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WSU gets back at it today


Monday mornings are usually good for a excellent cup of coffee – like everything, my wife Kim is so much better at making coffee than I am – and a few links. Today is different. No, the coffee is more than excellent, sublimely smooth would be a better phrase (hey, a compliment here and there keeps a marriage running). But there are a few more links than normal to pass along. If you've got a good cup of joe, read on.

WSU’s loss to UCLA, morning-after edition


Good morning from the Palouse. We have about 1.7 million links – but a lot less notes than we intended – to get to, so let's move. Read on.

WSU’s spring football starts Monday


We put together a feature on the three Florida high school kids who enrolled early at Washington State as a kickoff to spring football, which starts Monday afternoon. But we didn't believe that was enough of the nuts and bolts stuff. So we put together another piece that is only available here. Read on.

WSU’s Wulff talks about spring


We got out of Paul Wulff's pre-spring-practice press conference, ran and bought some lunch and now are ready to dump out the notebook on the blog. Read on.

Game day at WSU


It's game day on the Palouse and the outlook has brightened considerably since Tuesday. Not in the basketball sense. No, with USC (the second-hottest team in the Pac-10) coming to town tonight at 7 (no TV, but there is a web feed from Washington State) and UCLA (the hottest team) headed here Saturday afternoon at 2:30 (FSN), the road to earning a bye in the tournament is as snow-covered as ever. No, we're referring to the real roads around here. They've gotten so much better in the past 48 hours, it's actually simple to get around. That couldn't have been said Tuesday. Read on.

Lots of news from WSU, Pac-10


Yes, it's Wednesday already and the short week just seems to get shorter. Let's get right to it. After all, we have some more from long snapper Zach Enyeart, the video star. Read on.

WSU’s Enyeart a video star


I tweeted about this today during hoops practice, but I wanted to go into a little more in-depth about long snapper Zach Enyeart's trick-snap video. Read on.

WSU’s Bland arrested


As we said on the previous post, we spent a while today running down the particulars of linebacker Louis Bland's domestic violence arrest that occurred early Saturday morning. We have a story, so read on.

WSU, Casto’s ankle and a tweet


It's funny. A big part of this job is working hard to get information first. Then you get scooped on a story when you are part of it. Weird. More on that and DeAngelo Casto's status for Thursday, so read on.

WSU freshman football player arrested


A Washington State redshirt freshman cornerback was arrested on felony theft charges earlier this week and suspended from the football team. For more, read on.

WSU hires Howard, lets Roberson go


It hasn't been much of a secret another football staff change was coming at Washington State. Well, the change will be announced today, with former Lewis and Clark High and WSU player Malik Roberson out as the defensive line coach. The replacement might be a surprise to some, but not really to anyone who knew what WSU was looking for. Read on.

Some thoughts about a new arena, WSU and more


We're back this evening with a few thoughts about Matt Court, a quick look at some of the doings around the Pac-10 and a link to our story for tomorrow. Enough for a Friday night? If it isn't, you have my pity. Read on.

Some pregame thoughts from Matt


We've got our pregame basketball post but, being the week it is, there is also a small piece of football news. We'll cover that as well, so read on.

Too much for one day from WSU


Twenty minutes into my morning routine of reading stories from up and down the West Coast I began to realize today I was overwhelmed. Snowed under on a clear day by the blizzard of stories on recruiting. There are so many more inches devoted to players who have yet to play a minute of college football than to current college basketball players, it hit me I should be doing two posts this morning. One on tonight's games, one on the signing game. But instead of being intelligent and switching gears, I soldiered on, and here is the result. Read on.

More on WSU’s football signing class


OK, we've heard from Paul Wulff – and I'm not about to try to summarize his 40-minute conference call; I'm not that masochistic … or sadistic – and I've chatted with a few assistant coaches. With that, we've put together a story and we have a few more notes. Read on.

Faxes roll into WSU


What do you know. The first high school players who committed to Washington State, sans the very first one, all get their letters of intents in early. Read on throughout the morning as we update the list.

Something going on today at WSU?


It's hard to believe that the first day of the football letter of intent signing period, Signing Day if you will, has snuck up on us. Some things just seem to slip through the cracks. Wish it would get a little more coverage so we wouldn't be surprised like this. For more on this, and basketball, read on.

WSU tries to end first half on positive note


The first half of the Pac-10 basketball season is done, except for the two teams that play tonight in Pullman. Checking the standings, we can see there are four teams with winning records this morning. Will 4-4 Washington State be the fifth? We'll find out in about 12 more hours. For more, read on.

A Saturday without WSU hoops


This is one of two Saturdays during basketball season in which there is no Washington State men's basketball game. But that doesn't mean there isn't news. Read on.

Regents tell WSU’s Moos to move forward on Martin


The Washington State University Board of Regents didn't give athletic director Bill Moos the greenlight to break ground on a Martin Stadium expansion Friday, but he did get their approval to spend around $5 million to get the work designed and an estimate put together. Read on for more.

It’s tough watching games on TV


With a Thursday night not spent in Beasley or one of the other Pac-10 facilities, thought I would spend two hours watching a conference game like a fan. My one conclusion? I don't know how you folks do it. Read on for some basketball thoughts, a quick summary of what Ken Bone had to say at his weekly press conference and a couple other Washington State items.

Football season in full swing?


As the rest of the Pac-10 plays tonight, Washington State and Washington take the night off. In fact, by the time the two play, the first half of conference play will be done for everyone else. But that doesn't mean there isn't a lot to read on this Thursday morning. After all, it is football season, isn't it? It sure seems that way. There are actually more football-related stories on the link then there are basketball ones. And we are less than a week from February, the coldest month of the year and one of the best in the college basketball season. Read on.

Spokane’s Sankey changes his mind


One week to the beginning of the football signing period and all heck is breaking loose. Or maybe not. Who really knows? Read on for more.

Tormey headed to WSU


It looks as if Paul Wulff has found his linebackers coach. It's veteran Chris Tormey, a Spokane native and UI graduate who has coached for years at UW and was head coach at Idaho and Nevada. His most recent coaching stint was at the University of Hawaii, where the news of his hire by WSU leaked out. We have a short story on the link.

WSU assistant Niekamp has new job


Linebackers coach Travis Niekamp is changing jobs. He's leaving his on-field position to take over a newly created spot within the athletic department, coordinator of football development. With the opening, football coach Paul Wulff will be looking for his third new assistant in two years. Read on for more.

Website reports WSU staff changes


The national title football game corresponds with the football coaches' convention, so there is always a lot of news about job movement. One source that keeps up with the comings and goings has a report about two Washington State assistants. Read on.

Five players enter WSU for spring


We skipped the morning post today because of familial obligations. But we have some news to pass on, and we are pretty much free of said responsibilities, so we can put something together. Read on.

Some answers from WSU


It is less than a month until football's letter-of-intent day, so it's no wonder there were a couple recruiting questions on the blog yesterday. We don't have all the answers but we can add a few things, so read on.

Reacting to WSU’s JC signings


We’re sort of housebound this week as we deal with our health, but that doesn’t stop us from reacting to news. In fact, with time to think between treatments, we actually are doing even more reacting. You could even call me reactionary. Read on.

WSU players charged in marijuana arrest


A quick post concerning an old story. The two Washington State football players who were arrested, and suspended from the team, in October have been charged in Whitman County Superior Court. Read on.