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A big Saturday for WSU


The guard will be changing in Pullman and I don’t mean guys playing inside in football or outside in basketball. We’re talking about athletic director Jim Sterk leaving. And, yes, he is taking the San Diego State job and no, he wasn’t forced out. We have more on that, and the basketball game today, on the link. Read on.

WSU will try to bounce back


We went to practice today and put together this short on the mental aspect of bouncing back from Thursday’s come-from-ahead defeat. You can read the unedited version on the link.

WSU loss to Stanford, the day after


It’s the day after a tough loss. Which means, I’m sure, it was a tough night to fall asleep for those connected to the Washington State basketball team. But it’s on to Cal for a FSN-televised 1 p.m. game Saturday. Before we turn our eyes there, however, we have some thoughts – and links – about last night’s loss. Read on.

Late basket sends WSU to tough defeat


You guys have had your say, with all the comments on the end-of-game post. We’ll have ours in the morning. For now, we have our game story on the link in all its unedited glory. Read on now and check in the morning for more.

WSU blows lead, falls 60-58


As much as WSU did right Thursday night, it’s hard to believe the Cougars lost. But they did, throwing away a lead that was 18 points with 11 minutes and 43 seconds left. But from that point until Jeremy Green hit his fifth 3-pointer, giving Stanford a 53-52 lead, WSU scored eight points over 9 minutes and none from the 7:24 mark to the 1:49 mark. And that was that. The one stat that stands out as we head downstairs: Despite trailing much of the game, Stanford had an eight-point edge at the free-throw line. We’ll be back in about 90 minutes.

WSU leads 33-18 at the half


What is it about Stanford and first halves? For the second time this season, WSU played a superlative first half – or, if you’re a half-empty type of guy, the Cardinal played a terrible half. For my money, you half-empty guys are more right than wrong this time. The Cardinal turned into a turnover machine in the opening 20 minutes, giving the ball away 11 times, including some that were just incomprehensible. But the Cougars had something to do with that as well. Though this wasn’t the defensive effort of the Arizona game, it still was pretty good, holding the Cardinal to 33 percent shooting (7 of 21) besides the turnovers. Landry Fields has five points, as he was guarded early by DeAngelo Casto but quickly given to Nik Koprivica – when WSU wasn’t in zone. Jeremy Green has six points, all on 3-pointers, with Marcus Capers doing the bulk of the defensive effort. … Casto has been a force inside offensively – he actually went coast-to-coast with a turnover – with nine points, but the most telling stat on offense is the eight assists on 13 baskets. … Klay Thompson has four assists and eight points. … The Cougars are running their offense well, with eight players having scored – none of them named Brock Motum, who has yet to play. WSU is shooting 46 percent. … We’ll be back at the end of the game. Don’t forget the way Stanford played in the second half in Pullman.

Cardinal show colors at home


It’s only a few minutes before game time here at Stanford and we have some news and notes concerning Washington State’s game with the Cardinal. Read on …

WSU hopes to heat up at Stanford


Talk about strange. It’s actually colder here in San Jose than it is in Seattle (yes, I checked). As I write this, it is 41 degrees outside. According to my phone – and really, when is your phone ever wrong? – it is 45 in Seattle. Of course, it’s only 35 in Pullman, but that wouldn’t make my point would it? What’s the point, you ask? Good question. Guess I don’t have one, other than to say no shorts today and we have links for you. Read on.

WSU concentrates on winning


A quick post tonight from the Bay Area. We have a couple notes for our Four Corners’ page, along with our usual Thursday short on the upcoming weekend. Read on …

An expansive news day at WSU


A busy day with links. It makes sense seeing that yesterday was a busy day with news items. We’re also headed to the Bay Area this afternoon as WSU prepares for Stanford and Cal. So let’s get going. Read on.

