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WSU’s football season is about complete


When you think about it, this could be the final day of an overflowing football morning post. It’s been almost constant since early August, when the hills outside were green and shorts were a constant apparel item. Now heavy jackets are de rigueur and the hills, well you can’t see them under the snow. Which will be the same for football stories after today. Basketball will start to take over the landscape. But for today, we have football, so read on.

Wulff will return next year


Paul Wulff and Bill Moos met today and Washington State’s third-year head football coach learned he will get a fourth. For what Wulff told me today, read on.

WSU’s Apple Cup defeat, the morning after


As you might expect, there is more to cover this morning than anyone post could possibly handle. But here at SportsLink, we’re used to dealing with supersized fries, supersized drinks and, yes, supersized posts. So read on for just about everything you need to know about the Apple Cup – except how to deal with that hangover.

UW runs over WSU in Apple Cup


Washington State had its chances to end the season on a two-game winning streak, but UW had more – and took advantage of them. We have some thoughts and stories on the link, so read on.

UW leads 14-7 at half


A quick halftime post as we have to write part of our story. … UW has dominated this game, using its longest drive of the year – 16 plays, 98 yards, 8:31 – to go up 7-0, then spinning some trickery – punter Kiel Rasp hitting Jermaine Kearse for 30 yards – before Jake Locker scored to make it 14-0. But Locker waited too long to hit an open Devin Aguilar in the end zone and Deone Buccanon came up with an interception with 1:41 before the half. The possible game-saving play led to WSU’s best drive, 80 yards in seven plays. It was capped by Jeff Tuel finding Jared Karstetter from 7-yards out for the score. Tuel was 4-4 on the drive for 44 yards, and added 19 on scrambles. … Washington has 100 yards rushing (Chris Polk with 78 of those) while WSU has 56. The Cougars have 135 yards of total offense to UW’s 234. … It looks as if cornerback Nolan Washington (foot) and middle backer C.J. Mizell (ankle) won’t be back. The Cougars are thin at corner with Anthony Simmons injured and Terrance Hayward suspended this week for violation of team rules. … UW gets the ball to start the second half.

Apple Cup pregame post


The students are starting to come in and the line, which stretches back to the library, is starting to snake into Martin Stadium. I wonder how many of them are lacking voices after last night? I know my ears are still hurting. For more about today’s game, read on.

Is this a big day at WSU?


It’s just another Saturday in the college football season, right? Nothing important happening today, right? What, it’s Apple Cup Saturday? And it’s a big deal? Well, OK. I’ll take your word on it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a big day of notes and links, so read on.

K-State, WSU about to battle


So where were all these students Tuesday night? Wouldn’t it have been just as much fun to come out and watch your school rout an overmatched foe? Wait, it was a school night. That’s it. They were all in the library. Silly of me. Read on.

WSU writes about new Martin Stadium plans


With the Apple Cup just around the corner, Washington State athletic director Bill Moos took the opportunity to tell the donors for Martin Stadium’s Phase III expansion project he has some new ideas. For our story on what those ideas are, click here.

Not too long now to Apple Cup


If you are in, say, Kirkland, today and headed over, pack a lunch. After the snow we got last night, it is probably going to be an all-day trip. Sort of like the journey I embarked on this morning. It seemed to take me hours to plow my way through the blizzard of stories on the Net. But like your journey, I knew I would get to the destination sooner or later. I did. Now you can follow my road map if you just read on.

The snow bowl of WSU practices


Spent the last hour and a half standing quietly in a light snow shower watching the Washington State Cougars going through their penultimate workout before Saturday’s Apple Cup. Some thoughts on the link, so read on.

K-State, Apple Cup on WSU’s radar


A change in plans. We have a couple links for you, including our advance of tomorrow night’s basketball game, so we thought we would give you those and a quick synopsis of Paul Wulff teleconference. Read on.

Not much longer until Apple Cup


This morning we’ll begin with the weather report, though Ollie Williams has left the area for warmer climes. Don’t blame him. The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for the area and it’s in effect until tonight at 10. The problem is snow, of course, 1 to 3 inches of the stuff. But it is also the ice that built up on the roads overnight after yesterday’s melting. The good news is tomorrow and Saturday look pretty nice, with clear skies and cold temperatures. Fine with me. Just as long as I can get from my apartment to Martin Stadium to cover practice and the game, my life is complete. … Except for being able to run down a whole bunch of stories, which we have on the link. Read on.

WSU prepares for two big games


The biggest difference between football and basketball practice? One is outdoors and one in. On December 1, that’s a big deal. We have notes from both, so read on.

Pullman isn’t as snowed under as expected


And now time for Ollie Williams and the Pullman weather report. Ollie? … OK, I admit it would be impossible for me to capture Ollie’s trademark style on the digital page, but let’s just say he wouldn’t be screaming about snow. Yes folks, the weather wasn’t as bad as the apocalypse forecasted. Heck, after I got home just before midnight last night, it doesn’t look as if it snowed anymore. So the possible 8 inches didn’t come close to fruition. So maybe the Snow Bowl 2010 hype can slow down a bit. Read on for more WSU news.

