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Tried losing weight with co-workers?

Rick Rhodes, an employee of the state of Idaho, is part of a 12-person collective weight loss effort.

He and his colleagues have not been at it all that long. But they have dropped about 110 pounds so far.

How would a similar campaign go over at your workplace?

Hucks: MikeK Tackles Challenge

Coeur d’Alene City Councilman Mike Kennedy didn’t shrink from appearing at the Idaho Supreme Court hearing for Jim Brannon’s challenge of his three-vote 2009 loss to Kennedy last week. But Kennedy is shrinking. Sixty-four pounds and counting since this time last year – from 245 pounds to 181 pounds. In September 2011, Kennedy decided to get serious about his health. On his Facebook wall, he explained to well-wishers that his motivation “was avoiding a massive stroke or heart attack, and the fact that someone has to walk my three beautiful daughters down the aisle.” When I kidded that he was getting in fighting trim for a rematch with Brannon in 2013, Kennedy replied that I must be a “sadist”/DFO, Sunday Huckleberries. More here.

Question: Would you like to see Mike Kennedy run for re-election in 2013?

Police pension group OKs hypnosis

A retired Spokane police officer will have his hypnosis weight-loss therapy paid for by city tax money.

Members of the Spokane Police Pension and Relief Board unanimously approved the unusual claim from board member Gary Gow at its meeting Thursday.

Gow, who retired from the Spokane Police Department in 1985 after 20 years of service, abstained from voting. He’s been a member of the pension board for 21 years.

Read the rest of my story here.

The story was posted on LawOfficer.com's Facebook page today. The comments are quite interesting.

Hucks Poll: McEuen Changes Will Pass

  • Monday Poll: A near supermajority of Hucks Nation believes the Coeur d'Alene City Council will approve proposed changes to McEuen Field, either as is or with slight modifications. 26 of 100 respondents say the council will OK the plans as they are. 38 of 100 say the council will OK plans with slight changes. 19 of 100 say the council won't make a decision until a later date. 11 said the council will accept the plans with major changes. Only 6 said the council will reject the plans altogether.
  • Today's Poll: Do people who talk a lot about their weight loss or exercise programs bore you?