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WSU women win 74-57


Being there was a doubleheader in Kennewick and I was there early, I covered the WSU women’s game with USF. On the link is the unedited version of the story we’ll have in tomorrow’s S-R. Read on.

WSU heads to the Tri-Cities


The road to the Tri-Cities beckons. But before we go, here are a few links to keep you informed. The WSU women’s game starts at 1:30 p.m., the men at 4:30. We’ll be there.

WSU gets ready to face Portland State


We’re back in the swing of things now, and we’ve put together our advance for tomorrow’s game in the Tri-Cities. You can check out the unedited version on the link.

Back with WSU news


Where were we? Oh ya, in basketball season. Well, we’re back and will be until the final shot is taken this season – unless something unforeseen happens. Today, we’ve got some catching up to do. Read on.

WSU survives against Air Force


Well, it took longer than we said it would, but we finally have our game story ready to go. You can read the unedited version of our gamer from WSU’s 75-68 win over the Air Force Academy on the link.

WSU wins 75-68


Klay Thompson scored 19 and Reggie Moore added 16 as WSU held off the Air Force Academy at the Spokane Arena. The Cougars once again let a big lead almost slip away – the Falcons got within 57-55 with 6 minutes, 49 seconds left – but had enough to pull away down the stretch. WSU is 8-2 while Air Force fell to 5-3. We’ll be back in about 90 minutes with the game story.

WSU leads 31-24 at the half


Let’s see. Klay Thompson has two points. The Cougars have yet to hit a 3-point shot after seven attempts. The five starters were pulled en masse with 5 minutes, 40 seconds left before the half. And they lead by seven? What’s going on here? Defense, sort of like what WSU has hung its hat on the past few years. Actually, even better than the last time these two schools met. The Falcons, milking the shot clock, are hitting just 39 percent of their shots. And they’re getting out-rebounded by six. Plus, leading scorer and rebounder Grant Parker, a 6-foot-8 forward, is out with a bad ankle. So there’s that. … We’ll be back after the game.

WSU about ready to tip off


A quick post, as I’ve had a little bit of trouble getting on line. Just wanted to say that the Spokane Arena isn’t too crowded. Most of those 7,000 people who bought tickets must be out at Qdoba getting a burrito. We’ll be back at halftime, so go ahead and use this post for comments.

WSU set to host Air Force in Spokane


Washington State travels up U.S. 195 to play host to Air Force tomorrow in the Spokane Arena. If you want to know why, read on.

Quick look around WSU this morning


Just a quick post this morning as there is very little to pass on. But we did find a couple links. Read on.

Teams try to stop WSU’s Thompson


As we get closer to the Pac-10 season, we thought it might be a good time to take a look at how teams are trying to stop Klay Thompson (above against Idaho), the nation’s second-leading scorer going into the week. So we put together a story based on conversations with Thompson, teammates, coach and those who guarded him. The unedited version is on the link. Read on.

WSU and Idaho, the day after


There wasn’t a lot of time after the game last night for in-depth analysis, either from those involved or on this space. The late start meant no one had much time to talk, with deadlines looming or early classes. But we have a few things that didn’t make the paper, so read on.

WSU fights past UI


We’re done with the game story. UI coach Don Verlin wasn’t too happy with his team and ripped into them pretty good in his postgame comments. Ken Bone? He was pleased as you might expect. Read on.

WSU, UI get ready to face off


There are only four nonconference games left on the Washington State schedule, with Pac-10 play opening the last day of the month. This is also the Cougars final appearance on campus until conference begins. And it should be a good one. Read on.

WSU at home on the road


One time this football season, in the course of travel covering Washington State, I ended up sleeping in a different place six consecutive nights. Talk about never feeling at home, even though a couple of those evenings were spent with the family. Why share that? Because that’s how the Cougars are going to feel over the next couple weeks. WSU will play their next five home games at different sites, starting with Beasley tonight against Idaho. They then go to Spokane, Kennewick and Seattle before returning to open Pac-10 play in Beasley on Dec. 31. Maybe the Cougars should borrow that RV the NBA uses for its television commercials and just tour Washington in it. Read on.

WSU, Idaho get ready to meet - again


We’re back with more basketball news heading into WSU’s six consecutive “home” games. On the link we have the unedited version of our notebook for tomorrow’s S-R in advance of the Cougars game with Idaho on Wednesday night. We also have a piece of news for you. Read on.

