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    Haunted Spokane

    As Halloween approaches, take a tour of some of Spokane’s most haunted places.

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    Snow Bowl

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    Libby School cat

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    Gov. Butch Otter re-election speech

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    Frozen pond sound

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    Last Day of the Christmas Bureau

    The Christmas Bureau, the holiday charity that tries to give a book and toy to every kid whose family asks for help, finished its nine-day run Friday, Dec. 19, 2014. …

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    demolisher Test

    Testing out the demolisher with the help Castiel.

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    Sonic Decanter joke

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    Christmas Bureau opens

    The Christmas Bureau,a holiday assistance effort of Catholic Charities, the Volunteers of America and the Spokesman-Review, opened for its run of the 2014 holiday season at the Spokane County Fairgrounds …

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    Winter Glow Spectacular

    The city, with the help of commercial sponsors and many volunteers, has put up the first Spokane Winter Glow Spectacular in Riverfront Park. It kicked off Friday evening by the …