sinners are not. And the ones that can be saved are the ones we will be talking to.”

What seemed strange about that comment was not its content, but the fact that Rossi considers it an old adage. It doesn’t sound like any old adage I’d ever heard, despite a Catholic upbringing and 12 years in parochial school. A search in Bartlett and Google didn’t turn up anything, either.

Has anyone else ever heard that saying, or anything remotely resembling it. And no, the Billy Joel song that the Murray campaign used in the video it had to pull does not count.

Today’s fun video: Huckabee on Palin and pot

Former Arkansas governor turned presidential candidate turned Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee talks about former Alaska governor turned vice presidential nominee turned Fox News contributor Sarah Palin and pot.

He makes a joke, it falls flat. Huchabee should definitely not quit his day job to do stand-up.

But he does make one very good prediction at the end.

Today’s fun video: Sixth Sense

America’s Voice, a group that wants immigration law reform, but not the kind in Arizona, is making fun of Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, for suggesting it’s easy for cops to use their “sixth sense” to spot illegal immigrants.

Naturally, they mix it with clues from the movie “Sixth Sense” (but you knew that was going to happen, right? The only real question was what would “I see dead people” be changed to.)

It should also be noted that the things King is suggesting should tip off cops are all part of the five regular senses.