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WSU upbeat as practice week begins


There seemed to be a renewed energy around the Washington State practice field Tuesday afternoon. It was caused by, and get your No. 2 pencils ready because this is a multiple choice question, a) naming Jeff Tuel the starting quarterback; b) the Cougars’ play down in LA on Saturday; c) the first football-like weather of the fall, cool with a slight breeze; or d) all of the above. If I picked the answer like I did the SAT (eenie, meenie, minee …) then I might stop on any and still have a chance to be right (and somehow, I still got into a decent college – weird). But the mature adult in me tells me to logically pick one. So we’ll go with “d” and hope that’s right. Read on for links from around the West.

Tuel takes over at WSU


It’s Tuesday and the Cougars are back to practice. We have our report on the link, followed by our Pac-10 notebook. Read on.

More on WSU’s interesting day

COUGARS • UPDATED: 10:30 A.M.; 11:20 A.M.

It’s an interesting morning in Pullman but also around the Pac-10. Besides the Cougars turning to a true freshman at quarterback, there was also a freak injury of a USC runningback and some of the more typical occurrences. Read on.

Tuel will start for WSU


A quick note to share something we’ve learned: The identity of WSU’s new starting quarterback. True freshman Jeff Tuel will start Saturday against the Oregon Ducks in Eugene. We have more on the link.

WSU’s task doesn’t get easier this week


The sunlight is starting to spread across the sky, which means it’s time to start the day, right? Well, we’ll help. We’ve got links and notes for you. Just click the link and read on.

WSU toughens up


We’ve had a chance to talk with Paul Wulff and get his read on yesterday’s defeat. On the link is our follow story and our look back. Read on.

More from Pac-10, WSU


We’re back in Seattle, waiting to catch the next flight. On the link is out notebook from last night. We follow that with some more links from around the Pac-10. But there’s more coming later in the day. Read on.

A quick look back at WSU’s loss


I got to the airport a few minutes early, so I decided to quickly peruse the web for stories. Read on for what I found in the time available.

WSU loses, 27-6, as Tuel shines


It’s late and I have a 6:30 a.m. flight back to Spokane, so this will be quick. We are posting our unedited game story on the link. Read on.

WSU behind 20-0


Had some trouble getting up. Here’s the pregame post early in the second quarter and WSU trailing 20-0. As I type this, 12:48 left before halftime, WSU has minus-10 yards rushing thanks to four sacks of Marshall Lobbestael. With the deadlines tonight, this might be the last post. Jeff Tuel is warming up on the sidelines. UPDATE: Tuel is playing. He came in on the USC 25 after WSU had five possessions.

WSU faces a hot, bothered USC team


It’s hot here. Real hot. With a dry wind. No wonder the hills look like the bottom of the Weber after the steaks are done. And the Trojans are hot. Real hot. With a bad taste in their mouths. No wonder the Cougars are a 45-point underdog. Read on.

Looking forward to Saturday’s WSU game


Got some time in the Seattle airport, so I’m going to post our game day items and our advance story. That will be it for today unless something big happens. Read on.

Long day, short WSU post


Early post because it is travel day. The nice part about living in the Inland Northwest is you always have to go somewhere (in this case, Seattle) before you go somewhere else (in this case, LA). Makes the day just a tad bit longer. Read on.

Montgomery visits WSU’s practice


We’re headed out of Pullman right now, en route to Spokane for tomorrow’s flight to Los Angeles. But we’re not leaving until we post the unedited version of our story for tomorrow, on running back Dwight Tardy’s final trip home. We also have some notes from coach Paul Wulff’s press conference and practice. Read on.

Heat is on around Pac-10, WSU


Watching practice yesterday I was hit by a revelation. Or maybe it was heat stroke. I’m not sure which. But anyway, it struck me that football season here runs through, basically, three seasons. There’s the incredible heat of summer – and early fall, because it was hotter than Hades on that field yesterday – gives way to the cool nip of autumn and, though the calendar won’t say it, winter makes an appearance for a week or two at the end as well. I have to remember how much I was bitching this time of year about the heat during those final weeks, when I start complaining I can’t feel my toes and fingers. Let’s move on. The junk for today is on the link. Read on.

