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Dear Mr. President, where’s my car?

Dear Mr. President, 

I would like a people’s car and I could have used it yesterday. Please excuse the edgy reference, but in 1933 Hitler asked Ferdinand Porsche to build a “Volks-Wagen”, a car for the people. 

Porsche answered with what would become the Volkswagen Beetle; the most widely produced economy car in history. The idea behind its original creation was that it could be made available to the citizens of the Third Reich through a savings scheme for 990 Reich marks, concurrent with the price of a small motorcycle. In terms of performance the standard was set at the ability to carry two adults and three children at a top speed of 62mph. 

It was a simple concept, and after WWII ended Americans learned to love it. We’ve come to know the Volkswagen Beetle under monikers such as “Herbie the Love Bug,” when in reality Herbie was conceived in the fires of ethnic cleansing, a testament to American’s short attention span and the practicality of quality German engineering. 

To reiterate, Hitler was a terrible man, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. I would encourage you to exercise some executive power and tell the big wigs from the big three to go sun themselves at one of their corporate retreats, or continue to do so, while you commandeer their companies to mass-produce a low-cost ultra fuel efficient car for the millions of Americans who need them. 

It could be called the “Hope Mobile,” but it doesn't have to be anything flashy. I wouldn’t mind if the only music the radio played was an Mp3 loop of Stevie Wonder, U2 and other feel good favorites from your campaign trail so long as it saves us some money and is safe and reliable.

Also, how's that brand new Cadillac limousine fortress you cruised around in on inauguration day working out for you? Glad to see you have a government produced car that fits your needs.


One of the many people who voted you


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