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Grip on Sports: The Mariners are having an “A” season in large part thanks to Dee

A GRIP ON SPORTS • No, the corn isn’t as high as an elephant’s eye just yet, but we are one day away from the Fourth of July. Right smack …

Grip on Sports: A Sunday with a regional legend saying goodbye and a national one saying hello to a new home

A GRIP ON SPORTS • When you admire an athlete, it doesn’t matter what uniform he or she wears. But when they wear a uniform of a team you support, …

Grip on Sports: It’s not Christmas, it’s better. Hoopfest is back this weekend

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There are many good weekends around here. Memorial Day weekend is always fun. Labor Day weekend means college football is beginning. The weekend that includes …

Grip on Sports: The past tells us the Mariners will have a fall-off in the second half but the numbers say it shouldn’t be all that bad

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The Seattle Mariners are halfway through the 2018 baseball season. And it’s been an exemplary first half. Does it bode well for the second – …

Grip on Sports: CTE and the death of a young athlete

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Yesterday was another tough day for fans of Washington State football. Heck, for all of us, really. Once again we are trying to answer a …

Grip on Sports: There is little to distract us this morning except some bad news

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It seems too early to be in the dog days of summer, and not nearly hot enough, but we may be in the puppy part …

Grip on Sports: Winning a College World Series title is the thing dreams are made of

A GRIP ON SPORTS • When you are young, you have goals. Dreams even. Realizing them is hard. But that doesn’t mean you forget them. Read on.

Grip on Sports: We interrupt this summer of baseball with a bit of football

A GRIP ON SPORTS • We may not be all that far away from July, but today is a good day to touch base with football. Indoor and outdoor football. …

Grip on Sports: The Mariners’ bullpen is ‘seriously regressing’

A GRIP ON SPORTS • What’s on tap for your Saturday? Is there any chance you’ll be digging a big hole in the backyard, preparing a place to bury your …

Grip on Sports: No reason to hide after a poor week, though it seems to be all the rage

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If you are a baseball fan in the Spokane area, this hasn’t been a real good week for you. Read on.

Grip on Sports: The Yankees can still drop the late-inning hammer and they pounded the Mariners’ bullpen last night

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Thunderstorms are in the forecast today around the Inland Northwest, but the lightning hit last night in New York. Read on.

‘Modern-day medicine people:’ Students get hands-on experience at Na-ha-shnee Health Sciences Institute

The Na-ha-shnee Health Sciences Institute, a fusion of summer camp and in-depth health education for Native American high school students, is underway this week.

Grip on Sports: If there is a competition for being lazy on a summer’s day, we have a chance to win

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The calendar tells us we are on the cusp of summer. In reality, we’ve been there for a while. At least in our mind. Read …

Grip on Sports: WSU’s Mike Leach shows once again social media is not his best friend

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Mike Leach has picked up a lot of wins the past few years in Pullman. But he suffered another loss over the weekend and it …

UPDATED: Mon., June 18, 2018, 3:31 p.m.

Shawn Vestal: Leach launches air raid on truth with Trumpian Twitter post

WSU fiddles while football coach Mike Leach burns university’s credibility with hoax Obama post on Twitter.

Grip on Sports: If the USGA can stop messing up its championship, maybe then the organization and the world’s best golfers can kiss and make up

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There are only four major golf tournaments each year. When mistakes by the people in charge screw one up, it isn’t just a travesty, it’s …

Grip on Sports: Would today, Father’s Day, be a good one to ‘have a catch’ with your favorite dad?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Happy Father’s Day, Spokane’s contribution to the calendar of holidays. Of all those special days, it is the warm-weather one with the tightest connection to …

Grip on Sports: Mariners rally and save the day in more ways than one

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If you gave up on the Mariners last night, you are forgiven. At least in this column. Something about not casting the first stone and …

Grip on Sports: For one night the M’s had to pay up for all their one-run wins earlier this season

A GRIP ON SPORTS • For those of us who have to estimate such things, today is one of four tax days. Days we send money to the feds and …

Grip on Sports: From no way to cautiously optimistic to all in, local M’s fans are excited to see what the rest of the season holds

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The Mariners won again last night, with Mitch Haniger hitting another home run to end a game. There could be something special brewing on the …

Grip on Sports: It’s time to plan for warm summer nights watching the Spokane Indians fly around Avista Stadium

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The weatherman tells us it’s going to get real warm around here soon. Which is appropriate, considering summer is officially just around the next bend. …

Grip on Sports: The sun is shining, it’s warm, the days are long – it’s a perfect time to think about football

A GRIP ON SPORTS • We’re not even officially to summer yet. That doesn’t happen for another 10 days or so. But that doesn’t stop the football talk. Nothing does, …

UPDATED: Tue., June 12, 2018, 11:49 a.m.

WSU and UI researchers say there’s more magma beneath Yellowstone caldera than previously thought

Based on research by WSU and UI, amount of magma under the Yellowstone caldera may be as much as double as what scientists previously thought.

Grip on Sports: Before we hit the links we have some links to share

A GRIP ON SPORTS • We couldn’t stay away. Though we aren’t here long. Just a few thoughts and a couple links. Read on.

Grip on Sports: This Triple Crown thing is getting a bit redundant … or at least it seems that way

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It was just three years ago when horse racing aficionados wondered if there would ever be another Triple Crown winner. After all, 37 years had …

Grip on Sports: The Warriors win again and this time it isn’t even close

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Now this is the type of June (weather) we remember. Except, in our memories, there was nothing like the Warriors. Read on.

UPDATED: Fri., June 8, 2018, 11:15 p.m.

WSU regents approve plan to balance athletics budget

The Washington State University regents unanimously approved a plan to balance the school’s athletics department budget.

Grip on Sports: The Caps finally win a Stanley Cup after years of frustration

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If you were busy last night and missed the final game of the NHL season, sorry. You missed competitive sports at its finest. Read on.

Grip on Sports: Just shrug, say ‘that’s baseball’ and get ready for Tampa

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If there was ever a term invented for what happened to the Mariners last night in Houston, “that’s baseball” is it. Nothing more is needed. …

Grip on Sports: Mariners, Paxton get the drop on Houston and now know they will leave town still on top in the West

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There was an old-time showdown in Houston last night, but the script lacked a bit of drama. If you are a Mariners’ fan, it’s pretty …