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A new Pac-10 and WSU


Let’s see. I take a day off to play golf – one of the members of our scramble group not only missed a hole-in-one by an inch (I took pictures) he also rolled in birdie putt from the neighborhood of 70 feet but, alas, we did not win – and the entire world – read, Pac-10 expansion – falls apart. My bad. Before we big adieu to the PaC-16 (motto: “The C is for Texas”), let’s look at what the news means for Washington State. And, by the way, we have some hoop news. For more, read on.

Expansion zenith this week?


It looks like the next 48 hours will define the future of college athletics as we know it. Now that isn’t too apocalyptic, is it? But it just might be true. So where do we stand? We’re sure Colorado will join the Pac-10, Nebraska the Big Ten and Boise State the Mountain West. All that was decided late last week. And we know Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott is making home visits, recruiting the likes of five-star schools like Texas and it’s buddy Texas Tech (a one-star). There were visits with Oklahoma (four stars) and Oklahoma State (two). If recalcitrant Texas A&M (three) decides to diss the conference, the backup plan seems to be Utah (I don’t think it has been given it any stars yet, but if USC decides it’s a good fit, some services will give it three). For more, read on.

NCAA throws book at USC


This isn’t about Washington State, per se, but it may have a big affect on the school’s football program down the road. The NCAA’s ruling on USC was officially announced today. Here’s the link, which gives you the gist of the investigation’s findings along with the whole report, if you want to read it. The key elements for football: a loss of 10 scholarships a year for three years (no more than 75 players on scholarship for those years, and no more than 15 initials); a two-year bowl ban; and forfeiture of games won during the Reggie Bush era. There are also scholarship reductions and recruiting restrictions in men’s basketball, wins forfeited in men’s basketball and women’s tennis and four years of probation for the school.

USC, Pac-10 expansion and WSU


It could be D-Day for USC today. Or Pearl Harbor, if that’s your leaning. Whatever, it looks like the Trojans are in trouble. It also seems we’re getting closer to some sort of landslide toward expansion and realignment of the conferences. Those items are discussed on the link. Read on.

• UPDATE: The expansion train is rolling. Colorado accepted an invitation to join the Pac-10. See post above.

WSU posts a clean APR


The NCAA’s APR numbers were announced today and Washington State was just fine. We have a short story on the link, so read on.

WSU news on a Friday morning


There are a few things to cover this morning related to Washington State and Pac-10 athletics, so let’s get right to them. Read on.

Counting down to WSU’s regional appearance


As we get closer to the weekend, there will be more Washington State baseball news, of course. But we already have some for you, so read on.

WSU to play in Hawaii this Christmas


A quick basketball note for you that might affect your Christmas plans. ESPN and the Diamond Head Classic are announcing today the Cougars will fill the eighth and final slot in the field for the Dec. 22 to Dec. 25, 2010 tournament. Hawaii hosts and this year the field will include Butler, Baylor, Florida State, Mississippi State, San Diego and Utah. A pretty darn tough field. As you can imagine, WSU coach Ken Bone is pretty pleased to be invited. UPDATE: We have added a short story on the link along with some football television news.

Big Memorial Day weekend for WSU


Looking forward to your long weekend? It starts today for the Washington State baseball team, as the Cougars try to help their NCAA seeding with wins against No. 7 UCLA at Jackie Robinson Stadium. We also have a track link for you and some news on a former WSU basketball player. Read on.

Some WSU links for Monday


I know this is a little later than usual but … heck, no excuses. It’s just late. We have some links and notes so read on.

More on Mayes and WSU


Just a quick post with our short story on Logan Mayes’ commitment to Washington State for football. It’s on the link, so read on.

Catching up with WSU before the weekend


We’ve got a pretty packed work weekend, but only a little of it has to do with Washington State athletics. But before we kick in our other coverage, we do have some news, notes and links for you, so read on.

Thursday’s WSU potpourri


Some odds-and-ends to kick off your Thursday – it is Thursday, isn’t it? – morning, with items reaching from Pullman to Orlando. An eclectic mix if there ever was one.

Charges dropped for WSU’s Casto


DeAngelo Casto’s legal troubles are over after the Whitman County prosecutor’s office dropped the fourth degree assault charges earlier this month. We have a short story, so read on.

Long layoff ends with WSU news

COUGARS • UPDATED: Noon, Tuesday

We’re slowly rounding back into midseason form after our injury-lengthened layoff, but it’s obvious we’ve got some work to do. Too many adjectives, a misplaced modifier here and there and a little too reliant on clichés. All things that should work itself out as the rust wears off. We have some baseball news and other notes, so read on.

Back from the brink


Well, we’re back. Sure, it’s about a week later than we wanted to return, but we’re back. For the reasons behind the late arrival, and a little Washington State news, read on.

WSU’s penultimate spring event its biggest


Spring football is over. Well, almost. Nearly. Just-one-more-early-morning-practice-to-go over. The last major event, heck, the only major event of the spring practices, occurred yesterday with Washington State’s spring game. We have our report, along with links to others, so read on.

Starters dominate WSU spring game


We’ve finally put together our story concerning Washington State’s spring football game, won by the first-string groups on both sides of the ball, 21-0, an outcome that shouldn’t be a surprise. For the unedited version of our story, and some notes, read on.

A busy Saturday at WSU


There is a lot going on in Pullman today and we’ve got new about most of it. The capper, of course, is tonight’s spring game. We’ll be there. Right now we, like you, should read on.

