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The beggar in the suit

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Colin Mulvany - The Spokesman-Review

“Have you seen the guy with the sign?” Many commuters over the last month have asked that question about EWU art student Gabriel Brown. Dressed in a second hand suit and holding a funny sign, Brown has been panhandling every weekday morning on a downtown corner. I received a press release from Brown that said:

“I am doing this for many reasons. It is a way to give
people "pure" entertainment: no advertisements, no
charges, no responsibilities. And it is live, not seen
on T.V. live, but really live. This also brings people
enjoyment; they look forward to seeing me every morning.
It is comedy, but it always begs a question.
I poke at a range of social and political issues that
are important to me.”
Brown is also making a video movie of his morning ritual. He videotapes himself waking up, putting on the suit, and standing on the corner. Each day in his movie lasts for about a minute. He plans to do a gallery show about the project that will incorporate the movie and funny signs he’s made. This video was challenging to make. I used all the skills I have learned to date. My edit was all about sequencing the shots and making sure to show what Gabriel is talking about.

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