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The NBA is headed back to Washington


The NBA has never held any real fascination for me. There was a time when I was real young and the Lakers were the league's continual bridesmaids, then I was an NBA fan. Later, when I shared the backcourt for St. Rita's School with Joe Mullaney, the son of the Lakers' coach, I was a fan then as well. And Magic Johnson, he made me a fan. The matchups with Larry Bird's Celtics, those were classics. But other than that, the NBA hasn't been on my radar much. Read on.

Have a great holiday


We wrote a lot about a couple different subjects yesterday morning, so today we'll keep it a little simpler, mainly because we're a little burned out, not because it's a holiday. Read on.

Did that really happen?


When I got up this morning, I was looking for the answer to one two-part question. After more than an hour of searching, I'm still not sure I found what I was looking for. Read on.

Go sit in the corner young man


Remember when you were a little kid and there was a word you could say that would really set mom or dad off? Just uttering it would earn a trip to bathroom (for soapy mouthwash) or the corner (for a little alone time). Well, there are a couple words like that for Mark Few. Just uttering them around the Gonzaga coach can earn a look of disdain. We won't risk Dial on the tongue here, but will on the link. Read on.

WA Lege Day 5: Fighting campus drinking

OLYMPIAWashington State University uses many tools to combat binge drinking by students, from mandatory information programs to counseling to notifying parents, a school official told a legislative panel Friday. But the rate of binge drinking is still about the national average, roughly two out of five students.

The Legislature might give WSU and other colleges around the state one more tool to reduce on-campus drinking – special DUI courts on campus similar to courts in Spokane and some other cities that specialize in driving under the influence cases.

The Senate Law and Justice Committee, which is considering a bill to authorize college DUI courts, got some sobering facts on binge drinking from Robert King of The Century Council, a national group trying to curb alcohol abuse. . . 

To read the rest of this item, or to comment, go inside the blog.

Mind if I play through?


You know what I always miss in mid- to late-January? Playing golf. Read on.

A long-shot finish to the day


It was a strange day yesterday. Really strange. But the way it ended was perfect. Read on.

Cougars have a big game tonight


It may only be the middle of January, but tonight's Washington State home game against Utah has a must-win feeling to me. How about you? Read on.

It was “a hole in one”


“The sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.” Read on.

You’ll get no answers here


The word “why” was uttered a lot around the Grippi household yesterday. There were the “whys” when the Hawks eschewed an early field goal and tried fullback Michael Robinson on a fourth-and-1 at the goal line. There was a “why” followed by a “Marshawn” when he fumbled. The “why” that came out when Russell Wilson took a sack near the end of the first half, pushing the Hawks out of field goal range. And then there were a lot of “whys” followed by “god” all afternoon after Atlanta marched down the field in about two seconds and kicked the game-winning – and Seahawk-season-ending – field goal. Read on.

Will Hawks rise early today?


Ten in the morning comes darn early, especially on a Sunday. But that's when the Seahawks will kick off their quest for a third meeting with the 49ers this season. Or their NFL playoff game with Atlanta, if you prefer. The kickoff comes so early we don't want to get in the way, so we'll be quick. Read on.

Even the headline was a struggle


I arose from bed this morning not sure what to write about. No worries, though. It always comes to me. Except today it didn't. Read on.

Ending the week in style


It was a pretty interesting Thursday around here, what with Gonzaga having to hold off St. Mary's best shots, Eastern winning in a blowout fashion for the first time this season and the Pac-12 releasing the football schedules for next season. We cover all those items. Read on.

This is where everyone knows your name


Years ago I used to look forward to Thursday nights because it meant “Hill Street Blues” and “Cheers.” Now I look forward to Thursday nights because it means a full night of college basketball. These days are better, though I miss hearing “let's be careful out there.” Read on.

The final report on WSU


The Pac-12 released its investigation into the Washington State football program yesterday and, at its core, refuted any allegations of abuse of the players. But it did something else. It shed a light on what happens at football practice and some things might surprise you. Read on.

Sarcasm is the best defense


What a great game last night. The two best college football teams in the nation meeting for the national championship. The BCS got it right again. OK, I'm being sarcastic. But doesn't a game that bad, a game basically over in the first quarter, a game pitting a team with speed and power against a team, well, that doesn't have at least one of those things, deserve some sarcasm? Read on.