WSU may be part of a bigger conference


Put together a notebook for Wednesday’s paper, built around Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott’s teleconference today in which he talked about the conference’s possible expansion, its new hire and other stuff. Plus, there’s some basketball news. Read on …

Bone talks about WSU’s week ahead


Before we head to practice, we have some notes from Ken Bone’s teleconference this morning. That, and a link to an interesting circumstance in Portland last Sunday along with another football signee. Read on …

A vital week for WSU?


How important is this week to WSU’s postseason chances? Is crucial a good enough word? Is make-or-break a big enough phrase? Probably neither truly apply, but they sure caught your interest, didn’t they? Anyhow, we’ll explain why these games are important on the link, with those thoughts being joined by our spin around the conference this morning. Read on.

WSU’s win over UA, the day after


It’s hard to say how much of Saturday night’s win over Arizona was a result of better WSU play and how much of it can be attributed to the basketball truism that matchups are crucial. Make no mistake. The Cougars played one of their most complete games of the season. But they also seem to have Arizona’s number, with their defense strengths taking away or severely limiting UA’s best offensive weapons and the WSU offense a tough stop for Arizona’s man defense. Read on for more.

Focused WSU hammers Arizona


It might have been WSU’s most complete effort of the season. It certainly was the Cougars best defensive effort. And it gave glimpses of the potential of this team. Heck, Ken Bone even sounded a bit like the last coach, talking about valuing each possession, which was a oft-used statement by the previous guy. The Cougars did that tonight, especially on the defensive end, where they used a mixture of man (most of the night) and zone (at key moments) to disrupt UA’s flow. As Bone said, they were locked in almost every possession. Play like that the final seven Pac-10 games and anything is possible. OK, let’s move on to our game story, the unedited version of which is on the link. Read on …

WSU gets past Arizona, 78-60


If Washington State has played a better defensive game this year, I didn’t see it. That, combined with another outstanding effort on the glass against UA and more bench contributions than usual - a lot more - lifted the Cougars past the Wildcats at Beasley Coliseum. The number of players who had a hand in WSU’s fifth Pac-10 win can’t be counted, well, on one hand. We’ll be back in about two hours with more. Untill then …

WSU leads 32-26 at half


Bad blood? Pride? Whatever it is, DeAngelo Casto has played his best three halves of Pac-10 basketball against Arizona and freshman post Derrick Williams. The third one came here today, as Casto reached double figures in the first half, the first time he’s been in doubles since the last Arizona game. With his 10 points, six rebounds and two blocks, he’s dominated inside. … The Cougars aren’t shooting well (12 of 30, including 1 of 7 beyond the arc) but they are getting it done on the offensive glass, with seven rebounds. Those extra possessions have really helped. … There’s been a Brock Motum sighting, with the freshman from Australia playing nearly 10 minutes and scoring four points. … The Wildcats’ Josh Fogg and Jamelle Horne each have six points. We’ll be back at the end. Until then …

Arizona invades WSU


Before we get into our thoughts about the Arizona game, we wanted to pass on the news WSU’s women’s team won its first Pac-10 game of the season today, defeating ASU 66-62 behind April Cook’s career-high 33 points. You can read more here. Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post. Both teams are on Friel Court getting some shooting in. And we’ve got some thoughts, so read on.

WSU faces an Arizona team that is tough on weekends


There have been five previous Saturday (or Sunday) games in the Pac-10. In those, the University of Arizona is 5-0 (the Wildcats are 1-4 on Thursdays or Fridays). Which means UA does a great job of handling the quick turnaround. A couple things in Arizona’s favor: No one plays defense exactly like ASU in the conference and the two schools’ offenses don’t look anything alike either. WSU will try to make the quick changeover this evening, knowing that it has figured out how to limit the Wildcats in the past. Read on for more on tonight’s games throughout the Pac-10.

WSU will try to be wise about its defense


OK, we’re back once again. How has your last hour been? Anyhow, while I was away, I’ve put together a short story on tomorrow’s game with Arizona. The Cougars will be trying to chase down the blur that is known as Nic Wise. They did a good job of it in Arizona, now they have to repeat the task if they want to sweep the season series with the Cats. Read on for that and a short note on WSU’s honoree in the Pac-10’s hall of honor.