WSU falls in Kansas


We’re back, for now. We can’t catch you up completely, but we can fill you in with what happened last night. A good one for women’s basketball, not so good for the men. Read on.

More thoughts on GU’s win over WSU


A quick post before I sign off for a few days (more about that on the link). We were in the Kennel tonight as WSU struggled to execute down the stretch – on both ends of the floor. We have some thoughts about that on the jump and some comments from a few Cougars.

Zags pull off another comeback victory

Back with the game story from Gonzaga’s 74-69 win over Washington State. GU’s comeback, its third successful rally from a double-digit second-half deficit this season, wasn’t exactly stylish (the Bulldogs had 10 turnovers in the second half), but it was effective in knocking off the upset-minded Cougars.

Read on for my unedited article and come back Thursday morning for a day-after post.

Zags win 74-69


Gonzaga stormed back in the second half behind the play of senior Matt Bouldin and freshman Elias Harris to defeat Washington State 74-69 before 6,000 at the McCarthey Athletic Center. By overcoming a 15-point first-half lead, 17th-ranked GU (7-1) kept the Cougars (6-1) from becoming the first visiting team to win twice at McCarthey. Though it was Bouldin (28 points) and Harris (24) doing it on the offensive end, it was Steven Gray and Mangisto Arop who made the biggest difference, combining to hold Klay Thompson, the nation’s leading scorer at 28.3 points coming in, to 15 points on 6 of 21 shooting. More on the link, so read on.

WSU travels up U.S. 195 to play GU


An unusual Wednesday morning in the WSU-related cyber world, in that, with the Gonzaga basketball game tonight, there’s plenty to link from around the state. We’ll get to it all on the link. Read on.

WSU transitions from football to hoop


We go from the Apple Cup directly into the heart of the WSU nonconference basketball schedule. From the rivalry with UW to the hardwood rivalry with Gonzaga. We have a WSU basketball notebook on the link (you can also check out the game advance from Jim Meehan on this post) along with some football notes. Read on.

WSU basketball, football news


Where were we? Oh ya, football is over, in Pullman at least. Basketball moves to center stage. So we’ll be adjusting the morning post as well. Read on for today’s entry.

Recapping WSU’s weekend


We have a couple of stories for you, and a couple of notes as well. It’s Sunday night, you’re probably tired after the long holiday weekend, so let’s get right to it. Read on.

Apple Cup defeat, the day after


We have a dozen or so Apple Cup stories. We have a couple stories from the other rivalry games. And we even have two stories from last night’s basketball game. So read on for your morning post, post-Apple Cup version.

WSU loses Apple Cup, wins tourney


Well, reading the comments it seems like football season has been forgotten and everyone is moving into basketball mode already. Well, not so fast my friends. We still have our Apple Cup game story and notebook to offer. So read on and check back in the morning for links to all the Pac-10 games. And, yes, the basketball game as well (in case you didn’t know, WSU won the Great Alaska Shootout with a 93-56 win over the University of San Diego. And Klay Thompson scored a tournament record 43 points – just two off the WSU school record as well).

It’s Apple Cup day


Took it easy last night just so I could be up early and have this Apple Cup post waiting for you. You don’t know how big a sacrifice it really was. But it is Apple Cup day, a day that comes only once a year – isn’t every day like that? – so we wanted to make it special. But sorry Todd, I still couldn’t find a Cal story and I wasn’t about to write one myself. We do, however, have lots of rivalry items from around the conference. And way too much from the Apple Cup. Read on.

WSU defeats Nicholls State


Watched the Cougars win tonight to move into the finals of the Great Alaska Shootout. We put together a short writeup of the game for tomorrow’s paper – and this blog. Read on.

Thanksgiving evening WSU post


Washington State’s football team practiced early today then had a Thanksgiving meal together. Got some notes from the morning plus our story for tomorrow, the last in our family ties series. If you aren’t too full, read on.

WSU defeats Alaska-Anchorage


Washington State had little trouble with Alaska-Anchorage on Wednesday, night, opening the Great Alaska Shootout with a 87-68 win. Read on for a game story. Because of early pre-Thanksgiving deadlines, this game story won’t be in the paper tomorrow.