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WSU Student Drank 5X Legal Limit

Family members of a Washington State University student who died last weekend said Wednesday that Kenneth Hummel died from a lethal concoction of caffeinated energy drinks and alcohol. Hummel, 18, of Lynnwood, was found unresponsive Saturday morning in a dorm room at Stephenson Hall. Police say they received a call around 2:30 a.m. Saturday from students in saying he was unconscious and they were performing CPR. He died later in the day at Pullman Regional Hospital. Earlier in the semester Hummel had received a citation for minor in possession and was drinking hard alcohol the night he died. The coroner's report indicated Hummel's blood alcohol level was .40, five times the legal limit for driving in Washington State/Rob Kauder, Internet Content Manager, KXLY. More here. (Photo courtesy of KXLY)

Question: Do you worry that your child(ren) will drink too much at college?

A candy-coated blog post


It's Halloween and I'm glad for one thing: It's not on a Friday night. When it is, newspapers all over America are flooded with high school football stories that begin “it was a dark and stormy night.” Read on.

Basketball season creeps closer


As we get closer to Halloween and the cold winds of November, the focus needs to widen a bit. Yep, it's almost college basketball season – heck, the NBA opens tonight – and all that entails. Read on.

Defense rests a week in Seattle


Who would have thought? The Seahawks led by three. About five minutes left. The Lions have to go 80 yards to win. A tying field goal from Spokane's Jason Hanson, OK. That could happen. But giving up a touchdown to lose? Against this defense? No way. Well, dang it. Read on.

There is always next week


There were no college football games to watch live in the Inland Northwest yesterday, which didn't stop Saturday from turning into a day from hell for fans. Read on.

WSU faces tough task at Stanford


For a season that started with such promise, I'm not sure there's much in the way of anticipation today for Washington State's game with Stanford. Well, there is some anticipation. Anticipation it won't be close. Read on.

Let’s think a little out of the box


Let's see. The World Series is going on, college football is getting to crunch time and the NFL nears the halfway point. So what do we focus on today? Local college basketball, of course. Read on.

Jack Black must be proud


What do Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, Albert Pujols and Pablo Sandoval have in common, other than a love of the postgame clubhouse buffet? Read on.

Leach takes care of a social media problem


My goal was to write this intro today in 140 characters or less. Bingo. But what in the name of Twitter does it mean? Not much. Read on.

Leach Bans Cougars From Tweeting

Just one week after players were instructed by a professional about the dangers of social media, Twitter is no more for the Washington State football team. The decision was made Tuesday, coach Mike Leach said, to ban his players from the social media site effective immediately. “Quite frankly, if after today you see anything on Twitter from our team,” Leach said, “and I don’t care if it says, ‘I love life,’ I would like to see it because I will suspend them.” So, what prompted this decision? “Because I decided to, that’s what prompted that,” Leach said/Christian Caple, SR. More here. (AP file photo)

Question: Did WSU football coach Mike Leach go too far in banning his players from tweeting?

A frustrating fall


I feel a bit like Job this morning. Ready to look to the heavens and ask the baseball gods why they have forsaken me. Read on.

Idaho’s decision sends one of the good guys to the sidelines


There are a lot of coaches in college football who are hard to get along with. Robb Akey was the antithesis to those guys. The larger-than-life Idaho head coach was always upbeat, always positive, always ready with a “Bubba.” He was easy to like. But he's also no longer the University of Idaho's head football coach. Read on.

Holes in the weekend are easily filled


For a Saturday without the Cougars and a Sunday without the Seahawks, there sure seems to be a lot going on this weekend. Read on.

Recalled and recall can be two different things


Talk about scary. Received an email yesterday telling me my iMac had been recalled. Something about if another computer rear-ends it doing more than 5 miles an hour, it can explode in flames. At least that's how I read the notice. I'm not sure it actually had anything in writing comparing the iMac's faulty hard drive to a Pinto gas tank, but I'm not taking any chances. Today, I'm writing this blog post on a typewriter. Read on.

49ers land the bigger blows


Did you ever play Rock'em Sock'em Robots? If the answer is no, you're probably under the age of 35. If the answer is yes, you probably wish you had the time back. But you also understand what last night's game between the 49ers and Seahawks was like. A long flurry of punches until Seattle's head finally popped up on another trap block and Frank Gore run. Game over. Read on.