A look ahead to WSU spring game


Washington State will basically close out spring practice tomorrow - there is a practice scheduled for early Monday morning – with an intrasquad scrimmage featuring a modified game format. We have an unedited version of our story about said scrimmage on the link, so read on.

WSU nearly ready to head into summer


It’s funny. During the Washington State football practice yesterday, the No. 1 topic of conversation wasn’t who was winning the quarterback battle, who was hurt and who was healthy, or about the Cougar chances in the opener against Oklahoma State. No, the main topic was the NFL draft. Yes, a non-event (OK, I know that will rile some of you up, but so be it) that has brought the world Mel Kiper Jr.’s hair and Rich Eisen’s droll humor – not to mention about 100 guys-that-everyone-thought-would-be-stars-but-weren’t. So be it. We don’t care. We have WSU news. College stuff. Read on.

Rested WSU winding down spring


We have a short story for you tonight for a couple reasons. One is the printed paper has only a little space for all the news tonight and the other is John Blanchette has a Cougar-related column for tomorrow, which we’ll link in the morning (UPDATE: Sorry, I was misinformed. The column is running Saturday, so no link tomorrow). But after the story, we do have a few notes for you, including a former Cougar star making an appearance at practice.

WSU ready to return to practice


Washington State returns to the field this afternoon for its final spring practice before Saturday’s spring game. Two things about Saturday. Once again I’ll mention the game will be televised by SWX, the digital sports station run by KHQ. I know it is available in Spokane but not sure where else it can be found. You’ll have to check with your local provider. As for the “spring game,” with all the injuries and illnesses, Saturday should be more of an intense scrimmage, with special teams play added, than a true game. For other news and notes from WSU and the Pac-10, read on.

Lots to cover from WSU, Pac-10


Despite there being no Washington State football practice yesterday, and none today, it is quite a busy day on the Web, even with WSU items. So let’s get right at it, with a quick spin around the Pac-10 after we check out what’s going on in Pullman. Read on.

WSU’s offense tries to hit benchmarks


No practice today but we still went forward with our interview of offensive coordinator Todd Sturdy for a look at the offense in the spring. Heck, we promised you a story and we had to deliver. Without practice, however, we weren’t able to get with an offensive player or two to supplement the story. Still you can read our unedited story on the link, along with a few web-only notes. Read on.

What’s next for college athletics?

COUGARS • UPDATED: 10:15 A.M.; 2:15 P.M.

It’s a big Tuesday for college athletics. Not so much for what goes on today out on the fields and the courts. No, today is big because of what might go on in Arizona. The BCS commissioners are getting together with conference expansion the No. 1 issue. Could this be the first giant step toward super conferences? For more on that, and Washington State sports, read on.

• UPDATE NO. 2: Just got word that today’s spring practice has been postponed and rescheduled for Monday morning at 6 a.m. With the number of players sick (if you read yesterday’s post you know a few linemen were out with illness) and those who miss for class, coach Paul Wulff decided to put off today’s workout and reschedule. My guess is either the weather is too nice for a spring practice (no hail in the forecast) or it’s because John Blanchette made the trip down from Spokane to watch or because, if they practice Monday, I’m on vacation. Anyhow, Thursday’s practice is still on as is Saturday’s final scrimmage. We’ll have an afternoon post later.

Defense tries to make strides at WSU


We expected to have this up quicker, but the Andre Winston news took some time away from football. But we now have our football story ready for tomorrow’s S-R, so we can post it. Read on for the unedited version along with some web-only notes.

Catching up with WSU links


Sorry for the late post, but we were out on Rogers Field by 6:30 this morning to cover practice. The early time came about because Monday are off days in the spring so quite a few players signed up for Monday/Wednesday afternoon classes. To keep that disruption to a minimum when a Monday practice was called, the decision was made to start early enough so that everyone could get to class on time. With the early start, there was no chance for a post. We have it now, though, so read on.

• UPDATE: WSU has signed guard Andre Winston of Lakes High to a Financial Aid Agreement, which means the 6-foot-1 point guard has agreed to enter the school this fall. Winston had already signed a letter of intent (with James Madison, who let him out of it), so he could not sign another. Winston averaged 20.8 points and 3.6 assists for the Lancers, helping them to a 23-5 record and a third-place finish in the State 3A Tournament. He was named co-3A player of the year (with Enumclaw’s Riley Carel) by the Associated Press. More recently, Winston scored 24 points to lead Washington to a win over Oregon in the Northwest Shootout last Saturday. “(Andre) is a quick point guard with the ability to score baskets, but at the same time can see the floor and is unselfish,” WSU coach Ken Bone said. Winston should have a chance to play right away behind Reggie Moore as last season’s backup point guard, Xavier Thames, decided to transfer.

WSU Saturday morning links


There’s no football this weekend on the Palouse, as Washington State spends this Saturday on a team-building exercise in the woods north of Spokane. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any news. It was just a little harder to find. Read on for what we were able to dig out, from football and basketball.

WSU has a week left in spring practice


The weekend looms before us like a jelly doughnut, with sunshine today and Sunday supposedly covering a gooey day tomorrow. But it doesn’t matter, with no Washington State football scheduled until an early – and by that I mean before the time Captain Kangaroo used to start (I realize only a handful of you might get that reference, so I’ll explain: Bob Keeshan as the Captain used to kick off my youthful mornings in the LA area at 7 a.m.) – practice on Monday. But we do have some items to pass along, so read on.