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A new look at one of the oldest events

A GRIP ON SPORTS • This is one of my favorite weekends of the year. Not because of anything around here, of course. It’s kind of dead until Sunday, when the area’s fathers are honored. (That doesn’t happen elsewhere, does it?) But it’s one of my favorites because of what’s on TV. And that scares me a bit this week. Read on.

Winter is finally over

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Well, I for one am glad the two winter professional sports, the NBA and the NHL, are finally done. After all, summer officially starts Sunday. Now we can start focusing on the most important warm-weather sport: football. Read on.

Sometimes facts do get in the way

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Darn facts. I had an idea for a subject today, but, after checking the numbers, had to scrap it. Read on.

Is winter coming early for the M’s?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If you watched “Game of Thrones” last night, you probably woke up this morning wondering how many of the key characters have to die. But, honestly, how often do they stay dead? It’s sort of like “The Princess Bride.” Or the Mariners. Read on.

There is always a place to watch even if no one knows your name

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It isn't always easy being a sports fan, is it? And it isn't always easy putting together this column for area sports fans. Read on.

Summer offers a lot of opportunity

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Think about this: Either this is the final weekend of the school year or it is already summer for your school-age kids. Whatever, it means, unofficially, summer is upon us. And isn’t that just the best? Read on.

Every once in a while there is just too much on

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Can it be Friday again already? Must be. My to-do list, which includes which sporting events to watch, is growing by the minute. Read on.

A couple words trigger a stroll down memory lane

A GRIP ON SPORTS • You never know what might trigger a memory anymore. The smell of a certain type of coffee, a word spoken casually in a conversation or a mention in an online article. Read on.

The heat is on the Hawks as they prepare for another season

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If you’ve been around Spokane for any length of time, you can remember when the dog days of August were interrupted by Seahawks training camp in Cheney. That’s no longer the case, sure, but we will use the Hawks again today to interrupt the dog days of June. Read on.

Hockey seemed a little out of place considering yesterday’s weather

A GRIP ON SPORTS • You like it hot? You like triple digits? You crazy? Then yesterday was for you. Of course, the best sporting event of the day was played on ice, but still, yesterday was for you. Read on.

A tradition unlike any other – thank goodness

A GRIP ON SPORTS • How many of you have been involved every year with an event that is 31 years old? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Read on.

The Mariners are putting everyone to sleep

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It was hard to keep the eyes open last night, wasn’t it? After a warm day, the temperature had dropped and a breeze had come up. Perfect sleeping weather. Except the M’s were engaged in a scoreless battle with Tampa Bay. Who would blink first? Read on.

Today is the longest day as far as I’m concerned

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Keep this under your baseball cap. It’s National Doughnut Day. And I won’t be having one. Read on.

This was a trade that needed to be made

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There is only one way to battle despair. Hope. There is only one way to battle indifference. Hope. There is only one way to battle irrelevance. Make a trade. And then hope. Read on.

The M’s are making us all suckers right now

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If there is a more frustrating team to follow these days than the M’s, I’m not sure which team it would be. So I decided to take a day off yesterday. Not watch. Not listen. Go my merry way. Then they sucked me in. And may have lost me for good. Read on.

Is this team jinxed?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Funny how rain works. Some days it’s cloudy everywhere and the water falls slow and steady. Other days, like last night, it was hit and miss. Wonder if there is a metaphor in there somewhere. Read on.

Cano has to get going or the M’s aren’t going anywhere

A GRIP ON SPORTS • In reality, the Mariners were lucky to be in extra innings. Intellectually, we can comprehend that. But still, when they lose a home game in the 12th inning on a ground ball Logan Morrison should have corralled and a bases-loaded walk, it’s still hard to take. Read on.

May the month be with you, always

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Believe it or not, today is the last day of May. A good month, gone way too soon. Read on.

Spokane-area alums making noise in the pro ranks

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It was an interesting day around here Friday for Spokane-area alums. Especially those playing professionally. Read on.

Summer can get crowded for everyone these days

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Let’s get this straight. It’s not summer yet. If it were, you think the NBA and NHL would still be on the TV? Read on.

It’s a world I wouldn’t want to live in

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Really, isn’t that what we’ve all come to expect from Felix Hernandez and Nelson Cruz these days? OK, Wednesday’s early afternoon performance was even a bit better than usual for Felix. And Cruz’s game-clinching home run was a power display, even for him. Read on.

WSU makes another change in coaching staff

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There is a truism in college sports these days that everyone seems to want to ignore. But it happens more often than not. Read on.

If Cano comes around, so will the M’s

A GRIP ON SPORTS • This was the way it was supposed to go all season. Good pitching from start to finish and a key Robinson Cano hit or two. The question is, then, will it continue? Read on.

Memorial Day has always been about honor

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It’s a day of remembrance, isn’t it? Of those who left to defend their country and never returned. Read on.

At least the weather is nice

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Is this the poorest holiday weekend of the year for sports watching? It may just be. Read on.

This weekend just won’t be the same

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Clear your mind. A beautiful weekend is ahead, full of exciting possibilities. Looking behind isn’t worth as much effort. Read on.

Kraft, Pats surrender

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There is sort of a “Game of Thrones” battle going on in the NFL these days, though Robert Kraft yesterday acted more like Tyrion Lannister than Jamie. Read on.

The M’s need to answer the call with men on base

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There is a not-so-exclusive club in America right now. It’s a club populated only by people who have received scam phone calls purporting to be from the IRS. I’ve been inducted, I don’t know, a thousand times? Read on.

Summer is upon us in a few ways

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Welcome to summer, albeit a couple weeks early. Sunshine, highs in the 80s and a dearth of stories to pass along. Read on.