WSU leads 47-17 at the half


We promised a halftime post so here it is. But really … Washington State broke out to a 27-0 lead before Sacramento State scored. Antoine Proctor did the honors with a drive at the 10:02 mark. By then eight Cougars had scored. The closest Sac State got after that was 24 points. Then WSU went on a 9-0 run. … The Cougars are shooting 54.3 percent from the floor while the Hornets are at 26.9 – though they are 7 of 15 since the terrible start. But they have yet to hit a 3 and WSU has five. … WSU has 11 assists and 23 rebounds. More after the game.

A double-duty WSU post


OK, so we’re out of the bubble and into Beasley, trying to get ready to cover tonight’s basketball game with Sacramento State. My guess is the crowd will be somewhere around 125 non-students, considering the condition of the roads, but Whitman County folks are a hardy lot, so it might be more. We have some basketball thoughts and football news on the link so read on.

WSU puts in a little extra time for UW


Talking to Myron Beck after practice last night, he said it took him 8 hours to get home to Seattle for Thanksgiving break. Which is about as long as practice seemed Monday, as Washington State didn’t hit, but it spent a lot of time preparing for Saturday’s Apple Cup. By the way, with a winter storm warning in effect for the next 24 hours in the Palouse (4 to 7 inches of snow is predicted), it might take 8 hours for Cougar and Husky fans to make it here Friday. Read on for more WSU news.

WSU’s Tuel, Long meet with media


We’re headed out to Washington State’s first practice of Apple Cup week in a couple hours, but we wanted to pass along some comments from quarterback Jeff Tuel and defensive end Travis Long today. Read on.

A lot to chew on before Apple Cup


There must be a hundred little birds in the tree outside my window, all there to eat from the small pods that have turned our sidewalk and street a light brown. It’s the world’s tallest bird feeder and it’s even shaped like an out-of-kilter bell. Anyhow, you’re starting the Apple Cup workweek today, when less gets done in offices and schools as everyone argues over their favorite team. Remember two years ago? Now that was fun. Read on for more.

Apple Cup could be sweet for UW


The stage is set. Saturday’s Apple Cup game (4 p.m. in Pullman) will be for the whole pie. At least for the Huskies. A Washington win and it goes bowling and possibly to someplace nice like San Diego, home of the Holiday Bowl. A loss and not only do the Huskies stay home, the Pac-10 probably has three bowl representatives (unless you think Oregon State will upset Oregon). Everyone else is out of the running. Read on for more from Saturday.

A quick post from WSU

COUGARS • UPDATED: 9:55 A.M.; 10:55 A.M.

The weather in the Inland Northwest was frightful, to quote a Christmas song that shouldn’t be in vogue for another month, but seem apropos now. But Washington State’s basketball team is in Seattle, where the weather is, I’ve heard, not as bad but certainly more frightful to the populace. For more on the Cougars, read on.

WSU finishes up bye week indoors


Washington State’s football players will spend the morning in the indoor practice facility – or the bubble if you prefer – for their final practice before another six days off. With school out this week on Thanksgiving break, the players can go home, be with their family, get away from football and refresh their minds before delving into their prep for Washington in earnest. Us, we’ll be on the road with the basketball team, first in Seattle and then in Fresno. But before then, let’s check out today’s news. Read on.

Snowflakes fall on WSU practice


Washington State didn’t practice all that long today, but they did work on fundamentals, hitting, execution – all the usual items on any bye-week checklist. No new injuries, very little news. We have a little more so read on.

Is Moos’ silence bad for WSU’s Wulff?


Though Washington State had a bye Saturday, that doesn’t mean the football news took the day off as well. Heck, no. We decided to feature one of WSU’s unsung seniors while John Blanchette weighed in on Bill Moos and Paul Wulff. Interested? Read on.

WSU’s Hannam a survivor


We’re putting together this post because we have a story to share. The story of a four-year starting offensive lineman who is an academic standout, a solid citizen and a player who always seems to be on the verge of being replaced – though he never has been. It’s right tackle Micah Hannam, who is among a handful of WSU players who have started four consecutive years on the offensive line. He, and the rest of the Washington State players, had their second practice of the pre-Apple Cup bye weeks. We have some notes about that and our story, so read on.

A Saturday morning without WSU football


For the first time in three months, we arise on a Saturday without having to cover a football game. Oh sure, there’s football practice today but (insert Allen Iverson voice here), it’s practice man. There’s nothing like a game day to get you going. So we don’t have the usual football links to get you excited this morning either. But there are games – two – in the conference today, including the self-titled Big Game, so read on.

WSU returns to practice after time off


OK, we’re going to do some whining here. My toes seemed to disappear about an hour into Washington State’s football practice. The Cougar, who had five days off after defeating Oregon State last Saturday, returned to practice tonight in full pads and with full intensity. But man was it cold. For more, read on.

WSU returns to practice today


Other than Washington’s win in Seattle, Thursday was a pretty dead day in Pac-10 sports, including Pullman. But we found a few items to share, so read on.

WSU will play Oregon State at Qwest in 2011


Some big news coming out of the bye week in Pullman. The Cougars will not be playing UNLV at Qwest Field next year as previously announced. Nope, instead Washington State will face Oregon State at the Seahawks’ home on Oct. 22. A pretty big upgrade for the Seattle-area fans. We have more on the link, so read on.