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Oddest aspect of “White Christmas”?


The whole thing about the general or the size of Vera-Ellen's waist?

There are many odd things about this

What, in your opinion, was the strangest aspect of the storyline?

I'll open the bidding with the affection for the general. And where exactly were all those former soldiers supposed to stay once they got to Vermont? Then there's the matter of Vera-Ellen's impossibly small waist. 


Jamie: God-Forsaken Icy Roads

I was going to see White Christmas at the Spokane Civic Theatre on Friday. I had my tickets waiting for me at the box office for the sold out show, but because I am a chicken when it comes to driving on icy roads we stayed home instead. Now this has really put a crimp in my monthly dose of culture! I need to remind myself of the finer more simple pleasures in life and going to a performance at the Spokane Civic gives me that and more. Sometimes we get caught up in all the daily crap (yes I said crap) that is going on around us and we don’t take time to just sit and be entertained.

Question: Have icy roads this year prevented you from attending an event that you really wanted to see or be a part of?