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Eaton leaves WSU football


A quick post on the departure of graduate assistant Chad Eaton from the Washington State program. Read on for an unedited version of our story.

UPDATE: We also have our follow on the USC game on the link.

WSU’s loss to USC, the day after


Get a cup of coffee. Grab a Danish. Strap yourself to your chair. There’s a lot to cover this morning, and we’re not just talking about the rest of the Pac-10. We’re talking about Washington State’s debacle yesterday against USC and the rest of the conference season. It’s all on the link, so read on.

USC thunders WSU


Early in the week, it was hard to see this one coming. But as the day dawned today it finally hit me that Washington State was playing a team with a bunch of horses up front, horses that haven’t played all that well. Well they did today, and WSU’s defenders just didn’t tackle worth dog spit. Which adds up to a 50-16 blitz. We have a couple more things on the link, so read on.

USC leads WSU 28-13 at half


A quick halftime post, with WSU trailing USC 28-13. The Trojans have 312 yards of total offense in the first half despite trailing by 5 minutes in time of possession. USC has 11 plays of more than 10 yards. The Cougars are moving the ball through the air – 171 passing yards – but Jeff Tuel’s three interceptions – one a pick six – have killed them. USC has 14 points off the turnovers and leads by 15. To be fair, WSU has seven points following Barkley’s interceptions. We’ll be back afterward, but you can follow us at vinceg55 on Twitter. Use this post for comments.

Some pregame thoughts from WSU


There is a crowd gathering, sort of like on the interstate when a truck leaves the pavement and rolls into a lentil field. And that might be an apt metaphor on what could happen today, so read on.

There’s not a lot of time before WSU’s game with USC


It’s your typical Saturday morning with one huge exception. It’s typical in that there are enough previews, notebooks and features available from around the conference to keep you busy until game time. It’s atypical because the Washington State game time is noon, so you have to rush to plow your way through everything. So get right to it and read on.

Despite travails, USC is still USC


You know, even though the last six months haven’t been kind to the University of Southern California football program, in a lot of ways USC is still USC. There is a cachet to the name, a ring to it. Say it just right and images of O.J. weaving through the UCLA defense, Sam Cunningham jumping over Alabama, Ricky Bell in the Kingdome, Marcus Allen playing fullback, Carson Palmer’s bullets, Reggie Bush, Rey Maualuga still dance in the memory. That’s what makes this weekend so much fun. What will Saturday’s game be like? In a little more than 24 hours, everyone will find out. Read on.

Rain pelts WSU as it gets ready for USC


Washington State is off the field from Thursday’s practice, a workout held in a steady drizzle. But as one of the coaches said afterward, it was the best Thursday of the year. There’s more on the link, so read on.

WSU winds down prep for USC


The hitting at practice is over for another week as Washington State will spend the next couple days fine-tuning the game plan for Southern California on Saturday. It’s a game that should be quite a bit different than the one between the schools here two years ago. Read on for more.

WSU in high spirits at practice


As the time winds down to Saturday’s home game with USC, the Washington State Cougars put together a spirited practice Wednesday, staying on the practice field about 20 minutes shorter than the previous day. For what they accomplished, read on.

Wednesday morning links from WSU


Every Wednesday morning is like this. A day with so many stories to read, the eyes start hurting before 8 a.m. Today is no different. More crowded, actually, with the news yesterday afternoon Colorado was able to play a $6.863 million get out of jail card. We have it all, so read on.

WSU gets back to work on USC


What a shock. From the visitors on the sidelines to the action on the field, Tuesday’s practice was filled with news. And notes. So read on for both.

Wulff talks with the media at WSU


Each Tuesday afternoon, Paul Wulff holds a press conference in which he looks forward to the next opponent, in this case USC. The Trojans will be in Martin Stadium on Saturday (noon; FS Northwest) for the first time since the 69-0 shellacking in 2008. And the first time without Pete Carroll in a long, long time. We have a summary of what Wulff had to say, along with his comments on the earlier Pac-10 call, on the link, so read on.

