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Inland Northwest Twitter Lists

Lists are a way to organize people you follow on Twitter. You can also follow a list that somebody else has created, which allows you to see updates from all the accounts listed without having to follow them. We've created several lists for the Inland Northwest, and we'd like to do more (e.g. Shock and Chiefs fans, health, EWU athletics). If you want to be added or suggest a list we should make, e-mail us.

People living in or around Spokane. Visit this list ›
People who bleed silver and crimson. Visit this list ›
People who love Eastern sports. Visit this list ›
For business accounts in the region. Visit this list ›
People who influence policy from the city level up. Visit this list ›
Artists, entertainers and venues. Visit this list ›
People living in North Idaho. Visit this list ›
People who love Gonzaga athletics. Visit this list ›
For accounts of nonprofit groups. Visit this list ›
Twitter users at The Spokesman-Review. Visit this list ›
Schools, teachers and students in the region. Visit this list ›
Restaurants, bars and foodies. Visit this list ›