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Colin Mulvany - The Spokesman-Review

A heart attack in a haunted house in 2001 changed Logan Olson’s life forever. After emergency personnel finally restarted Logan's heart, the 16-year-old high school student fell into a coma for several weeks. When she awoke, she had no memory of what had happened. The heart attack had left her with a brain injury. Logan had to relearn everything, from eating and sitting to eventually walking again. After seven months of hospitals and rehabilitation wards, Logan came home to live with her parents Tim and Laurie. Her mom took on the task of full-time caregiver. In their long days at home together, they hatched an idea to start a fashion magazine for young people with disabilities. I love stories about inspirational ideas that work. Logan and her mom Laurie just knew they had a great idea and they spent the next several years making it happen. Last week, in a conference room at the graphic design firm of Klundt/Hosmer, Logan opened a box and held the finished magazine in her hands. “Hey me,” she said seeing her picture on the cover. This video was a challenge to edit. I was dealing with a lot of past history that needed to be illustrated and long interviews that I had to edit down. I started shooting this story last spring when graphic designer Jean Klundt invited me to a production meeting with Logan and Laurie. In the first minute of meeting Logan, I knew I needed to follow this story to the end.

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