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Man builds bridge to living room for Ferrari, neighbors not happy

Holger Schubert built a bridge from his street to his living room, and parked his 1984 Ferrari 512 Boxer next to his couch. "I wanted to create a backdrop for the car as a piece of art," Schubert said, "This is a space whose only purpose is to enjoy the car."

Genius? Perhaps. Last year the showroom won Architectural Digest magazine’s Design Driven contest, but not everyone was so impressed. Schubert is currently in a legal battle to save his $1.5 million dollar bridge. From the LA Times:

“Neighbors complained about the bridge, alleging that the city erroneously approved its construction to create both a safety hazard and a development precedent that could degrade hillside neighborhoods throughout the city.” 

“City planners have withdrawn permission for Schubert to use a bridge to connect his Ferrari's third-floor resting spot with North Tigertail Road.”

“The ruling sets the stage for the city to issue an enforcement order that will force Schubert to tear down the 10-foot-long, 15-foot-high bridge if he does not obtain a zoning variance for it or win a court reprieve that preserves it.” 

Schubert’s showroom is equipped with a hydraulic ramp that lifts the front of the Ferrari up, allowing the car to coast backwards across the bridge without starting the engine. That way no exhaust fumes enter the house. 


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