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Wenaha River trail in full bloom for hikers

BACKPACKING — This has been a perfect week to backpack the Wenaha River trail into the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness.

Here's what Paul Knowles, Spokane County Parks planner, had to say after returning from a weekend trek into the area

Went down to the Wenaha this weekend. Perfect timing! No rattlers, ticks, or poison ivy yet and an incredible color show!

The Wenaha River Trail was mentioned in my Sunday Outdoors story on April hiking opportunities as one of my top early-season picks for hikers looking to stretch their legs for a day or several days.

You'll find more details on the hike and the area in 100 Hikes in the Inland Northwest.

Wenaha River beckons backpackers

HIKING — This photo is just a glimpse of the scenic value I enjoyed this weekend with other backpackers as we hiked up the Wenaha River from Troy, Oregon.

The Wenaha is a major trib to the Grande Ronde, a former steelhead and salmon fishing ground for Chief Joseph, and namesake for the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness. 

You have to hike in roughly six miles just to reach the wilderness boundary.

It's a sweet early-season trek, opening to backpackers sometime in March.