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    Lean Bean Robbery

    Surveillance video from Coeur d’Alene Police Department seeking suspect in robbery of Lean Bean espresso stand.

  2. 02
    Small plane crash rescue video

    Spokane Police Body Cam footage of Sunday’s small plane crash rescue. The video has been redacted by police with a black oval over the injured pilot.

  3. 03
    Walgreens robbery suspect

    Spokane police are searching for a man who robbed the Walgreens at Division Street and Empire Avenue Sunday night. The robber, a white male in his 20’s, walked into the …

  4. 04
    Indoor RC Fly-In

    When it’s dark and cold outside, radio-control flyers head indoors, Smaller batteries, lightweight materials and miniature motors and electronics have led to light planes and interesting rotorcraft. The Inland Empire …

  5. 05
    Mobil Jifi Stop

    Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward for information leading to a man believed to have robbed a gas station in Spokane Valley early Tuesday morning.

  6. 06
    pit crew

    Spokane Valley Fire Department paramedics demonstrate the new “pit crew” CPR where rescuers switch positions every two minutes.

  7. 07
    The Ducks’ Day

    Here is a slideshow of the hen duck and her twelve ducklings and how they made it to the river with the help of bank employees, kids, the media and … 1

  8. 08
    “Everyone Needs a Painting”

    Spokane artist Pat Adams has oil-painted scenics and portraits of family at her kitchen table for over 30 years. After the death of her beloved dog Sage, Adams took her …

  9. 09
    Paraplegic dog

    From the Spokesman.com 2007 video archive: Paraplegic dog still goes for walks with his owner’s help.