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    Haunted Spokane

    As Halloween approaches, take a tour of some of Spokane’s most haunted places.

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    Libby School cat

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    Lunar Eclipse Timelapse

    Lunar eclipse time-lapse shot Sunday at the Southside Sports Complex.

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    Big R/C car weekend

    For the last 28 years, R/C car enthusiasts have gathered on Memorial Day weekend for the Hank Perry 240. It’s three days of camaraderie and off-road competition at the Hank …

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    Tour the courthouse tower

    Ron Oscarson, Spokane County’s facilities director, takes you on a tour of the historic Spokane County Courthouse tower that recently went through extensive exterior renovations.

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    A chance meeting

    Two elderly gentlemen, each suffering the indignities of advanced age, meet in a hospital room. Their conversation reveals they have something in common going back many years.

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    Then and Now: Downtown Spokane

    Here is another “Then and Now” presentation taken from the photo archives of the Spokesman-Review. Spokane, especially the downtown area, has a long and storied history of boom and bust, … 5

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    Indoor RC Fly-In

    When it’s dark and cold outside, radio-control flyers head indoors, Smaller batteries, lightweight materials and miniature motors and electronics have led to light planes and interesting rotorcraft. The Inland Empire …

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    Detox director charged with assault

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    Central Valley High School performs at the 2015 Pacific Northwest Marching Band Championships

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    Police investigate robbery spree in Kootenai Count


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    The Big Burn of 1910

    Three million acres burned. At least 85 people killed. The towns of Grand Forks and Taft obliterated. The town of Wallace nearly destroyed. Jim Kershner looks back at the forest …

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    How to use bear spray

    Preaching bear awareness and the benefits of carrying bear spray is a year-round job for Chuck Bartlebaugh, regardless of whether bears are hibernating or prowling where hunters and hikers roam. … 7