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Cheerios Lego Racer!

It’s a cumbersome chore to create weekly ultra-informed blogs that attempt to stay on the cutting edge of automotive news. My hat goes off to anyone who can do it, but sometimes I feel like I try to make mine too, "smart." So eat this: Cheerios Lego Racers! Collect all 6! Mix and match pieces to make over 200 combinations with custom stickers! 

On every specially marked box of Cheerios it’s your duty as a member of the Whole Grain Nation to locate your Lego Racer and make sure your very own race car wont go to waste, or be choked on. Clint Bowyer, driver of the # 33 Cheerios and Hamburger Helper Chevrolet Impala SS, endorses Lego Racers. That’s Hamburger, like the meat in what’s for dinner, and helper, like when mom lets you add the seasoning mix.

Clint likes Cheerios, Hamburger Helper, and RACE CARS! His car makes 825 hp @ 8,500 RPM. In his third year as a racer Clint earned his 1st berth in the Chase for the Cup, finishing 3rd in points. Clint has an All-American smile and a penchant for bronzer. 

Ask your parents to buy a specially marked box of Lego Racers Cheerios today! Don’t forget to remind them that Cheerios can Lower Dad’s Cholesterol long enough for his Medicaid to kick in, and a Ziploc bag full of them will keep you quiet through the homily at church! Also, if you eat Fruit Loops you’ll have nightmares about Tucan Sam pecking your eyes out. 

Some monsters are real. 

Cheerios come with a RACER!


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