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Early morning WSU notes


We have a couple stories to write, including a look at WSU’s football season at the halfway point, but before we get going on those we wanted to share a few links and some notes from this morning’s practice. Read on.

Some WSU notes


As we work on our Pac-10 notebook for tomorrow’s S-R, thought I would take a little time and catch you up on a couple things, including this morning’s practice.

WSU about ready for hoops


I was going to write this up last night but, to be brutally honest, was too tired. So we’ll catch you up with the Cougar men’s basketball team, eight days before practice officially starts, now. Read on.

First look at ASU, basketball


We have our first look at Arizona State and, as practice starts in a little over a week, some basketball news. Read on.

WSU’s Watson hurt during workout


On the link you’ll find a note about Washington State basketball player James Watson, who was hurt Wednesday during the team’s fall workouts. Watson is OK, but he is spending the night in the hospital.

A look at WSU football - and hoops


We don’t have the opportunity to talk with the WSU players after practice on Thursdays, so our post this evening won’t include their thoughts. However, we had a chance to talk with coach Paul Wulff for a while, so we have that. And we talked with basketball coach Ken Bone this morning, so we have that as well. Read on.

WSU starting early this Saturday


You can blame the Lentil Festival. I am. Because the Washington State football team is ticketed to participate in today’s parade, practice begins at 8 a.m. On a Saturday. Shoot, it was hard to get up this early on a Saturday even when watching Bug Bunny cartoons and eating Trix were all I cared about. But we’re awake. And we’ve got your morning briefing. Just click the link.

Cool weather greets WSU


The first of the day’s two practices are in the book and there were some interesting moments on the cool morning. Read on for our thoughts.

Starters start to emerge in Pac-10


As camp winds on for Washington State, starters at many key positions have yet to be named. Such is not the case at other Pac-10 schools, including WSU’s first opponent. Read on for our usual morning post.

More on WSU’s practice day


Two days into fall practice and there are some obvious differences between this year’s team and last year’s. Some of them have been documented in the previous post. But there are others. Read on and you’ll see what we are talking about.

Catching up with WSU


Been spending time this week trying to get the house in order for the upcoming football season. And by house, I mean that literally – getting crud done that needs to be taken care of before winter hits – and figuratively – making sure our 30th wedding anniversary doesn’t slip through the cracks. Luckily, the amount of WSU-related news has cooperated. But there is some today, so read on.

Looking back at Pac-10 media day


Let’s get right to it this morning. There are lots of links available to stories concerned with the Pac-10 football media day yesterday and we want to share them. Read on.

WSU hoop recruit shooting for success


When I got to my hotel near LAX on Wednesday, I decided to take in some of the big summer high school basketball tournament being held at Loyola Marymount University. I cruised over and watched Spokane-based Eastern Washington Elite play, with an eye on seeing how Washington State recruit Patrick Simon had progressed. Anyhow, I promised to post this tonight and though I didn’t have time in Seattle, there’s time before I collapse. Read on for some thoughts.

The kickoff of WSU’s football season


The 2009 Pac-10 football season starts this morning. Well, not really. But the conference’s media day does seem like a line of demarcation. Summer is now officially over and football is on the front burner. And today’s links include some hot items, so if you are interested in those and our plans for today, read on.

An in-depth study of WSU football

COUGARS • UPDATED 11:20 A.M.; 3:15 P.M.

I sit here trying to figure out why the Seattle Sounders are called a football club – ya, I know the real reason, but they do play in a league called the MLS and the S does stand for soccer – and I just can’t my mind focused on Washington State athletics. Anyhow, the Pac-10 football media day is tomorrow and I have some thoughts on that and the Cougars’ depth chart, which was released yesterday. Read on.

We’re back with WSU news and links


The furlough is over. Now we can get back to doing this Washington State stuff once again. Of course, a bunch of stuff happened while we were forced out of contact, so we’ll try to catch up. Read on.

WSU’s Casto has surgery on knee


Let’s see what we’ve got. A quick note on DeAngelo Casto’s health – we have a short story that will be appearing in tomorrow’s paper, so the unedited version is available now – along with a link you might like. Read on.

Making links with WSU on a Wednesday


With the summer in full burn-the-bottom-of-your-feet mode, we’re scheduled to cover the Spokane Indians for the next five days. But that doesn’t keep us from passing on the links we’ve found. No siree. Read on.

Thompson, U.S. win gold


A quick Sunday morning post before we head out to breakfast. The U.S., with Washington State’s Klay Thompson starting again and scoring 10 points and grabbing four rebounds, won the gold in the U19 World Championships thanks to a 88-80 win over Greece. Australia, with Brock Motum also scoring 10 points, finished fourth. Motum shot almost 61 percent from the floor in the tournament and led the Aussies with a 13.6 scoring average. You can read more on the U.S. win here.

U.S. in final as Thompson scores five


There aren’t a lot of links for this morning, but we do have a couple things to share, with the U19 world championships tops on our list. Read on.

Getting back into the WSU links habit


Is there anything better than an Inland Northwest summer? No humidity, bright sunshine, cheap golf. Well, we’re taking advantage of all three of those things this morning, so this post will be short. Read on.

Budget decisions come into focus at WSU


After a month of doing no typing – or very little – we get hit with a story on our first day back. WSU’s athletic department put out a short release today concerning budget cuts made to close a revenue shortfall that was close to a million bucks. We talked with athletic director Jim Sterk this afternoon and put together a story, the unedited version of which you can read on the link.

So what happened while we were gone?


Well, I’m back. Physically, if not mentally, just yet. Still in that would-rather-be-on-vacation mindset. So where were we? Anything happen while I was playing hooky? I guess a few things. Read on.

WSU writer taking a hiatus in the East


Not much in the way of links for you today, but we do have news about the next month. Read on.

WSU assistants get raises


We have a short story for tomorrow concerning the salaries of Ken Bone’s three main assistants, Jeff Hironoka, Ben Johnson and Curtis Allen. The group is making quite a bit more than Tony Bennett’s three main assistants made last year. For the unedited version, read on.

No June doldrums at WSU


Isn’t this supposed to be the quiet time in college athletics? Ya, right. No matter that it’s June. There’s still a bunch of stuff going on. For links, read on.

Looking at WSU’s basketball changes


The basketball roster news that was announced at Washington State yesterday gives us an opening to exam a couple aspects of last year’s team that we haven’t written about before in depth. If you’re interested, read on.

Roster changes for WSU basketball


Some news we’ve had before on the Washington State basketball roster is going to be made official today, with one surprise. For that information, read on.

Budget decisions postponed at WSU


Yesterday was June 1, the day Washington State University President Elson Floyd had originally earmarked for the school departments to submit budget cuts. But last week Floyd gave everyone an extension, so don’t expect anything to happen for a week or two. For more on the upcoming athletic department cuts, read on.

Catching up with WSU news midweek


Want an interesting way to start your Wednesday? Sit down, make sure no one will disturb you for an hour or so and then just read on for Washington State links.