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WSU preps for powerful Stanford


Washington State is off the field after its first full-pad practice of the week. Nothing out of the ordinary, but we do have a couple things to pass along. Read on.

The start of a long Tuesday at WSU


An interesting day yesterday, right? Not only was it the first day back to football practice at Washington State for the Stanford week, the Pac-12 was thrown into a tizzy with Arizona firing football coach Mike Stoops. More on both those things on the link. Read on.

WSU starts prep for Stanford


It's late, mainly because Washington State doesn't start its Monday practice until 7:30 but also because I had a couple of interviews to do after it was done. But we're done now and have a few notes. Read on.

Another Monday, another WSU post


It's Homecoming week in Pullman. On the link we have a question about that, drawing on the deep readership base of this blog to increase my intelligence. Flawed plan? Only you can decide. And, oh yes, we have some Washington State news, notes and links. Read on.

Wulff talks about UCLA, Stanford


We're back in the Inland Northwest and will be for the next week or so, thanks to a home game in Pullman this Saturday (and yes, we've almost forgotten what those are like). Paul Wulff had his postgame press call this afternoon, so if you want to know what he had to say, read on.

WSU’s tough loss to UCLA, the morning after


We're in the airport after a solid four hours sleep, so if we mess something up, please forgive us. We're going to get this Sunday morning started with a few notes and all the Washington State links. Then we'll add the rest of the Pac-12 links and a few WSU and UCLA quotes later. Read on.

WSU drops a tough 28-25 decision


It's after midnight, so I really don't know why I should be blogging, but I am. We have some thoughts, so read on.

Tuel not cleared to play for WSU tonight


It's time for our pregame post, this one coming from one of the iconic football facilities in the country (notice I didn't say best). And, for once, the post includes some news, though not the news Washington State fans want to read. Read on.

It’s game day in Pasadena


It's game day, the best day of the college football week. For many fans, the only day. For the players, the day they take their test. Read on.

WSU en route to Los Angeles


We're moving, which as George Clooney once said in a movie, is living. But it's also nice to take the time to read as many stories as possible about Washington State and college football. We've done that, now you can as well. Read on.

A little extra from WSU tonight


The weather was a little wetter and a bit warmer today than it was Wednesday, so we're not complaining. Especially considering we'll be in line at an In-N-Out burger in less than 24 hours. Before then, however, we have a short practice report, a summary of Paul Wulff's presser and a special added attraction. Read on.

Finally catching up with WSU


Got up this morning and turned on the computer. No World Wide Net. Nothing. I blame the guys power washing the decks in the apartment complex. Don't know what that would have to do with it, as they hadn't even started yet, but if Steve Bartman and ESPN has taught us anything the past couple weeks, it's that we always need a scapegoat, right? Miraculously, an hour later no problems. Sun spots? My obesity? TCU to the Big 12? Have no idea what caused it. But we're back now and have a pretty full post. Read on.

Despite conditions, WSU practices well


All of sudden it turned cold in Pullman. Not Arctic cold, but, oh, maybe Bozeman cold. With a slight breeze. And an occasional shower. Just the kind of day to have a poor practice. Well, that didn't happen. Washington State went through a crisp, intense, sharp workout Wednesday. Read on.

A Wednesday full of news


Talk about a morning just chock full of news. Today is it. Nothing knock-your-socks-off major, but a bunch of interesting little stuff. Read on.

Tuel practices but reps limited


Practice is over and Jeff Tuel took some snaps in team drills. How did he look? Is he going to play this week? How does he scare his roommates? We have answers to at least a couple of those questions on the link, so read on.

A Tuesday morning post from WSU


Before practice last night we thought we would have to write a quarterback-situation story. Then during practice realized, because Washington State wasn't wearing any pads, Monday's practice wasn't any different for Jeff Tuel than the ones he participated in last week. No story. Then coach Paul Wulff decided to say yes when asked if Marshall Lobbestael will start Saturday against UCLA. Back to writing a story. Read on.

Quarterback job still Lobbestael’s


Washington State is off the practice field for its relatively quick Monday night practice and they have the same starting quarterback. Read on.

WSU begins UCLA week


Good morning from the Inland Northwest. After a day off yesterday, the Washington State Cougars will get back to the weekly grind this evening with practice. After the weekend grind, you folks get back to slouching around at work today. We'll accompany you with this post. Read on.

• UPDATE: WSU senior linebacker Alex Hoffman-Ellis earned the Pac-12 defensive player of the week award for his 14-tackle, two-sack effort against Colorado. He's the first Cougar to earn Pac-12 honores this season. Also, the Homecoming game against Stanford will have a 4:30 p.m. start on Oct. 15 and will be televised by Versus.

WSU’s Tuel cleared for practice


We're still traveling, believe it or don't, so we're going to pop out a quick blog post and get on our way. Read on.

WSU’s comeback win, the morning after


Sometimes we wonder if any one is awake when we post these morning blog updates. Today we're not wondering. We know no one is. Heck, we're wondering if Washington State fans have stopped celebrating even now. Read on.

A dramatic win for WSU


So how noisy was it in Pullman when Marquess Wilson gathered in Marshall Lobbestael's perfectly thrown pass to save Washington State's Pac-12 opener? I'm guessing really, really loud, especially in a few taverns around town. Read on.

A pregame post from Boulder


This might be my favorite blog post of the week. The pregame post. When we look at the upcoming game, pass along our thoughts on how the game will go, then sit and watch the opposite occur. Read on.

It’s game day in Colorado


Another Saturday morning on the road, but this one is different. The Rockies loom in the background as Washington State prepares for its first Pac-12 game. Read on.

It’s travel day for WSU


There is a certain excitement about Fridays in football season. It's the day before game day, of course. But when Washington State is on the road, it's also travel day. And today we travel to a new Pac-12 city. Boulder, Colorado. Read on.

WSU about done with Colorado prep


No surprises from Thursday's practice, as Washington State spent the usual hour-plus fine-tuning the game plan for Saturday's game at Colorado. Read on.

Another dawn breaks at WSU


We tried to sleep in today, but that plan failed when the guy upstairs decided to do his vacuuming at the break of dawn. And he's real thorough at it. Real thorough. So thorough we're blaming our headache on him, along with the financial troubles in Greece and the Red Sox collapse. Read on.

WSU gets closer to Colorado


The weather was perfect. That's the best thing that came out of Washington State's football practice Wednesday afternoon. Read on.

Colorado looms closer for WSU


It's another hump day in football season. Somewhere around noon we draw closer to Saturday's Colorado game than we are to the last Seahawk win. Before we get there, though, we have news, notes and links – and a mea culpa. Read on.

WSU tries to be perfect on Wednesday


There was something different about Washington State's football practice today, and it wasn't just wrinkle in the offense or a new coverage by the defense. Read on.

Big week ahead for WSU


Tuesday practice in Pullman. Wednesday, ditto. Thursday, a short practice making sure the game plan is ready. And then Friday Washington State flies to Colorado for its first-ever Pac-12 game. Pretty big week for the Cougars. Read on.