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Mike Coyne and Sonic Decanter not yet at its $85,000 Kickstarter target

Spokane company Dionysius Technology has 13 days left to reach the $85,000 mark in its Kickstarter Campaign, to raise money for the first production of its Sonic Decanter.

The product removes oxygen and oxides from wine with the claim that the change in chemistry improves overall taste and complexity.

Company founder Mike Coyne showcased the product recently at the downtown Vino! wine shop. This video was shot during his visit to Vino!

The Kickstarter campaign page has lots of information about how the product works and its evolution. You might want to check it out.

This could, in fact, be a very big deal for consumers. Our first Office Hours post on the technology is here.


Vino! looks to add wine service later this month; state approves a second license

For most of its nearly 20 years in business, Spokane’s Vino! Retail wine shop has served one- or two-ounce wine tastes to customers.

Sometime this month the shop, at 222 S. Washington, plans to open part of its store as a serving bar, allowing customers to order a full glass of wine.

Co-owner John Allen said the state has approved Vino!’s application for a new serving license. Up to now, its retail tasting room license allowed small tastes up to a total of eight ounces per customer.

The switch is part of the shop’s goal of allowing people to hang out and socialize.

Vino decided to divide the store into two sections. The front half is still the retail side where small tastes are allowed. The back half will be the fuller-service wine bar. It will operate on Friday and Saturday afternoons only, to avoid being considered a tavern, Allen said.

Customers can either order a glass of wine from the wines the store is sampling that day. Or they can buy a bottle and pay a corkage fee and drink it there.