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Swiss Gigolo Defrauds BMW Heiress, Elvis Impersonator Defrauds’71 Barracuda

First and foremost we begin in MUNICH – A dashing man that looks like a cross between James Bond and the Swiss Miss Girl was sentenced to six years in prison Monday for defrauding Germany’s richest women, BMW heiress Susanne Klatten, 46, of 7 million euros (about $9 million) and suavely trying to blackmail her for tens of millions more.

German media is calling the 44 – year – old convicted man, Helg Sgarbi, “the Swiss Gigolo,” after he told a Munich court that he approached Klatten at a spa near Innsbruck, Austria, in July 2007 and started a steamy affair. Sgarbi admitted he told BMW’s happily married money pot that he had secretly taped their forbidden romps and would go public with the footage if Klatten refused to pay him millions of euros to keep the secret a secret. 

The crafty Gigolo also admitted to using his charm to tug at Klatten’s automotive heartstrings, convincing her to pay him 7 million euros to help treat a girl that was paralyzed in a car crash with Sgarbi. Klatten eventually went to the police in January 2007. For his reckless dream boating, the Munich state court found Sgarbi guilty of fraud and attempted blackmail. 

Question: Why did Klatten wait so long to go to the police? Why did she agree to pay Sgarbi 7 million euros? Maybe the Swiss gigolo did manage to tape some damaging footage.

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Moving on to TEXAS – A 1971 Plymouth Barracuda nearly went to auction in San Antonio under the premise that it was originally bought by Elvis Presley for one of his female friends. The Cuda had a title with a matching VIN listing Elvis Aaron Presley as the owner. Auctioneers were crestfallen when they noticed the title had to be fake because it had eight digits instead of nine. Oops. 

The official story is that a mechanic found the title between the carpet and the floor. Auction owners would not release the current car owner’s name. Shady. 

“We had done everything we could on our end. . . . We definitely don’t want to mislead anyone,” said Jennifer Tetley, a spokeswoman for the Dan Kruse-Leake Collector Car Show & Auction.

It would seem that the Cuda was an imposter amongst the other celebrity cars scheduled to be auctioned off at the Alamo Dome March 21st. The line up includes a General Lee (69 Charger) owned by John Shneider (Bo Duke) along with a 1936 Lincoln V12 K Model Boat Tail Speedster, custom built by Howard Hughes’ crazy ass to serve as his personal limo. 

Question: Since when is it acceptable to write off a potentially fraudulent car sale by saying that you found the title between the carpet and the floor? Is this Texas justice? 

Auto enthusiasts demand answers!


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