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More on Oregon’s win over WSU


A little more than 24 hours after the loss to Oregon, Paul Wulff got on the phone for a conference call. Read on for what he had to say.

WSU’s defeat to Oregon, the day after


The great thing about college football in general and the Pac-10 Conference in particular, is no matter how good or bad things get, looking back is only an option for about, oh, 30 minutes. The No. 3 team – Oregon, for now – may have just left town with a 43-23 win in their pocket, but that has to be forgotten. The No. 9 team – Arizona, for now – in the nation will be here in less than a week and it will be pissed off, after losing 29-27 to Oregon State. Get caught looking behind and the team in front steamrolls you. But, thankfully, we don’t have that problem. We can look back all we want. And we will on the link, so read on.

WSU hits Ducks hard, but not hard enough


We’re back, though you probably have given up and gone to bed. If you’re still awake and need something to put you under, read on.

WSU falls 43-23 to Oregon


We’re up in the interview room, but before anyone arrives, wanted to put up a post so you folks can comment. Up until Jeff Tuel’s interception at the end of the third quarter, WSU still had a shot at the No. 3 team in the nation. An outside shot, sure, but a shot as it was 36-23 at the time. We’ll be back soon.

WSU, Oregon ready to get going


You know, for mid-October, this is a perfect day. Too bad it has to be ruined by a football game (insert rim shot here). But in a sense, this day would be perfect to fly a kite, fertilize the lawn, blow out the sprinklers, rake leaves, just about anything but watch the nation’s most explosive offense run up and down Martin Stadium’s turf. Will it happen? We have thoughts, so read on.

Saturday morning WSU vs. Oregon post


It’s football Saturday on the Palouse. The smell from the homecoming bonfire was still quite evident at 1 a.m., which just gave the party noises coming from the apartment complex a different feel than the usual Friday night. Another thing that’s different? The town is full of Subarus and Highlanders with Oregon license plates. Green might be a prominent color around Martin Stadium today. By the way, did you like the headline? Spent 1.7 seconds working on that one. Read on.

Friday morning from WSU


Sometimes even news you have been expecting for weeks can blindside you and make it impossible to sleep. Such is the case this morning, so we’re getting our morning post out of the way, then going back to sleep (we hope). As you start your day, hope what follows makes it better. Just writing it lifted my spirits. Read on.

Youthful WSU prepares for Oregon


Thursday’s practice in the books, so we can share with you what went on and what Paul Wulff had to say in his final press conference of the week. For all of that, read on.

Duck weather at WSU today


After a beautiful day yesterday, we’re greeted with Eugene-like weather today in Pullman, low clouds and a soaking rain. Maybe it will clear before practice today. If not, this afternoon will be an exercise in trying to keep the notebook and tape recorder dry. But that’s for later. For now, we have notes and links.

Freshmen focus of WSU practice


Reason No. 1,459 not to become a sportswriter. You’re on the practice field watching another form tackling drill while Roy Halladay is tossing only the second no-hitter in postseason baseball (thanks for the catch Andrew). But, boy, was that drill riveting. For more on the rest of practice, read on.

Heat on at WSU practice


How is everyone this morning? Take a moment today and walk around, feel the sunshine, enjoy the heat. If you live in the Inland Northwest, it more than likely will be your final day of 70-degree weather until spring. Build some memories because there will be days in January and February when you’ll need it. Do all that, of course, after you read on.

A busy Tuesday at WSU


The following post is going to be a long one. It’s going to contain a summary of what Paul Wulff had to say on the Pac-10 Conference media call and what he added during his local media press availability. Then it will finish with notes from practice, of which there is going to be quite a few. So much for the coming attractions. For the main event, read on.

Tuesday morning links and TV news from WSU


The reason this is a bit late this morning is simple. We have our usual morning links plus a detailed explanation about the television schedule for the week. And our boss called, so we had to take that. So now you can read on.

WSU back to practice for Oregon


A quick post following Monday’s practice is available on the link. As Paul Wulff said Sunday, there were some players moving around on the defensive side of the ball. For more, read on.

Ducks next up for WSU

COUGARS • UPDATED: 10 A.M.; 2:30 P.M.

We got up early to watch the Ryder Cup, which means I’m already hoarse. But instead of yelling at Stewart Cink for missing putts, we decided to get our morning post done. Read on.

