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Sunday links from WSU


The weather was incredible yesterday in Pullman, warm – it hit the 60s – clear and calm. It didn’t last, though, as it’s raining lightly now. It should stop and WSU should be able to get in the final game of its three-game baseball series with top-ranked Arizona State, tied at one. We have links to that story and to football news, so read on.

WSU pounds the ball in second scrimmage


Washington State’s second scrimmage is in the books, or on the web if you prefer. We have our story on the link and our usual web-only notes. Read on.

WSU readies for second scrimmage


A crowded weekend in Pullman continues this morning with Washington State’s second spring scrimmage, starting a little after 10. After today’s workout, the Cougars will have five more practices, the Spring Game on April 24 and be done. That’s for next week and beyond, however. This weekend has enough, including last night’s baseball victory over top-ranked ASU. For links on that and more, read on.

Mom’s weekend packed at WSU


No football today, but we will be out at the baseball game vs. the nation’s top-ranked team, Arizona State. The temperature should be somewhere around 43 degrees for the 5:30 start tonight, which should be somewhat of a shock to the Sun Devils’ system. But before we set our sights on baseball, let’s cover the football links and notes. We have both, so read on.

WSU heads indoors as spring hits midpoint


As the wind howled outside – at times making the cover of the bubble look like the waves of an ocean – WSU went through a helmet, shirt and shorts practice inside its indoor practice facility. Without pads, the practice was light on team drills, though for the first time this spring, practice ended on a 2-minute drill, with the defense getting a stop on Aire Justin’s interception. But there was a lot of technique drills, fine-tuning of plays and the type of detail work a lack of pads can lead to. Thursday’s workout was also the spring equivalent of hump day, with spring reaching the halfway point midway through the workout. On the link we have the unedited version of our S-R story, focusing on the halfway point. Then was add some notes, so read on.

Morning news from WSU, Pac-10


Though Washington State will not practice today – the next time the Cougars hit the spring practice field is Thursday, so plan on hail, showers and even some sun then – but there is still a lot to cover this morning, so let’s get right to it. If you’ve been following the situation at the University of Oregon, and I have, then yesterday’s developments were like the most recent episode of “Lost:” entertaining, revealing to some degree, but ultimately, hard to understand and unsatisfying. For more, read on.

WSU practice wrap and story


Got some time? You may need it. We have a lot for you to digest on the link, what with football practice and some basketball notes. If you are so inclined, read on.

More transfer news in Pac-10


Some interesting news about basketball transfers in the Pac-10 and it’s not about Washington State. Well, in a way it is. Read on.

Some WSU spring questions


As we begin week three of Washington State spring football - the Cougars return to the practice field tomorrow afternoon - we have some questions, if not a whole bunch of answers. So we thought we would take some time this morning, a day, as I’ve written before, which should be a national holiday – baseball’s opening day, NCAA title game – and share those inquiries with you. If you are interested, read on.

Some WSU Easter nuggets


Not going to go search all over the web for stories on this fine Easter morning – my first day in weeks I can have beef, now that Lent is over – but I thought I better link a couple things, so read on.

WSU has ups, downs in first scrimmage


It was raw Saturday morning at Martin Stadium and we’re not talking about the play on the field. We’re talking about the conditions, with the 36-degree weather compounded by a strong wind that cut like a machete at times. Despite that, there were some highlights from the Cougars’ first scrimmage – and a corresponding lowlight as is the case with intrasquad affairs. We have the unedited version of our story on the link, along with some more notes. At the very end is our feature for tomorrow’s S-R on incoming athletic director Bill Moos, so read on.

A quick Saturday WSU post


A short and sweet post this morning before the scrimmage. Two reasons. Not a lot to talk about, what with Washington State’s football team taking Friday off, and we’ll be back with a lot this afternoon, including our scrimmage coverage and a Sunday S-R story on incoming athletic director Bill Moos. For what we have now, read on.

• Coach Paul Wulff was informed Friday night defensive tackle Toby Turpin had been dismissed from WSU by the Student Conduct Board, we learned this morning. The 6-foot-5, 301-pound Turpin, who started six games last season and made a career-high 28 tackles despite being suspended for the final two games for an undisclosed violation of team rules, was slated to compete for a starting spot. Turpin, from Los Alamitos, Calif., was dismissed from WSU for an academic infraction, according to sources with knowledge of the situation. We’ll try to get comment from Wulff today.

Catching up with WSU links


As we slowly moved around the web this morning – no caffeine yet, so everything is being done slowly – we found a bunch of interesting links, some with WSU news, others with Pac-10 implications. We have all of them, plus some more on Thursday’s workout, on the link, so read on.

