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The next generation expresses an opinion?

Good morning, Netizens…

This picture is rather obscure as to its author or other information, although there is a copyright showing EPA as its owner. I seriously doubt if the Environmental Protection Agency had anything to do with Malia Obama’s political dress code, but I though enough of the picture to add it today’s long list of things to do.

Do you remember the 60’s? Did you ever wear or carry a peace symbol in public? Would you wear or carry a Peace Symbol today? 

It feels interesting, even somewhat difficult watching the next generation of kids as they pick up and address the issue of nuclear disarmament, especially when her father, President Obama, has been negotiating with Vladmir Putin to reduce nuclear stockpiles in both Russia and the United States.

Although I cannot help but wonder what her parents had to say about her wearing a shirt bearing the Peace Symbol at this time in history, kudos to Malia Obama for making a youthful political statement.