UPDATE: Though this weekend’s home game against Oregon (a 2 p.m. start) won’t be on TV, the home game Oct. 16 vs. Arizona will start at 4:30 p.m. and be televised by Versus, according to WSU.

UPDATE 2: Klay Thompson was one of six players from the Pac-10 on the Wooden Award preseason watch list. You can see the whole list here.

Changes coming to WSU’s defense?


We’re done with Washington State football coach Paul Wulff’s post mortem on the UCLA game and have our follow story for tomorrow’s S-R done as well. We also have a few more thoughts on the links, so read on.

WSU’s loss in Pasadena, the morning after


After watching the Cougars’ offense almost do enough to overcome a UCLA rushing attack that covered more ground than Patton, we left the Rose Bowl and caught the second half of a Division III football game. But we still have more thoughts on Washington State, UCLA and comments. Read on.

Close but no win for WSU


I’m sure you watched all of WSU’s 42-28 defeat at the hands of UCLA this afternoon on television, so what I have to add may not seem to big a deal. But if you want, read on.

Some WSU pregame thoughts from the Rose Bowl


I promised a post before the game and, with Washington State and UCLA starting to warmup, I thought I better get to it. If you’re interested – or bored – read on.

Not a lot of time left by WSU kickoff


It’s game day in Southern California – or SoCal as the hip and informed call it – which means we have a lot of items related to Washington State’s battle with UCLA in the Rose Bowl. Well, maybe a lot is stretching it. Read on.

WSU headed to LA


It’s late, I know, but that’s what happens when you have to catch a couple early flights to Los Angeles. Whoever scheduled both Washington State and UW in Los Angeles the same weekend probably got a little kickback from Alaska Airlines. Anyhow, we have our morning post, so read on.

WSU done in Pullman, heads for LA tomorrow


Washington State is off the practice field for a Thursday and there was less hitting than I expected. But there is other news, so read on.

The heat’s been on at WSU practice


It’s a busy morning so let’s not waste a bunch of time with chitchat. Let’s get right to the meat of the day, the news about Washington State football and the rest of the Pac-10. Read on.

More hitting in store for WSU tomorrow


Washington State’s football team is off the practice field. We’ve talked with Paul Wulff and a couple players. We have some notes. Read on.

Wednesday morning WSU links


By definition this isn’t an Indian summer, because we never really had a freeze. But it is summer in early fall, which might be the best time of the year in the Palouse. The days are warm, the nights cool and football is being played. Pretty much Camelot without the singing. Anyhow, we have Washington State news and notes, plus our usual collection of morning links, so read on.

WSU turns up the hitting at practice


Earlier today we summarized Paul Wulff’s conference calls, as is our wont on Tuesdays. Now we will summarize practice for you. It’s on the link, so read on.

WSU’s Wulff talks UCLA, Cougars


Paul Wulff had his usual Tuesday Pac-10 call and local media teleconference calls today, which means we have our usual summary of said calls. Read on.

Felt a little like the Scarecrow yesterday


Being without a computer for a day is like being without your hair – no, I’m used to that. So it’s more like making do without your brain, and all evidence to the contrary, I’m not used to that. Yesterday was hard, almost like withdrawing from caffeine or something, with the headaches included. But I got it back now, all fixed up and loaded with memories, so we’re able to get back to doing what we do best, filling your mind with way too many words and links, so read on.

• UPDATE: The Pac-10 announced the FSN portion of the basketball schedule this morning and Washington State is assured of at least six appearances on the network. The non-conference home games against Kansas State (Dec. 3) and Gonzaga (Dec. 8) will be broadcast by FSN, along with conference games at UCLA (Dec. 29), Washington (Jan. 30), at Arizona (Feb. 17) and at Washington (Feb. 27). And two games from the Diamond Head Classic will be on an ESPN channel. There should be more games on TV, of course. But that’s for later.

A long, long Monday WSU post


We’re having some Internet problems at Casa Grippi, so the usual (virtual) trip around the West Coast is taking almost as long as a real one. So our morning post is not going to be filled with as many nuggets as usual. What the heck, it’s Monday, so you can’t see anyway. The eyes are too bloodshot. We’ll just run the post in bigger type, it will seem as long and you’ll thank us tomorrow. Read on.