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Wise Words: Don’t do it all alone

In my Wise Words interview Sunday, Lynnette Vehrs, faculty member at Washington State University’s College of Nursing, said: “Sometimes people, nurses included, don’t realize it’s very good to ask for help. Never feel like you have to do it all yourself.”

Kimberly Lusk, an editor at the paper, said it was a great line to end an entire series on, as I pulled the plug (so to speak) on Wise Words in Troubled Times, a three-year series, in which every month I published excerpts from interviews with people I've met over my 27 years at the paper.

I ended it because the economy is reviving (a bit) and because I believe that some newspaper items need to run a natural course and then be done. I pulled the plug on a Catholic-themed blog (Journey to Vatican III) that I wrote for a few years. I gave up an opinion column in 2005. In my 27 years at the newspaper, I have held at least five different positions.

Just as we have to let go of our youth, family members who pass on, and even jobs, my belief is we need to also let go of projects at work when they seem done to make room and energy for other work projects.

I'll miss Wise Words and the people I chatted with each month. But new ideas are brewing. Thanks for reading Wise Words these past three years.

(Lynnette Vehrs photo by S-R/Colin Mulvany)