Nothing can top a playoff win


Woke up to a foot of snow this morning. Who cares? It's still going to be a great week. Read on.

All the news that fits


If you try to read every link we found on the Seattle/Washington playoff game, you probably won't be done in time for the kickoff. And it is the late game today. But it would be fun to try. Read on.

A busy weekend ahead


By this time Monday, the day of the BCS national championship game, you might just be burnt out. After all, the human body can take only so much blocking, tackling, long jumpers, dunks and blown calls. Read on.

It’s just so tiring


At about 9 p.m. last night, I knew exactly what I was going to be writing about today. This. But then it hit me. I'm tired of it all. And if I'm tired of it, you folks must be exhausted. Read on.

There are two sides to the WCC


You are a college basketball fan living somewhere in Middle America, say Davenport, Iowa. You have a good satellite package and you really enjoy watching the best that college basketball has to offer. So whenever the Gonzaga Bulldogs play on TV, you tune in. You know what your impression of the West Coast Conference would be? Yep, those gyms in that league really rock. That Kennel place is loud and the other schools really draw well too. But is it true? Not really. Read on.

It seems like only yesterday


The headline hit me like a Montee Ball run up the middle. “41-year wait is over; Stanford gets Roses.” It has been 41 years since Stanford won a Rose Bowl game? Really? It seems like only yesterday. After all, the last time the Indians – as they were known then – won, I was sitting in the stands. In the south end zone, actually. And I was shocked by how wide the splits were on Stanford's offensive line. They were like a yard wide, if not more. Stanford coach John Ralston was Mike Leach before Mike Leach was Mike Leach. Read on.

Celebrate today


When I was younger (and by that I mean in my 30s or so), I used to hate New Year's Day. After all, it was the last holiday for a while (and the last big day of college football). From the Rose Parade until Memorial Day, there wasn't a paid day off. Five long months. That's changed a little, of course, over the years, but today is still the final day to gorge yourself on multiple college football games before the long winter descends. Read on.

On to the playoffs


There really is just one thing to talk about on this New Year's Eve. The Seattle Seahawks' run to the NFL playoffs. And the upcoming week of anticipation and hope. It will be fun. Read on.

This is the best day


Sunday mornings are the best mornings, no doubt about it. Oh sure, Saturdays are great, especially for those of us who grew up in the 1960s and 70s and 80s and still have memories of being parked in front of the TV, cartoons blaring, a bowl of sugar-infused cereal in our lap. But Sundays, well Sunday mornings mean football, on the tube and on the Net. Sunday is great synonym for lazy, a euphemism for lolling around. To help, we searched the web and came up with 729 stories for you to read. OK, that's an exaggeration, but there is quite a few. Read on.

A moment in time


Like to be sitting in a movie theater and be able to find out who is winning the game you're missing? It's possible these days if you have the right app on your smart phone. Like to be able to find the movie theater in the first place, or the time of the movie, or a list of stars? All are possible with the right app. Pretty cool, huh? Want to see a picture of a public figure in what probably is a totally innocent position and watch it blown completely out of proportion? That's possible too. Such is the yin and yang of modern technology. Read on.

Eight, nine, hey, what happened to 10?


Now that Christmas is starting to fade in the rearview mirror like the last gas station before the Mojave Desert, it's time for the sports world to get back to normal. And it is around here, with Gonzaga returning to the Kennel this evening to face a nationally respected program, prep basketball players getting back at it and a Pac-12 football team involved in a horribly officiated game. That's the sporting life I know. Read on.

Pro Bowl a two-edged sword


There is one NFL story you can count on this time of year. Actually, let's make that two. There is the one about the players who made the Pro Bowl. And there's the one about how the players who didn't will be motivated by the snub. Read on.

Today exceeds expectations


When I pulled myself out of bed today, I was expecting a light morning. After all, the day after Christmas couldn't be too overwhelming could it? About the only thing I thought I would be linking were boxing stories from England. Read on.

Merry Christmas to each of you


It's Christmas morning and the stockings are hung on the mantle with care (the reason this is a bit late; that had to come first). But we also have a few stocking stuffers for you. Read on.