WSU’s loss to ASU, the day after


Four teams tied at the top at 6-4. Nine teams within two games of first. All 10 within two games in the loss column. The Pac-10 is an enigma wrapped in a riddle this season. The new motto: Get hot, win a regular season title. For no one is that more true right now than Washington State. This is a team that has morphed into one that depends on its shooting to win. Thursday night that formula failed. We have thoughts, notes, links and quotes if you want to read on.

Shots don’t fall, WSU does


The shooting stats from beyond the arc tell the tale. Klay Thompson, 2-10. Nik Koprivica, 1-6. Reggie Moore 0-1 (only one?). And Derek Glasser, 3-3. The Cougars, at home, couldn’t find the bottom of the net. ASU’s Glasser, on the road, could, and that was a big part of the difference. Read on for the unedited version of my S-R story.

WSU falls to Arizona State, 81-70


Washington State is a team that may have to play near perfect basketball if it wants to be successful in the Pac-10 season. There is more margin of error, of course, at home because the tangible elements that come with playing in front of its fans can help a team overcome mistakes. Well the Cougars made too many to overcome even at home Thursday night. They made them early and dug a hole that reached 14 in the first half. They made them early in the second half and saw the lead grow to 19. Then they did whatever they could to come back, clawing within four a couple times in the final 10 minutes. But when they needed to make stops, they couldn’t, with Derek Glasser hitting a 25-foot 3-pointer from behind big Eric Boateng the final time WSU got within four (59-55, which should have been three but Reggie Moore missed a free throw). That triggered a deciding 10-3 run. We’ll be back in about 90 minutes with our game story.

WSU trails 40-26 at half


In a nutshell, it was a half of runs with Arizona State having more. Simple, but not really. WSU contributed mightily to ASU’s runs – a 12-0 one that built a 30-17 lead, then an 8-0 one to end the half – by missing seven of 10 free throws, turning the ball over five times and shooting 35.5 percent from the floor. Klay Thompson contributed to the latter, hitting 2 of 10 shots, missing all six of his 3-pointers, many wide open. … The Sun Devils are shooting 62.5 percent, with many of their shots as open as the ones Thompson is getting. The difference is their shots are going in. … I usually don’t say much about this, but we’ll discuss the officiating in our post-game blog tonight. … We’ll be back at the end of the game.

WSU about ready for ASU


We’re a little behind due to the football news (see below). But we’re scrambling to catch up. We’ve got some news and notes prior to the non-televised ASU game. Read on.

OK, football is over … back to WSU hoop


Talk about a time-eating process this morning. Between football items and basketball stories, I’ve been chewing through websites like a termite in Tahiti. But we’ve gotten to the core of the information now. Which brings a question. How to present it? We’ve figured out a way. Read on to discover our choice.

WSU’s big day arrives


This morning’s post has to serve two purposes: Catch you up with basketball news – this weekend does kick off the Pac-10’s second half – and kick off the letter-of-intent coverage. We try on the link, so read on.

• UPDATE: There is always one who gets away. Tight end Asante Cleveland, who committed to WSU in September and seemed to fit in perfectly with WSU’s schemes, signed with the University of Miami this morning.

Notes from WSU’s Tuesday


A little different late Tuesday post for us – and for you. We put together a notebook for tomorrow’s S-R from Ken Bone’s press conference and some conversations after practice. That’s available on the link. Read on.

A nice mix of WSU, Pac-10 tunes


An eclectic group of items from around the Pac-10. Nothing too important, but a lot of interesting reads. Today is basketball media day at WSU, plus Pac-10 coaches get on the phone with the media. Tomorrow is, of course, football’s Christmas Day, or as it is officially known, letter-of-intent day. Read on.

WSU faces Arizona invasion


Despite there being only one Pac-10 game – it was a pretty fun game to watch, don’t you think? – on FSN yesterday, there is a decent amount of news available. We’ve got a few links available, so read on.