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Some stories to pass along on a Tuesday


Nothing huge to pass along this morning, but enough second-level news that it's worth putting together a post, so read on.

Financial windfall headed to WSU


We spent a little time this week looking at Washington State's financial future. The result was a couple stories and graphics we ran in today's Spokesman-Review. For that, more thoughts and some links, read on.

Friday morning from WSU


We've been awake for a while and though there is little in the way of Washington State news, we thought we would share what we had found around the conference – and from Pullman.  So read on.

WSU news – and a question


When it comes to Washington State University athletics, it is already summer time. Though today's weather says something different. But school is out and the news is slim. But not non-existent. Read on.

Ten pounds later, we’re back on the beat


Where were we? Oh yeah, Pullman. Go away for a while and the whole town changes. Read on.

A final spring football Sunday post


It's Sunday morning in Spokane, the sun is out and the birds are happy. All's right with the world. And well it should be. Spring football is officially over. We have more on the denouement, Saturday's spring game at Joe Albi Stadium, and some other thoughts, so read on.

WSU ends spring with 38-3 Crimson win in scrimmage


Spring football is over. And Washington State won. But has anyone ever lost in the spring? We have more on the final day, so read on.

WSU about to kick it off in Spokane



Well, the beer garden is full. The stands, not so much. But there is almost an hour before Washington State's spring game begins. There are a few people staking out spots, including yours truly (those are in the press box). We have some thoughts, so read on.

WSU set to end spring in Spokane


It's about six hours until Washington State hits the Albi Stadium turf for the Crimson vs. Gray spring game. There's a sprinkle right now, and that probably needs to go away if the Cougars want to draw a big crowd. There's a rumor that always goes around about Spokane fans being of the fair-weather variety. As someone who was part of that collective for many years (and sat out in many cold, wet games at Albi), I don't think it's true, but if the light rain doesn't go away, we may just find out today. Read on for more on football and DeAngelo Casto's decision to leave school early for pro basketball.

WSU has one last spring trip


Dateline Pullman. This will be our last report from the wilds of the Palouse for a while. We are making the dangerous trek up 195 to Spokane today, then hunkering down in anticipation of tomorrow’s spring game. We’ll be blogging from the big city over the next couple days as we wrap up spring and all that entails. Then it’s off on vacation. But before we can fly out of here, we have to finish our coverage. Read on for more from WSU and the Pac-12.

WSU’s practice finishes on down note


Standing out on Rogers Field this evening, I was struck by how calm this spring seemed to be. And, no, I wasn’t admiring the weather. Very little in the way of drama, no big injuries, nothing. And then the calm was broken. Read on.

Thompson leans and football winds down


There are not many more Washington State University sports stories left in the 2010-11 academic year. Sure, spring sports are in full bloom, but the biggies, the crowd-drawing sports, football and basketball, are winding down. After nine months. Spring football ends in Pullman today with the last practice on Rogers Field scheduled to start at 3:45 p.m. And basketball will be done sometime in early May, when the roster questions for next year are finally settled. We have more on both, so read on.

WSU fine-tunes kicking game


As we buzz around the interweb looking for stories to link, our eyes are sometimes drawn to the ads on the websites. The one that caught us today like a fly in a web was a video for the Pima County Fair down in Tucson. The people looked as if they were having so much fun. Riding rollercoasters, eating hot dogs, walking with friends, good times. The mind wanders when vacation is just around the corner.  We got back to searching for stories. Read on.

WSU’s last week of spring has warm start


The final week of spring football kicked off this afternoon in the best weather since last October. Figures. Football starts to wind down and it gets nice. Well, maybe it will rain Thursday, I'll be miserable and have something to complain about. One can only hope. For more, and the answer to a question I said I would ask, read on.

Tuesday morning WSU links and notes


Couldn't ask for a prettier day, with the sun shining, not a cloud to be seen and warmth on the way. It's almost as if Nike has rebranded April. Maybe it can pay my taxes as well? There is some Washington State news to report, so read on.

WSU and its new uniforms


Just got home from the Washington State uniform-unveiling event. Some thoughts and photo links, so read on.

Monday notes from WSU


It's a springtime Monday, which means there aren't a lot of links to pass along. But there are a couple of things to talk about, so read on.

More for a Sunday from WSU


Ever get that antsy feeling as you near vacation? You know, the one that forces you to start making lists of everything you have to get done before you can leave? Me neither. That's why, on the desk next to me, is a list three-miles long of things I've got to do before the middle of next week. Atop the list? This Sunday's morning post. Read on.