It’s time to do it again


It's hard to get excited again this quickly. After all, the Seahawks' big win over New England was what, 48 minutes ago? Seems like it. But, even though it's just Thursday, us NFL observers are expected to be raring to go tonight when the Hawks face division rival San Francisco in the Bay Area. If it's hard on folks like us, how do you think the players feel? Read on.

Baseball at its finest


Is there anything better than a well-pitched postseason baseball game? OK, a well-pitched postseason baseball game the Yankees lose. That's better. Much better. Read on.

Nothing better to do?


If you watched the second half of the Monday Night Football game, I have only one question for you: why? After all, with the Chargers up 24-0 at halftime the result was obvious. And there were better things to watch, like re-runs of “Friends” on Nick at Nite. So why would you stick around. Heck, I heard Mike Tirico headed over to the Coronado Hotel for a mimosa and a cigar on the beach and never came back (not really), so why did you? Read on.

Never give up, never surrender


Did you give up on the Seahawks early in the fourth quarter? I didn't, but I did – well, sort of – later in the game. Read on.

Better late than … no, on-time is better


If you woke up this morning and wondered where this column was, there's an explanation. Well, an excuse really, but explanation just sounds better. Read on.

Just make a pick dang it


There are a lot of things in life we all have to do. Pay taxes. Change diapers. Eat a balanced breakfast. Rake leaves in the fall. There are not fun, but we have to do them. It's expected. I feel that way about one task this morning. Read on.

It’s time to bounce the ball


Yes, I know it's the mid-point of the college football season. And I know high school football is in the stretch run before the playoffs. And heck, I even know major league baseball is in the midst of its playoffs. But today I'm talking a bit about college basketball. Read on.

City of Spokane officially revokes demo permit for the WSU Jensen-Byrd Building

Those folks who battled to save the old and historic Jensen Byrd Building had their main victory last month when Campus Advantage decided to fold up and dropped plans to tear the building down. The company had signed an agreement in late 2010 with WSU to tear down the brick building and replace it with a multistory campus housing structure.

This week the next shoe fell, even though few “heard” the impact.

On Tuesday the City of Spokane officially concluded the process of revoking the demolition permit that had been issued to a demo firm hired by Texas-based Campus Advantage. The initial plans to tear down the building might have started as early as this past summer if opponents hadn't filed appeals challenging the validity of the demo permit.

The revocation at this point is mostly a symbolic moment; since Campus Advantage had already backed out of the deal.

But there was still some time left for the parties involved, including WSU, to appeal the city's permit revocation. That deadline for the revocation appeal was Oct. 10.

In any event, the status of the old warehouse building near downtown is this: WSU still owns it. WSU has the right to sell it to anyone, and even decide to demolish it if it wants to (with some conditions attached).

As of last month, WSU's position was holding pat and waiting.  Spokane developer Ron Wells has continued trying to convince WSU officials that he has a viable development plan, that would include commercial and residential units.

Wheaty alternative WSU logo

OK, the colors give it away. This refers to Wichita State University.


The upside of a lockout


Today was supposed to be the first day of the National Hockey League season. But instead of arenas all over the North America prepped with bunting and brightly colored ice, they sit empty. Read on.

Big week for the Eagles


It's Big-Game Week in Cheney, but I guess when you are ranked sixth in the nation, just about every week is Big-Game Week. Even if the game is on the road. Read on.

A simple Tuesday


I'm going to keep it simple today. There is a reason and, if your want to know what it is, read on.

Getting hooked again brings second thoughts


A few years ago I quit watching the NFL on television. Not because I didn't like football, I did. But the games would frustrate me so. So, instead of getting upset, I turned the TV off and discovered the beauty of fall Sundays. Then my son offered me a taste of the RedZone channel. And I was once again hooked. But it turned out RedZone was a gateway video and I found myself watching the entire Seahawks game yesterday. And regretting it. Read on.

A question of balance


After watching quite a bit of college football on television yesterday, I came up with a question. Read on.

Let it drop; it doesn’t matter


Today is a day for ordinary effort. So, even if I drop a comma or two, maybe misplace an adverb or misuse a simile, the blog post will still be out. SportsLink's version of the infield fly rule is in effect. Read on