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    Haunted Spokane

    As Halloween approaches, take a tour of some of Spokane’s most haunted places.

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    9/11 wreath-laying

    Members of the Spokane Valley Fire Department and Spokane County Sheriff’s Office honor guard perform a 9/11 remembrance ceremony at the Spokane County Fair on Sept. 11, 2014.

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    Cyclocross racing in Sandpoint

    Cyclocross, a lesser-know style of bike racing, attracts cyclists who like to push themselves and their bikes to the limit, through rain, snow and mud. On Sunday, November 17, 2013, …

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    Polar Bear Plunge 2013

    This is an aerial view, courtesy of a radio-controlled helicopter and tiny camera, of the annual Polar Bear Plunge which takes place on Sanders Beach on Lake Coeur d’Alene every …

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    Dirty Dash 2015

    For the last several years, the Dirty Dash foot race has staged an event in Spokane. And people show up by the thousands. Most will admit that playing in the …

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    Bubble Ball at the HUB

    The HUB Sports Center hosted a Bubble Ball Jam event, Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014, where people, encased in a blow- up clear plastic bubble, played a game of soccer while …

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    Biviano vs. Shea, Introduction

    Amy Biviano, a Democrat, makes her case about why she feels that she’s the best choice to represent the state House in the 4th Legislative District. Incumbent Republican state Rep. … 1

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    Libby School cat

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    Lunar Eclipse Timelapse

    Lunar eclipse time-lapse shot Sunday at the Southside Sports Complex.

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    Biviano vs. Shea, Freeway and Sullivan Bridge

    Amy Biviano, a Democrat, talks about her stance on the North Spokane Corridor and the Sullivan Road bridge. She is running for state House in the 4th Legislative District against …

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    Tour the courthouse tower

    Ron Oscarson, Spokane County’s facilities director, takes you on a tour of the historic Spokane County Courthouse tower that recently went through extensive exterior renovations.

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    Billig vs. McLaughlin, Abortion

    State Rep. Andy Billig, a Democrat, and Spokane City Councilwoman Nancy McLaughlin, a Republican, discuss their opinions about abortion policy. The two are running for state Senate in Spokane’s 3rd …

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    Kinetic Fest 2015

    The daylong fair in Coeur d’Alene celebrated the unconventional and the outlandish creations of inventors and artists, many of which were human-powered machines made from bicycle parts. Many of the …

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    Dellwo vs. Holy, Energy

    Former state Rep. Dennis Dellwo, a Democrat, and attorney Jeff Holy, a Republican, give their stance on a state law approved by voters that requires larger power companies to get …

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    “Without judgment”

    With lots of free hugs and clean socks to share, CHAS homeless outreach worker Ilze Zarins-Ilgen is a trusted face within Spokane’s homeless community.

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    A Day of Appreciation - The Swannack Harvest Bee

    The farming community of Lamont, Wash. turned out in force to harvest wheat farmer Steve Swannack’s grain during a harvest bee Sat. Aug. 1, 2015. Swannack has been in the …

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    Two-arm garbage truck

    Raw footage of the city of Spokane’s new two-arm garbage truck being demonstrated Wednesday, April 8, 2009.

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    Then and Now: Downtown Spokane

    Here is another “Then and Now” presentation taken from the photo archives of the Spokesman-Review. Spokane, especially the downtown area, has a long and storied history of boom and bust, … 5

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    Polar Bear Plunge 2016

    Every New Year’s Day, hundreds of people start the year by running into the frigid waters of Lake Coeur d’Alene. This year, the air temperature was in the low 20s …

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    Post Falls dam

    As snow melt flows into the Coeur d’Alene basin, the Post Falls dam spillway is opened, creating a roaring torrent of water.