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Sharing WSU news on a Wednesday


Literally got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and hit my knee on the way out to the kitchen. Not a good way to start the day. But the morning got immeasurably better when I started to travel around the web looking for stories. It’s always nice to find something to share. Read on.

WSU saves wear and tear at practice


With the number of Washington State players banged up – not injured mind you, though there are quite a few of those, but banged up – the coaching staff decided to go in shorts, T-shirts, shoulder pads and helmets today. In other words, not full pads. There’s a desire to save bodies and energy for Saturday, which should be a physical battle from the opening kickoff. For more on Tuesday’s practice, and Paul Wulff’s conference calls, read on.

Tuesday morning WSU links and notes


An interesting morning what with some news on the Pac-12 expansion front, some notes out of last night’s Washington State practice and a few thoughts about the rest of the season. Read on.

WSU begins prep for Stanford


Monday nights are getting a bit colder this time of year and the number of players who watch the installation of the game plan due to injuries or hurts seems to be growing. Read on for more.

WSU takes a last look at Arizona


With the long march to open the season a little over halfway done, the Washington State Cougars are contemplating some changes to the practice schedule this week. The goal will be try to continue the steps toward respectability without straining a roster that’s starting to bend under the stress. We have more on that and other items, so read on.

WSU’s loss to Arizona, the day after


Some things have changed around Washington State, that’s for sure. We document them, plus add our day after post, so read on.

WSU comes close once again


It’s late, so here’s our post for tonight on Washington State’s 24-7 loss to Arizona. We’ll have more in the morning, if I wake up. Read on.

WSU trails Arizona 14-0 at half


Though Arizona has moved the ball consistently – and Washington State hasn’t – the Cougars head to halftime trailing by just two scores, 14-0. Part of it has been a WSU defense that’s forced one turnover, plus a successful onside kick by the Cougars to open the game. Part of it is a right knee injury has sidelined UA quarterback Nick Foles since early in the second quarter. … This is the first time this year WSU has failed to score in the first half as Arizona’s defense has put relentless pressure on Jeff Tuel. So much, in fact, left tackle David Gonzales has been replaced by walk on Elliot Bosch, a 258-pound redshirt sophomore. … Tuel has been sacked three times, but WSU has sacked Foles and Matt Scott four times. … The halftime stats … First downs, UA 17, WSU 4; Rushing yards, UA 72, WSU 1; Passing yards, UA 179, WSU 55; Total offense, UA 251, WSU 56. … We’ll be back later with more.

WSU and UA ready to go


Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott is in Pullman today and is speaking right now on the Cougar Road Show with Bud Nameck. John Blanchette is over in Hollingbery Fieldhouse and will talk with Scott when the radio show is done, so when he gets up to the press box we’ll fill you in. We have some other thoughts about today, so read on.

WSU gives UA a chilly reception


It’s game-day morning on the Palouse and it got cold last night – I hope all those RVs are heated. Not as cold as say next month, when Cal comes to town, or certainly not as cold as it should be for a December Apple Cup, but chilly nonetheless. With all the byes around the Pac-10 today – there are only three games and four teams have the week off – it’s a little chilly links-wise. But we do have some, including one that should make you chuckle, so read on.

WSU basketball takes to the court


The first day of men’s basketball at Washington State is in the books. We have some thoughts and a link to our story, so read on.

A busy Friday at WSU


Not only does Saturday’s football game with Arizona start the second half of the season, the men’s basketball season officially starts around the nation tonight – and in Bohler Gym. The Cougar men and women will hold a Midnight Mayhem exhibition at 8 p.m. (that’s midnight in the Bahamas, right?) featuring contests, autographs and scrimmages. But that’s tonight. This morning, we have your football links and notes, so read on.

WSU going extra mile for UA


When a college football team prepares for a game, there are certain players on the other squad that demand a plan. Where is so-and-so is crucial in an offense’s and a defense’s prep work. For more on that, and other items from Thursday’s practice, read on.

Catching up with WSU


Wow. You take a day and the emails pile up, the number of stories to link becomes nearly unmanageable and basketball season jumps into the picture. It’s overwhelming. The moral of the story? Never take a day. Read on for the damage control.

WSU hits hard at practice


The Washington State Cougars have finished their first true practice of the week, at least the first one in full pads, and are well on their way in preparation for the University of Arizona this Saturday. The practice featured a lot of hitting once more, though it was toned down some from the past two weeks. We have some notes from practice, so read on.

