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Washington State’s best drives


Summer time comes but once a year in Washington State. There’s barely two months left of the sunniest season to enjoy all the natural beauty our slice of Northwest heaven has to offer. Disregard gas prices. Fill up the tank in whatever car you can get your hands on, call up a couple friends and slap together some peanut butter sandwiches. There’s a lot of Washington most Washingtonians have never seen before that can be experienced via our beautiful scenic byways. 

You’re sold. The only lingering hesitation is where to go and how to get there. Well! Check out the link below:

There you’ll find the “Washington the State” website which is home to an impressively cohesive listing of drives for just about every majestic area of Washington. From Cape Flattery to North Pend Oreille, the Cascade Loop to the rolling wheat fields of the Palouse, there’s a drive that’s within a day’s trip from just about any Washington home town, city or backwoods shanty.

Before setting out on any of these romps there are some basic unofficial ground rules that should respected by those of us in the driving community that will undoubtedly use this website as a guide to explore fun that can’t be had locked in the usual stop and go traffic of major freeways and city streets.


1. Public roads are not the place to see how fast your car will go; that’s what race tracks are for. Know your limits as a driver and your car’s as well. Don’t push either any place you and everyone in your company aren’t required to sign waivers first.

2. In light of rule number one, it’s damn near impossible to have fun on any road that encourages a stompy throttle foot without having to pass a number of motorists that are just trying to get from point A to point B. Be patient with these cows of the road. Don’t pass until it’s safe to do so. Signal and waive with a winning smile. You’ll both live longer, richer lives this way.

3. Sometimes a whole herd of cows will catch wind of a drive that’s as scenic as it is fun to tear through responsibly. Sunny summer days are especially notorious for such occurrences. Refer to rule number two when this happens and don’t push it. Sometimes there’s just too much traffic to do anything but cruise and listen to mix tapes.

4. Stay borderline paranoid of the popo. If you respect rules one through four you have every right to do so with the sole purpose of hiding how much fun you’re trying to have. Aside from accidents, nothing throws a permanent wet towel on sporty driving like being ticketed by The Man, paying a hefty fine and watching your auto insurance rates take off like a rocket aimed directly at hell. 

5. Have fun. At their best cars are tools to enjoy roads. Washington is without a doubt the most eclectically beautiful state our great country has to offer. Not experiencing it along her scenic byways at some point in your life would be an unforgivable waste. Gas up and get out there. 


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