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The week in review…

Good morning, Netizens…


We have managed to survive for yet another week, as today is Friday. Our combined fortunes here in the Inland Northwest are as good as in the can, although various high-ranking Republicans and Democrats are still fighting like cats and dogs over our nation's finances in our far-off nation's capital. My solution for the unending imbroglio over taxes and spending is simple: turn off the damned air conditioners in Washington, D.C. until they fix the damned mess! Although I had written this long before 6:00 AM this morning, KXLY's morning weather forecaster Mark Peterson said pretty much the same thing. Put Republicans and Democrats in a crowded room in stifling 100 degree heat and leave them there until they work out something that works for everyone. Talk about working up a sweat. I call it justice.


At about 10:30 PM last night, just as we were settling down for the night, we heard a rush like a whirlwind whipping its way through the Virtual Garden, but when we both rushed to the windows to see what was the matter, we were astounded to discover a high-volume rainstorm dumping heavy rain like the predecessor to the Great Flood. Like most things in Spokane, however, the gusher only lasted a few minutes before it returned to a nice steady shower and finally fizzled out somewhere before midnight. The best (or worst) part is this mini-flood never even merited a mention in the morning weather forecast on any local TV news. I guess we don't have any of those high-tech, fast-talking meteorologists on duty at that hour of the night.


There wasn't any hail so although our fledgling tomato plants, cucumbers and strawberries were delighted with the moisture, no wounds were noted this morning. Depending upon how far the raging rain storm reached, the wheat farmers would probably be greatful for the rain, too. This morning a similar storm hit Northern Stevens County near Colville, and since that showed up on NEXRAD weather radar they made a big fuss of it, and so onward we march.


Of course, no mention of the events this week should exclude Borders Bookstore is closing their doors forever. It is time, my friends, to go examine the “sale prices” to see whether their sales truly exist. Maybe not.




Thank goodness it’s Friday!

Good evening, Netizens…

As I hold the prism of history to my jaded eyes, I realize almost with a state of shock that it is once again Friday. As I have spent most of the week under the weather in ways far too gruesome to discuss, even in this example of free speech, I missed most of the cry and fury taking place. Well, I can say I missed it, but I have a yellow legal pad filled with sporadic notes that indicates how, I occasionally sat up took notice of things erupting around me.

Perhaps the most difficult part of this week’s events for me to comprehend is the near warfare over the passage of Health Care Bill including all the various components which have been added since the passage of the primary bill and signed into law by President Obama. It is not the confusion nor even the lack of factual information regarding the contents of the Health Bill.

Rather it is the hatred and extreme behavior on the part of those who claim they resent the passage of the bill and/or its contents.

Some Wingnut Democrats are already alleging that the various hate messages, e-mail and faxes sent to various Democrats responsible for the Health Care Bill’s passage are the doing of various Republicans.

Some Democrats charged Republican Sarah Palin with throwing gas on the flames. Palin tweeted her followers, saying: “Commonsense Conservatives & lovers of America: ‘Don’t Retreat, Instead - RELOAD!’”

Palin also used her Web site to target 20 House Democrats who voted yes on health care. There was a map with gunsights on the districts.

“When Sarah Palin uses gun analogies and gun imagery when she makes her political point, she may believe that she’s engaging in metaphor. But there are too many people who have twisted minds who might think that she’s being literal,” said Democratic Representative from New York Anthony Weiner. “What might seem as an obvious metaphor for some people may seem like an invitation for someone else.”

I used to believe that threatening elected public officials was terrorism. Perhaps I need to reexamine how we define terrorism.


A hectic week by any standard…

Good morning, Netizens…

Thank God it’s Friday! I am caught up and current with my real day job and this weekend the Russian Journalists are heading back to their homes in Russia. I cannot help but wonder how they perceive us in Spokane, allowing for the language barrier that separates us from one another.

This has been a hectic, busy week, even by my typically pandemonious schedule. It began with a simply lovely barbeque dinner with the Russians, Jeanie and Mary Carr, with a drive-by greeting by John Olsen, who not only helped fix dinner for everyone, but then headed downtown to attend the City Council session and witnessed King Joe Shogun toss two people out of the Council Chambers for unknown causes. It is too bad the Russian journalists were not in attendance, to witness King Joe in action. What a class piece of work he can be!

