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Girl Cars

Girl cars. Strong enough for a man, but specially designed for a woman, these are the vehicles that inarguably represent a serious gender divide on the roadways. The following is a list of the most predominant girl cars the world has ever known. For any of the men out there that might find their little darling included below, don’t be offended. This post is not meant to question or insult your masculinity. If anything it should prove that you aren’t insecure enough to base your manliness on what you drive…Because these are definitely girl cars. 


In no particular order:

Mazda Miata

The last Miata you saw was probably being driven to the mall with the top thrown back by a fun loving blonde and her girlfriend on a sunny day where anything could happen. Miatas are cheap, handle nicely and wouldn’t look out of place in the cosmetics portion of a giant purse. Of all the girl cars out there, this might be the one that male owners most adamantly insist are not just for women, but their only proof is that they drive one. 

Chrysler Sebring Convertible

My elementary school PE teacher postponed his retirement by two years to buy a Sebring convertible when they were first coming out, only to find several weeks later that one of the female teachers at our school who was going through a rough midlife crisis had purchased one of her own. Hers was a stunning pearl white with a sexy tan leather interior. Several months after its release, the Sebring was exposed through such sales as being most attractive to slightly older ladies, more specifically, to cougars on a budget. Once Mr. Hartly realized this it was too late. 

Volkswagen Rabbit/Golf Cabriolet

Volkswagen is undoubtedly the queen of girl car manufacturers and their lady-mobiles don’t get any girlier than the Cabriolet. Like the Miata, men are often enticed by how “fun” the Cabriolet is but don’t stop to consider that in a world of testosterone fueled Hemi V8s, fun is commonly depicted as a pickup truck blasting through an exploding barn as it’s being pushed to its limits by a team of thrill seeking firemen. The Cabriolet effectively brands a male driver as the polar opposite of this social norm, and thus, is a girl car for the ages. 

Volkswagen Jetta

College and high school girls love these things and their parents buy them by the dozen. Accordingly, Jettas are likely to be seen with a string of flowers hanging from the rear view mirror and the decal of whatever school the lady driver is currently attending displayed on the rear window. During the warmer months the young ladies become nearly entirely camouflaged as the bright colors of their sun dresses mesh seamlessly with the floral patterns of their seat covers. Don’t be frightened if a floating pair of oversized sunglasses appears to be driving a Jetta; it just means summer is here. 

Honorable Volkswagen mentions: Modern Beetle, Karmann Ghia. 

1966 Ford Thunderbird

Mainly because it’s the getaway ride of Thelma and Louise in the movie Thelma and Louise… three ladies died at the end of the movie, but only two were mourned. 

What are your picks? Did I leave anything out here?


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