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Whitworth defeats Emory 86-67

S-R photojournalist Tyler Tjomsland covered Whitworth's home win against Emory.  Check out a big picture gallery of his photos.

Whitworth defeats Lewis and Clark 74-69

S-R photojournalist Colin Mulvany covered Whitworth's home game against Lewis and Clark.  Check out a big picture gallery of his photos.

Whitworth defeats Lewis and Clark 89-70

S-R photojournalist Colin Mulvany covered the Whitworth home game against Lewis and Clark.  Check out a big picture gallery of his photos.

Welcome to a month of madness


Selection Sunday can either be the happiest day of the year or the saddest, depending on your position. But for most folks, whose schools already know their NCAA fate, it can also have no relevance whatsoever. Strike that. Very little relevance might be better. After all, just about everyone loves to get those bracket sheets and make their predictions, don't they? Read on.

Labor woes in the Twitter era


It was a pretty slow Friday – unless you happen to be an Arena football fan. Then it got real exciting, real quick in the early afternoon. But the Spokane Shock don't play until Monday evening and the labor troubles that boiled over yesterday already seem to be getting resolved. Maybe it was good for Spokane to play the final game of the first weekend. Read on.

It’s finally shorts weather - sort of


There is still a chance today could be TF60DDOTY (or as it's known to most folks, the first 60-degree day of the year) in the Inland Northwest. Which would make it the best day of the year for me. Yep, nothing better than that first day post-winter (OK, I know it is still winter officially) you can put on shorts and wander around, causing car wrecks and blinding babies with your white legs. Of course, the past few years I've been able to do that in Pullman, where the students would always point admiringly and show their envy (I'm sure) by laughing at the whiteness of my skin. Now I have to do that at home, and the warm weather means I'll be in the back yard with a rake. Read on.

Empty? The Staples Center was not empty


Before Washington State's Pac-12 Conference tournament game began yesterday, Christian Caple posted a picture of the empty Staples Center on this blog. Yes, it was a pregame photo for a noon game, so you would expect the arena to be empty. But after the game began, the seats remained unfilled. Either that or they gave out free T-shirts that were the exact same color as the seats. Anyhow, the empty arena, the quiet atmosphere, the ability to hear fans' comments throughout the game – all of which was caught by Fox's broadcast – took me back to a simpler time and a simpler place, when game officials were less hesitant to interact with their fans. Read on.

The Kennel’s magic is alive and well


Behold the power of the Kennel. Gonzaga obviously didn't play all that well Thursday night, giving up a battalion of offensive rebounds and turning the ball over 20 times, but they still defeated visiting Brigham Young by 11. That, my friends, is the power of the Kennel. Read on.

BYU, GU face off in WCC’s newest rivalry


I'm sorry, but I don't get it. How does dressing up in a dark suit and tie for a basketball game constitute hate? Read on.

A little extra on this Wednesday


We've always prided ourselves on being a full-service blog station. We not only fill up your computer screen with tales from the professional, collegiate and prep worlds, but we check under the hood to give you news you can use as well. And that tradition continues today. Read on.

A light day with a couple of great stories


If I really wanted to take a day off, today would be the day. Nothing much in the way of local stories, not a lot from the local college's conference connections and very little from the professional ranks. But those are often the days when, while trying to find tracings, you end up with nuggets. And we found one. Read on.

Sorry, today doesn’t pass holiday test


How do you decide whether a day is a holiday or not? Is it whether the kids are in school, because that seems to mean there are a lot more holidays than there used to be. Or is when you don't have to work on a usual work day, because that would seem to indicate that there are a lot less holidays than there used to be. Me, I go by the garbage index. If the trash is picked up the regular day, then that means there was no holiday that week. So today, under my criteria, is not really a holiday. And we will treat it as such here. Read on.

Zags on a wild ride


I'm not a rollercoaster guy. Mainly it has to do with heights – to say I hate them is an understatement; it's more like an irrational fear – but it also has to do with the constant up and downs. Speed is fine. Give me a ride that races around corners and stretches the boundaries of centrifugal force anytime. But rollercoasters? No thanks. What does this have to do with sports? I think you know. Read on.

Times change but complaining doesn’t


For the first time in quite a while, we're suffering through a tough Internet day. It's tough to connect with sites, it's tough to tweet, it's just tough to do anything. And we know it's our problem because it's intermittent. So we're working on it while we type – and by working on it, we mean we're ignoring it for now hoping it will fix itself. Read on.

This day is perfect


When I awoke this morning, something felt different. No, the knees still hurt. And the waistline hadn't shrunk. But something was strange. Was the sun actually brighter? Were the birds really chirping louder? Did the air seem fresher? Yes. It is Super Bowl Sunday, when a Disney-like aura surrounds everyone in the world. I almost broke into song. Read on.

D3 bracket: Whits open at home

The Whitworth men’s basketball team drew a first-round bye in the NCAA Division III Tournament bracket and will host the winner of the Claremont-Mudd-Scripps at Chapman game that will take place on Thursday night.

The Pirates will play that winner on Saturday. You can read more below in the unedited reaction story that will appear in Tuesday morning’s S-R, and you can click here for the entire bracket.