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How low can you go

Keith Bromley sent this email Monday.

"Mr. Turner,

"I see that the forecast low for here in Moscow tonight is 43 degrees — a mere 11 degree cushion from freezing. Not comforting to us who live in low-lying areas and frost pockets.

"So I have a question. If it were to freeze on the 24th of July, would that count as the last frost of spring or the first frost of fall?"  

Thunderstorms moving through area…

Good morning, Netizens…

My, but that was lovely. We had a small, fairly powerful severe thunderstorm move rapidly across parts of Lincoln, Stevens and Spokane Counties this morning at approximately 1:00 AM this morning. This was not in any of the weather forecasts, but the brief rainstorms were welcome.

There was some mild winds ahead of the storm, but not damaging in the slightest excepting north of Reardan, and no hail that I have been able to discern. There was, however, a severe thunderstorm warning issued for part of Lincoln, Spokane and Stevens Counties at 1:30 AM PDT.