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Some WSU notes


As we work on our Pac-10 notebook for tomorrow’s S-R, thought I would take a little time and catch you up on a couple things, including this morning’s practice.

Monday morning WSU, Pac-10 tour


What cartoon character hates Mondays? Whoever it is, I’m with that guy, or gal, or crocodile or whatever. Anyhow, it’s Monday morning and we have your links. Read on.

Wulff looks back at ASU


Want to read some more about Saturday’s loss to Arizona State? We’ve got it on the link. Then we have some news for you. Not about WSU, but our schedule for the week ahead. Read on.

WSU, ASU, the day after


Another loss, another Sunday. Sounds a little like that old Chicago song. Heck, if it were just raining, it would fit perfectly. It isn’t. It’s just colder than Soldier Field in December. We have your links. Read on.

WSU’s lost Saturday


This one is in the books. Pretty interesting in a stop-to-watch-the-car-crash sort of way. We have our game story and the notebook on the link, unedited versions of course. Read on.

WSU trails by 13 at half


Halftime and WSU trails 13-0. Read on for our thoughts and you can add yours.

WSU and ASU take field


We’re back for our pregame post. It’s a tradition here at SportsLink to write a bunch of stuff an hour or so before game time, then remember something we wanted to say while the opening kickoff is in the air. We’ll try not to do that today. Read on.

WSU ready for homecoming


As I was driving around last night, I noticed the town was, well, rocking, if I can use a ‘70s term. And yet, as the night wore on, the number of sirens I heard were at an all-time low. Maybe the cold weather kept everyone a little saner – and indoors. Anyhow, they should all be ready for homecoming. To help you get set, everything I could find is on the link. Read on.

WSU prepares for ASU


We pull together a lot of items each Friday for our Saturday morning game day, along with the advance story we run each week. We have the unedited version of both on the link. Read on.

A home Friday for WSU


A Friday at home. What a concept. After next week’s bye, the Cougars will be on the road for three consecutive games. And they’ll see a lot of different hotels. But for now, it’s homecoming (though it would have been more appropriate to make the UCLA game Nov. 14 that event) week and we have links. Read on.

How WSU feels about Saturday


What are you expect on Saturday? Tuesday, freshman quarterback Jeff Tuel said “We have a great chance to win this ballgame, and we all feel like we should win this game.” I asked Paul Wulff today what he thought of that statement and whether it was the exuberance of youth or if the team really believed it. For his answer and more, read on.

WSU players talk about practice


As we near the halfway point of the season, there’s one area that I’ve noticed hasn’t changed. Despite a 1-4 record this year, the Cougars still practice almost every day with passion. There just hasn’t been the going through the motions as I saw at times last season. So it seemed like something I wanted to explore further. To do so, I talked with three guys who are capable of examining such things and give reasoned answers to the questions of how and why. For the long version of the story, read on.

WSU, Pac-10 links for Thursday


The nice part about attending a Catholic grammar school? Most of the nuns were baseball fans – and yes, when I was young, there were still a few nuns teaching. As baseball fans, they wanted to know who was winning the World Series – and yes, when I was young, there was only the World Series, no division, no league championship. So on my birthday, I was oftentimes assigned to listen to the game and report the score. It was my first true interaction with social networking. And now I blog. Wow. How times change. Read on.

QBs in flux at ASU, WSU


We’re going to combine our story and practice report into one big ol’ post tonight. On the link you’ll find the unedited version of my story about Arizona State quarterback Danny Sullivan and the quarterback situation in Tempe. Then I’ll fill you in on what happened on the practice field. Read on.

Back to normal for WSU, Pac-10?


Let’s see. Over the weekend we had the discussion concerning the Oregon game. That seemed to draw a lot of interest. Yesterday there was the ESPN ad. That seemed to draw a lot of interest. So what can we do today? So far, got nothing other than a loaded plate of our usual items. Hope that will do. Read on.