It’s defense’s day at WSU scrimmage


You couldn't have asked for a better morning for a spring scrimmage in Pullman. The sun was shining, the breeze was not intrusive and Martin Stadium was full. OK, the last one is not true, but the rest of the day was pleasant. Read on for more on the scrimmage.

WSU scrimmages on a busy Saturday


The next-to-last spring scrimmage will get started in less than two hours, so we better get out to Martin Stadium. What a difference a week makes, in the weather at least. The sun is out. It's expected to be in the mid-40s by the time the scrimmage ends. Heck, why wouldn't it be nice? It's Mom's Weekend. They always deserve the best. Read on.

Friday morning WSU post


Friday means a lot of things this time of year around a college campus. We won't get into most of them, but in Pullman it means a day off from spring football. No practice today, as Washington State readies for its penultimate scrimmage of the spring. It's scheduled for 10 a.m. Saturday morning in Martin Stadium. Of course, the on-field scrimmage pales in comparison – to some – to the off-field happenings Monday night in Spokane. That's when WSU will reveal its new Nike-branded uniforms (and not just football, but other sports as well). Yep, the tension and anticipation around here is palatable. We'll bite our tongue (and hope we don't bleed the wrong color of crimson for goodness sakes), refrain from any snarky comments and just say, read on.

No pads, no problem for focused WSU


Though Washington State held a non-tackling practice Thursday, one of four it has to hold during the 15 spring workouts, there was a bit more intensity and focus on the field, something WSU coach Paul Wulff noticed was lacking Tuesday and praised on Thursday. For more on that and an injury update, read on.

WSU returns to practice today


It should have been a quiet morning, a real quiet morning. But there is more to read than we ever expected. Plus, there is a smattering of snow on the ground outside, which will probably be gone by the time we finish writing this post, so read on.

WSU’s O-line coming together


The Washington State Cougars got back on the football field yesterday and we were there. Though more than a few people came by to tell us how silly we looked with a wool cap on. Wait, that wasn't it. It was the wool cap covered by another hat. That was the problem, or as one WSU equipment guy (who shall remain nameless so my legions of fans don't picket his home) said, "that's not a good look for you." My retort, after eight hours of thinking about it? "What is?" That's one of the perks of being a bit on the dumpy, not-so-good-looking side, nothing looks stylish on you so you don't have to care. For more … on WSU football … read on.

Cougars pound out another practice


We've been off the practice field for a while and our feet now have a bit of feeling in them. So we can put together our blog post because, as many of you probably suspected, we do a lot of writing with our toes. Read on.

WSU returns to spring practice


It's nearly cloudless right now in parts of the Inland Northwest, but the weatherman is calling for wind, rain showers and some snow later this evening. In other words, perfect spring weather around these parts. Appropriate, as Washington State returns to spring football practices today. We have more, so read on.

WSU comes out of scrimmage healthy


Sometimes Paul Wulff will answer a question about spring practice with a quick statement about injuries. As in, the Cougars didn't have any so it was a good day. I confess, it happens often enough I sometimes do the mental equivalent of rolling my eyes. I have just heard it so many times. Well, I vow never to do the mental eye-rolling thing again. Not after reading the links today, especially the ones from the Arizona schools. We have said links, plus more from Washington State's scrimmage, so read on. 

Galvin shines in WSU’s first scrimmage


Washington State's first scrimmage of the spring – last Saturday the Cougars scrimmaged but only for about 40 percent of practice; this week it was all they did after warming up – was held in spring-like weather. And by that I mean it was sunny at times, it rained at times, it hailed at times and the wind blew all the time. But there was some interesting stuff going on, so read on.

WSU ready for scrimmage


If you are attending Washington State's first official scrimmage this morning in Pullman, I suggest you take along two things. A bagful of towels and an umbrella. The scrimmage, set to start at 12:30 (a time change from earlier) and run about an hour, should be played in steady showers (the Weather Channel says 60 percent chance of that), thus the umbrella. The towels? So you can wipe off a Martin Stadium seat. No one wants to sit in a puddle. If you don't want to lug along either item, then bring binoculars. That way you can sit under the press box and still see what's going on down on the field. For more, read on.

April 1 just another day at WSU


Yes it is April Fool's Day. But we learned long ago not to mess with AFD jokes in print (they have a tendency to backfire, at least they did in my early journalism years), and we will follow over on this post as well. We'll keep it straightforward. Heck, there's enough to laugh at out there without having to make stuff up. Read on.