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TU offers $1K for top wild steelhead essay

FISHING — A good tale about steelhead will earn somebody $1,000 next month.

Trout Unlimited has launched an essay contest for authors angling for the cash prize and a spot in TROUT Magazine.

Entries must focus on wild steelhead and be no more than 500 words.

The winning essay will be read aloud at TU’s Nov. 20 launch of its new Wild Steelhead Initiative in Seattle.

“We’re looking for good stories about wild steelhead and why so many of us are willing endure even the worst conditions - frigid water, rain, sleet, snow - for hours, even days at a time in hopes of catching just one of these amazing fish,” said Shauna Sherard, TU’s northwest region communications director. “Wild steelhead have captured the souls and imaginations of American anglers for generations. Surely there are stories to tell, and TU wants to help die-hard steelheaders tell them.”

Wild steelhead in the Pacific Northwest still persist, but 70 percent of the region’s stocks require federal protection.

Here's TU's pitch:

The upcoming campaign will focus on improving wild steelhead numbers and the opportunity for anglers to pursue them. Until now, efforts have been focused on local watersheds and specific runs of wild steelhead. TU hopes to shine some much-needed light on the challenges wild steelhead face if they are to once again swim in historic numbers from southern Alaska all the way to southern California.