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Fiesta Movement Grand Finale!


No, Team Seattle did not win. Team Houston did. But before the final vote was cast the guys from the Emerald City put up several impressive missions that were perhaps too real for the mainstream Internet browser to handle. For starters, they teamed up with Roxy to:

".. Design a T-shirt, Hat, and Tote trifecta that speaks to bold, confident women everywhere. Born out of a sense of excitement and passion, the Tiffany Ta x SOTA design evokes the basic, raw emotions that fuel action and adventure. Our colors bleed a sense of life into every piece, simple, and effective. Designer Tiffany Ta and Roxy athlete Amy Murphree inspired the designs.” 


Fashionable? Yes. But the final mission called for State of the Artist (Team Seattle) to produce a short film. Not the half-baked acid-trip kind I shoot for MotorSpaceNW with a digital camera, but a professionally done piece to be shown before a screening of Iron Man 2 in Seattle. From the press release:

"SEATTLE, Wash., May 25, 2010 – To their extensive list of creative credentials, Seattle hip-hop artists Parker Reddington and Nate Fihn will be able to add a new title: Filmmaker.
The Capitol Hill residents have created a short film, “Monday Thru Saturday,” which will
premiere Wednesday, June 2, at the Pacific Place 11 theaters, 600 Pine St., in Seattle. It hits the big screen just prior to the 8 p.m. showing of “Iron Man 2.”

In the film, five roommates take turns driving the Fiesta for their individual jobs throughout the week. Peculiar situations and interesting characters arise, making for a truly quirky adventure.” 

Map Quest screwed me over and I wound up at the wrong theater on the night of the release, but you can still see the film composed by Stephan Gray at SOTA’s YouTube channel:

Sadly, the film, complete with clown bashing, weeping brides and a Fiesta fiesta, was the final mission of the Fiesta Movement Chapter 2. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s a refresher from Ford on SOTA’s aforementioned titillating missions: 

“Previous missions for the team included the following activities:

-Partnering with local artists to create a wallscape mural that doubled as a functional guide
to their 10 favorite places and activities that make Seattle buzz. For three weeks, it was
featured outside of Mama’s Mexican Kitchen, 2234 2nd Ave. in Belltown, and featured a
unique SMS code, which fans and followers could text for more information;

-Working with fashion athletes and designers from the brand Roxy to create a design that
may go on hats, tote bags and T-shirts; 

-And showcasing SOTA’s new album, SeattleCaliFragilisticExtraHellaDopeness, during an 
album release party in Capitol Hill, an event that was promoted through their Fiesta
Movement Web page…” 

Speaking of which, Seattlecalifragilisticextrahelladopeness, a collection of collaborations with some of the biggest names in the Seattle hip-hop scene is already seeing play on KEXP and other major Seattle stations while attracting enough attention to warrant a review from The Seattle Times’ spectacled wonder, “Matson on Music”:

Be sure to check the comments left below the review. Matson can get a little preachy. 

As for the Fiesta Movement itself, SOTA couldn’t quite muster the votes to take top honors for Chapter 2. Here’s the big news from Ford:

“…When the book was closed on the last mission in Ford’s social media adventure, it was a team from Houston that emerged as winners of Fiesta Movement Chapter 2.

As winners of the second chapter of the Fiesta Movement, agents Mark and Amber from Houston will each receive a new 2011 Ford Fiesta. The two agents, however, decided to do something unique with one of their Fiestas – they are donating it to a local Houston charity, Noah’s Kitchen, which helps to serve the less fortunate with meals. Fiesta will serve as the first fleet car for Noah’s Kitchen and help them achieve their goals.”

In terms of raw numbers, Ford is reporting that overall agent postings throughout the Fiesta Movement garnered:

-Nearly 500,000 YouTube views
-More than 70,000 Flickr views
-More than 10.7 million Twitter impressions

Not too shabby for experimental grassroots marketing. To see what all the hype was/is about, check out the main Fiesta Movement page at:

Catch up with Team Seattle on their movement page:

Get into State of the Artist and the Seattle hip-hop scene at:


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