WSU’s Wulff talks about Arizona, arrests


Coach Paul Wulff’s done with his Tuesday Pac-10 and local media teleconferences. We have a summary of what he said, so read on.

Tuesday morning WSU links


This is an interesting week in the Pac-10, with four teams having byes, including the two highest ranked ones. But there is some news for a Tuesday morning, so read on.

• UPDATE: There is a story in SI this week detailing the career of agent Josh Luchs. Why does that matter here? Luchs alleges he gave money to a lot of the first Rose Bowl team in the late ‘90s, including a bunch of money to Ryan Leaf. You can read the story and make up your own mind.

WSU’s late Monday practice over


Had a chance to talk with Paul Wulff after Monday’s practice and asked him some questions concerning a big hit in the Oregon game and some off-field problems. Read on for what he had to say and news about a receiver who will be out for at least a while.

Monday morning WSU links and notes


It’s Monday morning and, hey, I got a coffee maker for my birthday, though I really don’t know how to use it. And never want to clean it. But it will make a great space-eater on the counter. Yeah. I guess I’ll have to dust it once in a while. Crud. Enough of my whining. Let’s get on to the links.

More on Oregon’s win over WSU


A little more than 24 hours after the loss to Oregon, Paul Wulff got on the phone for a conference call. Read on for what he had to say.

WSU’s defeat to Oregon, the day after


The great thing about college football in general and the Pac-10 Conference in particular, is no matter how good or bad things get, looking back is only an option for about, oh, 30 minutes. The No. 3 team – Oregon, for now – may have just left town with a 43-23 win in their pocket, but that has to be forgotten. The No. 9 team – Arizona, for now – in the nation will be here in less than a week and it will be pissed off, after losing 29-27 to Oregon State. Get caught looking behind and the team in front steamrolls you. But, thankfully, we don’t have that problem. We can look back all we want. And we will on the link, so read on.

WSU hits Ducks hard, but not hard enough


We’re back, though you probably have given up and gone to bed. If you’re still awake and need something to put you under, read on.

WSU falls 43-23 to Oregon


We’re up in the interview room, but before anyone arrives, wanted to put up a post so you folks can comment. Up until Jeff Tuel’s interception at the end of the third quarter, WSU still had a shot at the No. 3 team in the nation. An outside shot, sure, but a shot as it was 36-23 at the time. We’ll be back soon.

WSU, Oregon ready to get going


You know, for mid-October, this is a perfect day. Too bad it has to be ruined by a football game (insert rim shot here). But in a sense, this day would be perfect to fly a kite, fertilize the lawn, blow out the sprinklers, rake leaves, just about anything but watch the nation’s most explosive offense run up and down Martin Stadium’s turf. Will it happen? We have thoughts, so read on.

Saturday morning WSU vs. Oregon post


It’s football Saturday on the Palouse. The smell from the homecoming bonfire was still quite evident at 1 a.m., which just gave the party noises coming from the apartment complex a different feel than the usual Friday night. Another thing that’s different? The town is full of Subarus and Highlanders with Oregon license plates. Green might be a prominent color around Martin Stadium today. By the way, did you like the headline? Spent 1.7 seconds working on that one. Read on.

Friday morning from WSU


Sometimes even news you have been expecting for weeks can blindside you and make it impossible to sleep. Such is the case this morning, so we’re getting our morning post out of the way, then going back to sleep (we hope). As you start your day, hope what follows makes it better. Just writing it lifted my spirits. Read on.

Youthful WSU prepares for Oregon


Thursday’s practice in the books, so we can share with you what went on and what Paul Wulff had to say in his final press conference of the week. For all of that, read on.

Duck weather at WSU today


After a beautiful day yesterday, we’re greeted with Eugene-like weather today in Pullman, low clouds and a soaking rain. Maybe it will clear before practice today. If not, this afternoon will be an exercise in trying to keep the notebook and tape recorder dry. But that’s for later. For now, we have notes and links.

Freshmen focus of WSU practice


Reason No. 1,459 not to become a sportswriter. You’re on the practice field watching another form tackling drill while Roy Halladay is tossing only the second no-hitter in postseason baseball (thanks for the catch Andrew). But, boy, was that drill riveting. For more on the rest of practice, read on.

Heat on at WSU practice


How is everyone this morning? Take a moment today and walk around, feel the sunshine, enjoy the heat. If you live in the Inland Northwest, it more than likely will be your final day of 70-degree weather until spring. Build some memories because there will be days in January and February when you’ll need it. Do all that, of course, after you read on.