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Grip on Sports: When it comes to Thomas and the Seahawks, it seems ‘everything is possible’

A GRIP ON SPORTS • So where are we now? That’s always a good question for a Tuesday morning. It’s especially apropos on this Tuesday morning. Read on.

Grip on Sports: A couple of eagerly awaited wins allows us to celebrate the present without worrying about the past – or future

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Another Monday morning. This one seems different. Why? A couple of wins yesterday. Read on.

Grip on Sports: The weekend’s action can grind us all into dust

A GRIP ON SPORTS • We’re going to try something new today: Quick-hitting, short thoughts on the news of the weekend. Let’s see how it works out. Read on.

Grip on Sports: How do you fail to win? Let us count the ways

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There are a lot of reasons Washington State lost to USC last night in Southern California, some of them self-inflicted, some of them not. Care …

Grip on Sports: If WSU defeats USC for the second consecutive year and no one is in the stadium to see it, does it count?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Ever been to a night football game at the Coliseum in downtown Los Angeles? I have, more than once. It’s not easy getting there. And …

Grip on Sports: It’s no fantasy; the college football weekend around here starts on Friday night

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Sign of the apocalypse No. 1,720: An email arrived in the inbox this morning wondering if I wanted to play fantasy hockey. Yes, fantasy hockey. …

Grip on Sports: The hits just keep on coming in the Northwest these days

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Sorry to be the one to break it to you, but the M’s are not winning the American League West this season. That and other …

UPDATED: Wed., Sept. 19, 2018, 10:36 a.m.

Shawn Vestal: Legendary WSU quarterback Jack Thompson’s alleged comments in Jason Gesser case fit a pattern of cover-up

In the pages and pages of records surrounding the Jason Gesser case, Jack Thompson’s comment was not the most significant, perhaps, nor is he the person most responsible for taking …

Grip on Sports: The defense was fine in Chicago but the Seahawks’ offense gave the game away

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The Seahawks have lost their first two games and everyone seems to have questions. Why should we be any different? There is one big one, …

UPDATED: Mon., Sept. 17, 2018, 10:35 p.m.

Pullman police arrest Greek Row arson suspect in Cheney

Pullman police arrested a 19-year-old Cheney man Monday for allegedly starting several fires on Washington State University’s Greek Row.

UPDATED: Tue., Sept. 18, 2018, 8:06 a.m.

WSU places Jason Gesser on leave after former nanny files formal complaint alleging sexual misconduct

Washington State University placed Jason Gesser, a former quarterback and current athletic department employee, on administrative leave Monday after a former Cougar athlete came forward with new allegations that Gesser …

Grip on Sports: Can Russell Wilson make this Monday night special?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Monday Night Football. Dandy Don, Frank and Howard. Those were the days. Appointment television. It’s appointment television tonight as well, if only to see Khalil …

Grip on Sports: After denying the importance of the game, WSU denies Eastern much of a chance for another upset

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Washington State’s week of denial ended Saturday night with its defense denying Eastern Washington much of a chance to score. And the Cougars showing on …

UPDATED: Tue., Sept. 18, 2018, 11:33 a.m.

WSU breaks ground on $61.9 million building addition for animal disease lab

Work has begun on a $61.9 million building addition that will serve as the new home of the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, which plays a crucial role in infectious …

Grip on Sports: Let’s just say goodbye to summer a bit early

A GRIP ON SPORTS • A Pac-12 showdown in Salt Lake City. A big local showdown in Pullman. Intersectional games on the television. Yep, fall Saturdays are here, even if …

Grip on Sports: Hurricanes now seem to have an impact on college football schedules every year

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It’s just one of those fall Fridays, isn’t it? You take a look at the television schedule, check the weather report, say a little pray …

Grip on Sports: A day with another WNBA title and another Mariner season of tilting at windmills

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Wednesday was about winning. And losing. And about the past and the future. Read on.

Grip on Sports: The rhythm of the football season mandates a slow buildup to each Saturday

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There is a bit of rhythm to a college football week. It starts with a slow shuffle and moves with a quicker beat as Saturday …

Medvengers 2 raises funds for scholarships for WSU medical students

Medvengers features dinner, live music, a live auction and a paddle raise.

Grip on Sports: It’s a miracle there is a lot of excitement about a punter

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It has come to this: The Mariners need a miracle and the Seahawks were raving about their punter. This wasn’t the scenario we thought we …

Grip on Sports: The new NFL season opens a lot like the old one ended, at least for the Seahawks

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The first Sunday of NFL football is over. Why is it that, despite wholesale changes in the offseason, so many teams haven’t really changed at …

Grip on Sports: From emotional releases to penalties to calling off the fight, yesterday’s action kept our attention

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It may not have been officially be Flag Day, but that’s how it felt Saturday around here. Washington State raised its Cougar one in an …

Grip on Sports: College football on Saturdays seems to go on and on and on, which is a good thing

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Another college football Saturday awaits. But if you want to watch it all, you better be ready to give it about 18, 19 hours. Wait, …

Grip on Sports: Football movies were always better when Burt Reynolds smiled

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The most famous football player in Florida State history died yesterday. And Burt Reynold’s passing brought back a bunch of memories, from “Deliverance” to “Evening …

UPDATED: Fri., Sept. 7, 2018, 9:24 a.m.

Gifts totaling $100,000 to benefit WSU health sciences students in Spokane, Yakima

Washington State University announced Thursday it has received donations totaling $100,000 that will be used to purchase training equipment for health sciences students in Yakima and Spokane.

Grip on Sports: As Washington State opens its home football season, the Cougars move forward instead of moving on

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Everyone has experienced sadness mixed in with the joy sports can bring. That’s part of how sports mirror life. But one would hope a certain …

Grip on Sports: Sometimes a deeper dive is needed to make sense out of the numbers

A GRIP ON SPORTS • A lot happened in the regional sports scene yesterday, much of it self-evident. But the most important items were a bit hidden. Read on.

Grip on Sports: There are dry spells and then there are droughts

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The long stretch run is upon us. We’re not really referring to the baseball season, but that too. It coincides with the unofficial end of …

Grip on Sports: Indians’ late-season charge has put a smile on everyone’s face

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It may be the beginning of football season, but it’s still a bit early to give up on baseball, isn’t it? Especially when the local …

UPDATED: Mon., Sept. 3, 2018, 7:32 p.m.

WSU scientist working on a CRISPR way to bacon

Jon Oatley is trying to devise ways to feed a growing world and to that end, he has genetically modified pigs to be sterile.