Lopina doesn’t finish WSU’s practice


Practice is over tonight and we’ve got some news to share. It’s not the best if you are a Cougar fan. Read on.

Pencer newest WSU tackle


The guys up front on offense really don’t get enough credit or pub for what they do. They may function anonymously, but if they don’t function at a high level, an offense just isn’t going to work. No matter how impressive the scheme. Anyhow, we’re highlighting the newest member of Washington State’s starting offensive line, left tackle Tyson Pencer. He’s starting this week after injuries to guards Zack Williams and B.J. Guerra. After that, who knows? But to get to know him a little, read on.

Lots of WSU, Pac-10 news


Just another simple day yesterday. Right. Well that means lots of reading for you. We’ve got it all on the link. Read on.

WSU stadium news and practice notes


OK, we’re done with our stories for tomorrow. On the link is the unedited version of the Martin Stadium expansion story. And below that are some notes from today’s practice. Read on.

More on Montgomery’s loss for WSU


We’re still working on another story – this one about the revitalization of the Martin Stadium Phase III project – but we thought we might as well pass on two other stories we’ve done today. They concern the injury suffered by James Montgomery and our Pac-10 notebook. Read on for the unedited versions of those two stories.

WSU’s Montgomery out for year


Just a quick note and link to a story we put up on the website about an hour ago – had a news conference to attend, sorry – about James Montgomery’s injury. Here’s the link. We will be back with more after practice, including news on the Phase III for Martin Stadium.

Lots to talk about in So Cal


Another short and quick Tuesday morning post, and that’s after running down all the USC stories I could find in Southern California. Read on.

Time to start looking ahead for WSU, Pac-10


There is actually a little frost on the roofs across the way, which scares me just a little. How much longer until snow starts dropping from the sky? Is it too early to put on the snow tires? Of course it is. But it’s never too early to start thinking about Saturday’s football games. We’ll help, with stories and notes on the link.

WSU looks back, ahead


We have yet to have dinner, so this will be quick. You don’t want to get between me and food. On the link you’ll find the unedited versions of our look back at the SMU game and our follow story. Read on.

A crazy day at WSU, in Pac-10


Another interesting Saturday in Pullman and the rest of the Pac-10. Is there any other kind during football season? On a day when Washington State found a way to win, USC found a way to lose in the Northwest – again. By the way, how bad is the Big Ten when one of its best teams can’t defeat USC at home and a Pac-10 school that was winless last season can turn the trick a week later? But that was just one part of a newsy day in the conference no one east of the Rockies cares about. Hit the link for the rest.

WSU rallies for win over SMU


We are not only going to give you the unedited versions of our game story and notebook, but we have some thoughts as well. Read on.

WSU trails 17-7 at half


The crowd is sparse at Martin Stadium and with no TV, not many of you are seeing this. But we have some thoughts. Read on.

Kickoff coming up for WSU, SMU


We don’t have a lot more to share at this late time, but we will get you up to date on some last minutes things. Read on.

Game day in the Palouse


Once again it’s game day. We’ll start by asking a question: Do you think this is the day Washington State breaks through with a win? If you’re sitting at home, or reading on your Blackberry, or in the RV shaking your head up and down or side to side, let us know. I’m kinda wondering what the consensus is out there. Now on to the today’s stories. Hit the link and read on.

WSU, SMU game day nears


Well, we’ve finally got our information about SMU culled down to the 20 or so items we run every game day (that’s why the page is called Game Day I guess). We kept getting derailed by phone calls and e-mails – and our own inability to focus. Got thinking about the season-long ramifications of tomorrow’s outcome, the type and size of crowd that will show up, the weather, all that mundane stuff. And, I was just wondering. How high is a cliff? Ten feet? Fifteen? Just another of those random thoughts running through my head for no reason, like whether or not everyone has a sense of humor. Anyhow, you can read the unedited version of our game-day stuff and our short advance on the link.