Another Tuesday morning with WSU


Do you have a day of the week at work that is always longer and more demanding than the rest? A day you start dreading at 3 the day before? A day that seems to drag on and on? A day that, when it’s over, it seems like a steel door is slamming shut behind you and you’re free? If you answered yes to those questions, I feel your pain. Read on.

WSU gets back on field


The short Monday practice is over and Washington State is off the Rogers practice field. We have a few notes for you, so read on.

Monday morning from WSU


It’s your typical Monday morning in cyberspace (and I learned this weekend where that term came from, which is cool; life should be a continuing education class each day) with some folks looking back at Saturday and others already looking ahead. We have some links and notes, along with an apology, on the next page, so read on.

WSU’s loss at SMU, the day after


This is a first for me. I am in the midst of joining the blogging world’s Mile-High Club. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter. I mean I’m blogging from the Alaska flight from Dallas to Seattle. With a 7:15 departure time and a midnight bedtime, there was no way I was getting up early enough to blog before we left Dallas. So we’re up in the air. Just like Saturday’s Washington State’s game was at halftime. But not after the third quarter. For more on that, and an up-and-down day for the Pac-10, read on.

WSU tied at half but melts in second half


We have to be up and out of town early tomorrow, so the post on the link will be short. But it will be filled with a lot of interesting reading, so read on.

WSU, SMU tied at 14 at half


Halftime in Dallas and Washington State is, well, the only word for it is competing. More on the link.

Some early WSU pregame thoughts


I have spent the past hour getting set up at Gerald J. Ford Stadium on the SMU campus. There are a couple of thoughts on the link, so read on.

WSU tries to break road losing streak


Another game day dawns, this one in Dallas, Texas. Washington State gets ready to take on the Mustangs of SMU in about six hours or so. And if you’re wondering, there is a two-hour time difference, so that’s why this post is early. We have news and notes, so read on.

WSU has to solve SMU’s puzzling defense

Saturday Washington State kicks off its final non-conference game of the season – the next time the Cougars take the field after this will be against USC in Martin Stadium. As we do each Friday, we put together an advance for the game. Here it is.

• UPDATE: We have put together a story for tomorrow’s S-R on James Montgomery’s legal troubles. Football-wise the bottom line is, he has not been suspended and is expected to play tomorrow. Here’s the story …

• That’s all for now, except this blog post from the Daily News Christian Caple. We’ll be back if events warrant, but more than likely tomorrow morning with links to the above story and our four keys to the game for WSU. Until then …

Will WSU roast in Texas heat?


It’s warm and humid in Dallas, which must do something for the beef, because the steak I had last night was tasty. Really wanted barbecue though, but the place recommended to me by a local closed at 8 freakin p.m. 8? What is this, Whoville? I thought Dallas was a big city. OK, enough whining, on to our morning post. Read on.

Another freshman will play for WSU


A quick summary of Washington State coach Paul Wulff’s Thursday afternoon press conference awaits on the link, so read on.

Thursday morning WSU links


We’re starting a little late today so let’s get right to it. We linked all our stories last night on an easy-to-find post, so read on for other stuff.

WSU preps for SMU


Washington State is done hitting for the week and not a moment too soon. The number of players fighting little injuries seemed to be growing as the day went on. For more, and links to our stories, read on.

An eclectic WSU morning post


This time of year football dominates the discussion, and information, each morning here. But today we’re going to veer off into some uncharted territory. Oh sure, we’re going to still have your football news. We never miss that. But we’re also going to discuss athletics, finance, basketball and cheating. If you’re interested, read on.

Tackling a Tuesday emphasis at WSU


Washington State is off the practice field and has already eaten dinner, so we better get to our practice notes. Read on for those. Earlier today, we summarized Paul Wulff’s press conferences, which you can read here. You can also watch his local one here.

Wulff talks SMU, WSU


Paul Wulff has held two conference calls already on this Tuesday, and he still has his coach’s show yet to go. We have a summary of what he’s had to say, so read on.

Tuesday mornings with WSU


There is nothing like opening up a new computer. The fresh computer smell. The faster processor. The cool keyboard. The inability to access half your favorite websites because you can’t remember the passwords. The loss of all your macros. How fun. We have your morning links and a couple notes, so read on.