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Wes: Cougar Bay Under Attack Again

Lately, though, new threats to achieving this vision (for Cougar Bay’s future) have surfaced. One threat involves removing log storage pilings and booms from the mouth of Cougar Bay. Currently, they deter high-speed boats and personal watercrafts from entering Cougar Bay. Another proposed intrusion is to install moored overnight docking facilities at the bay’s entrance. A third proposal that occasionally emerges is to dredge the bay, removing its plants and deepening it. Finally, proposals to haul and store docks and other equipment in Cougar Bay have been made and heard by the Idaho Department of Lands. This agency regulates lakebeds and issues surface water leases. Many people have worked diligently and hard to preserve Cougar Bay’s wetlands and hillsides so this community has natural sanctuary available for low-impact uses, wildlife, and its children/Wes Hanson, KEA Blog. More here.

Question: Should the Idaho Department of Lands approve proposals to remove log-storage pilings and booms and install overnight docking facilities on Cougar Bay?