WSU’s Long making more strides


Washington State is officially one-third of the way through spring. Five practices down, 10 to go. We have our story from Thursday’s workout along with some notes – schedule-change alert! – on the link, so read on.

No fooling around at WSU


Never was a real big fan of April Fools’ Day. Maybe because I’m pretty much of a fool 365 days a year – 366 once every four, when I vote in a presidential election. So all those “funny” April Fools’ stories? They’re not getting linked here. You have to find them yourself. For real stories, read on.

WSU takes a day off


We’re going to be stuck inside today working on things, so the sun will probably shine, birds will sing and a Disney movie will break out. Thursday, when WSU hits the practice field again, it will surely rain. Or snow. Seems like it’s been that type of spring. For more on what type of spring it’s been on football fields around the Pac-10, read on.

WSU receiving corps thin this spring


Washington State took its practice into Martin Stadium this afternoon for the first time this spring. The reason was simple. The last 45 minutes – it turned out to be a little more than 30 – were scheduled for scrimmaging. And most of that time was spent matching up the ones vs. ones. We have some notes about the day along with our unedited story for tomorrow’s S-R on the receiving corps, so read on.

Tuesday morning from WSU


As we prepare for another day of spring football in typical Inland Northwest spring weather, we thought we would take a moment and tool around the Pac-10. Virtually, of course. Read on.

WSU gets a little help from unlikely sources


Spring practice No. 3 was held in sometimes driving, sometimes light rain Monday, with an occasional sun break thrown in to tantalize those of us watching – and freezing. We have some notes for you at the end of this post, but before you get there, you can read the unedited version of our story for tomorrow’s S-R. It’s about three former players who are helping out as student assistants, running around the practice field helping out in any way they can. Read on.

WSU finishes first spring week


Another day, another spring football practice. The Cougars went through their second day and it mirrored the first day, with WSU in helmets, shirts and shorts and running pretty much the same drills. We have our report on the link, so read on.

A little WSU news


Day Two of spring football is on tap this afternoon. But there is only one reason we’re posting this morning, and we will reveal it on the link. So go ahead and read on.

WSU’s first spring practice report


The first of 15 spring practices or scrimmages is done. As is the first of our 15 reports. If you want to find out what happened today, read on. We have the unedited version of our S-R story and some web-only notes.

WSU’s spring ball starts today


The 2010 football season gets underway today. Well, not really. It probably started back in December some time, but we’ll say it starts today because this is WSU’s first day on the practice field with the coaches. But before we get out there, we have to check out the morning reading material. We have it for you on the link. Read on.

One more day until WSU spring football


We’ve put together an overview of WSU heading into spring practice, which starts tomorrow. If you’re interested – and I’m guessing if you are reading this you are – then click the link and read on.

Some Wednesday WSU links, notes


Funny thing about spring in the Palouse. It was a beautiful day yesterday, warm, sunny, clear. Then the sun went down. The cold was biting. Just a warning if you are planning on coming down for spring football practice. The last few drills can be awfully cold. We have some spring thoughts – and will have a story and notes early this afternoon – along with links and other stuff, so read on.

Catching up on WSU reading


After getting done with our stint in Buffalo – hey, at the S-R, we’re a team too, so when a teammate needs a hand, we pick each other up – it’s time to turn our attention back to WSU sports and college baseball. Read on for a little on both.

Oregon loses its AD


We’re in Buffalo with Gonzaga’s basketball team – the Zags play Florida State this evening – but we couldn’t resist passing this on. The University of Oregon has scheduled an 11:30 a.m. press conference to have an “announcement about leadership at Athletics Department.” Here’s the Oregonian’s John Canzano’s take and a story in the Eugene Register-Guard. We’ll have more later.

• UPDATE: It’s official. Mike Bellotti has stepped down as UO athletic director and will join ESPN. It must have been too tough to have to fire his former colleague Ernie Kent.

Forzani leaves WSU football


Washington State wide receiver Johnny Forzani has left the team and, according to a report in Cougfan, intends to try to play in the CFL this year. I talked with Forzani quite extensively the last home basketball weekend and, during the course of the conversation, asked him how offseason workouts were going and about school, my usual questions. He said both were tough but OK, the usual responses. Sometime in the past three weeks something changed. Anyhow, here’s a short we’ll have in the paper tomorrow, so read on.

Quality, not quantity, for WSU’s Tuesday


What were we doing? Oh ya, talking Washington State basketball. Well, not much to add this morning, but we did find some interesting items to share on the link, so read on.

One last look back at WSU’s defeat


We promised this morning to have some more today, so we do. We have quotes, notes and even a football item. We got started writing and couldn’t stop, so what follows is pretty long. Read on.