Wandering around the marvelously-complex Hamilton Studio http://www.hamiltonstudio.com/ and marveling at the eclectic ambience, I became acquainted with my hosts, Don Hamilton and Leonid Bergoltsev, the former is the owner of the building, the latter is a world-class Russian photographer some of whose pictures adorned the walls. I made a commitment to return to this special place, this time bringing a digital camera and capturing some of its beauty.

Making the rounds of the building who should I encounter but former Editor of the Spokesman, Steve Smith. Although we had briefly met during the time when Community Comment first saw its inception, this was the first time we actually had an opportunity for prolonged discourse.

As fate would have it, just as the dinner was getting lively, my phone went off, and off to a customer’s headquarters we did roll, as their network hub had gone down. Thus we missed the latter part of the ceremonial imbibing of Spokane’s own Dry Fly and various kinds of Russian vodka. Oh, my, Dry Fly is so smooth. It is perhaps the biggest temptation to return to drinking since I discovered Cutty Sark. Oh, dear me.

Wednesday and yesterday the day-to-day madness got more technical and insane, as there were a number of issues that demanded my attention, but now, at oh-my-God on a frigid Friday morning, things are slowly calming down in preparation for yet a last meeting with the Russian journalists later on this morning.

It has been a wonderful week, indeed.


Week in Review…

Good morning, Netizens…

Picture of Phillip Paul courtesy of the Spokesman and the Spokane County Sheriff’s Department.

Thank God it’s Friday! A quick review of the news thus far this week:

Governor comes over to this side of the state for her flu shot. Promoted as encouragement that the flu shot works, I wonder if Governor Gregoire is flaunting the fact she has excellent heath insurance benefits. Gee, I wonder what her copay is? On the other hand, I have heard the rumor she has a deluxe lakeside cabin over by Hayden Lake, and probably will be spending the weekend there. Rumor has it she has installed a throne suitable for receiving visiting luminaries, bureaucrats and lobbyists, where they can receive an embossed picture of them kissing her ring.

A convicted murderer walks away from the Interstate Fair and no one is the wiser for over two hours. Phillip Arnold Paul, a convicted murderer formerly incarcerated at Eastern State Hospital who was adjudged by the courts as criminally insane was given a day pass to attend the Interstate Fair. Since he ostensibly didn’t like the Tilt-A-Whirl ride, he decided to leave the fair, and has since disappeared. No one knew he was gone for over two hours. The difficult part of such a concept is now officials are looking frantically for someone to blame for the decision to allow inmates access to the Fair with only marginal oversight. My bookmaker has odds that the police will capture Paul before anyone stops by to explain public policy at Eastern State Hospital.

Seven inmates, no make that patients, at a “heavily secured” facility for sex offenders were busted for possessing pictures of graphic kiddie porn. Heavily secured, huh? Since the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services are in charge of the former McNeil Island facility for sex offenders, it somehow stands to reason things like this happen. Ostensibly all seven inmates received the CD’s containing graphic kiddie porn and bestiality pictures via the U.S. Postal Service, since they are prohibited from having Internet access. How about we put them on the wind-swept island devoid of any access of any kind, and simply let them contemplate their previous sins in this life?

The late Otto Zehm found NOT GUILTY on all counts by federal task force. It remains to be seen if the task force will find any culpability in other areas of the investigation, cover-up or other malfeasant activities that took place that fateful night. Stay tuned to your Motorola radios for the latest news updates.

And that, dear children, is the Week in Review for the Week of September 18th 2009. As we used to say, if you didn’t like the news this week, please go out and make some of your own.


Mon. a.m. video: Yesterday’s talking head shows

If you slept in or went to church on Sunday morning, here’s what they were talking about,  courtesy of TalkingPointsMemo.

That was the week that was

Although there was a lot going on in national politics — economic stimulus money pumping out to the states, an omnibus spending bill that crashed and burned in Congress, new rules on bankruptcy — the national political media had one mantra last week.

All Rush, all the time. Video clip highlights of the back and forth are inside.


That was the week that was

What did you miss if you spent the week in a cave (one without access to newspapers, the Internet or cable television)?

Barack Obama held an economic summit, John McCain was in the audience and got to ask the first question.
Obama addressed a joint session of Congress; Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal was in the next segment and got to give the GOP response. Obama got good reviews; Jindal not so much.
Spokane Mayor Mary Verner’s rap performance sort of went viral (well, it got lots of play in Spokane.)
Obama announced an end to the war in Iraq, although it’s about 19 months from now (and doesn’t mean all the troops will be home even then.) John McCain said good idea…didn’t these two run against each other at one time? Military types said good idea.

Videos from the week that was are inside.