Thoughts about WSU’s day


Practice today was quite energetic, maybe a little surprising considering the outcome last Saturday. Before practice, Paul Wulff met with the media. After, it was Jeff Tuel’s turn. We’ve got both, plus some practice notes, including a starting linebacker who may be out. Read on.

Stanford sits atop Pac-10


We’ve got some thoughts on today’s practice … OK, most of the thoughts will be from Jeff Tuel, who stood before the television cameras today and shared his feelings about starting – and getting hurt. But before we put that up, we’re going to give you the unedited version of our Pac-10 notebook and game of the week. Read on.

WSU in the national spotlight

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COUGARS • UPDATED: 9:30 A.M.; 1:15 P.M.

Most about everybody who reads this blog, I’m sure, watches ESPN. And the same number, probably, are aware of the WSU flag’s streak on Game Day, ESPN’s college football preview program. So you might be interested to learn said flag is the punchline – in a good way – of a joke the Game Day guys make in a new ESPN commercial. We have a copy of the ad, and my boss, Joe Palmquist, is efforting – a Dan Patrick word; wait, he’s no longer on ESPN, so Joe’s trying – to get it put up here at SportsLink. UPDATE: And, as you can see above, he got it done. It is pretty funny. For our usual stuff, read on.

First look at ASU, basketball


We have our first look at Arizona State and, as practice starts in a little over a week, some basketball news. Read on.

The heart of WSU’s schedule beckons


Saturday night was the first time this season when it really felt like football weather. There was a tinge of winter in the air. Not fall, winter. But that’s what football season is. The transition from the summer of baseball to the winter of basketball. And, with the press box windows open in Autzen, the low-40 degree weather of the second half had a bite to it. Read on for more on the weekend’s games.

WSU’s Oregon loss, the day after


We made our way up I-5 to Portland and are waiting to get back to Spokane. While we wait, we’re going to share some thoughts and links. Read on.

Oregon runs over WSU, 52-6


It’s late here at Autzen and we’re finally down with our report. On the link you’ll find the unedited versions of our game story and the notebook. Enjoy. We’ll be back from the Portland airport with our links and such. Read on.

WSU trails 42-0 at half


A quick halftime post. Oregon is gashing the WSU defense with its speed. With the way it spreads the field, the Cougars are just too slow to keep up. The Ducks have almost 400 yards in total offense, including 200 yards rushing. … Jeff Tuel will be evaluated at halftime after leaving the game in the first quarter. Tuel was sandwiched by Will Tukuafu and Casey Matthews on a sack and suffered either a back bruise or a hip pointer. They’ll try to figure out which and see if he can return. … The offense, no matter the quarterback, has been impotent, with just two first downs, both after Marshall Lobbestael came on. We’ll be back later.

WSU ready for Oregon


It’s quiet now in Autzen Stadium. It’s also more than two hours before game time as I write this. On the link you’ll find some thoughts and the keys to tonight’s game. Read on.

WSU, Pac-10 get ready for games


The number of stories today in the Oregonian about the possible reinstatement of LeGarrette Blount outnumber the game advances about three-to-one. But then again, the Ducks aren’t playing Cal this week either. Read on for more on the game and the Pac-10.

WSU ready to play Oregon


We have a lot for you tonight. On the link you will find the unedited versions of our game day items for tomorrow’s paper, plus our advance story. The game starts at 6:15 tomorrow night, so my guess is the stadium will be rocking. Read on.

WSU won’t have to face Blount


There is an incredible amount of news this morning, including more than a handful of stories out of Eugene. We’ll get right to it. Read on.

York came close to going to WSU


My ears are still hurting. Read the rest of the link and you’ll know why. We have some notes from today’s short practice and the unedited version of our story that will appear in tomorrow’s S-R. Read on.

WSU, Pac-10 links for a Thursday


It’s a much-more-crowded-than-usual Thursday this week, so let’s get right to the links. If you want original thoughts, you’ve come to the wrong place. We’re fresh out this morning. Read on.

New faces in new spots for WSU


We’ve put our story up, so I guess it’s time to get going on our practice report. We also include some more on the three defensive players. Read on.