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Manito Park in the fall

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Colin Mulvany - The Spokesman-Review

Ok, this is not the type of video you would expect from me. There is no narrative, no story, no real journalism. Just eye candy; pretty pictures with a soundtrack. My editor just shrugged his shoulders when I showed him the finished video. “Not one of your best,” he said. After that critique, I debated whether or not to even post it. In the end, I realized that this type of video might not be everyone’s cup o tea. It is what it is. I hope people, who enjoy the park as I do, might like seeing it. Shooting this kind of video is mostly just a creative exercise. Manito Park in the fall is spectacular. I live only a few blocks from the 100-acre park and I often take long walks there with my family. Most of the time, I seem to have blinders on. Years of visual callous prevent me from seeing the wealth of beauty the park has to offer. I decided to use a fresh pair of eyes to see Manito from a whole new perspective. Through my video camera viewfinder, I began to see small things I have never noticed before. Details, like the shadows the sun makes shining through the leaves. The varied sounds of the diverse waterfowl as they float on the Manito pond. Saturated fall colors I vaguely noticed before. My new reality allowed me to construct my compositions in a more creative way. In the end, this creative exercise probably made me a better video shooter. Let me know what you think. I was going to do the other three seasons in the park, but if nobody cares, I will move on to other projects.

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