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Autos archive for Dec. 2012

SATURDAY, DEC. 29, 2012

Too many miles; too few words

I’ve been driving lots but not writing; here's a quick and dirty update: The GMC Terrain Denali aspires for near-luxury quality in the compact crossover category and largely succeeds. Inattention to important details undermines the effort, though. Hint: If you’re going to indulge in stitched…

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At least I'm not alone

As suggested here two weeks ago, drivers can be “schooled” by the errors of others around them. Observing those driver errors provides an effective reminder of “what not to do.” And sadly, such errors abound. At least I’m not the only one spotting those errors,…

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SUNDAY, DEC. 23, 2012

TUESDAY, DEC. 18, 2012

Connected cars are coming

The steady addition of features such as radial tires, disc brakes, traction control, stability control, anti-lock brakes, air bags, and warning systems for sleep, low tires, lane departure, side impact, et cetera have made our cars safer with each new model year. Advancements like those…

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FRIDAY, DEC. 14, 2012

 (General Motors)

2014 GM pickups are ‘real trucks’

General Motors couldn’t wait to reveal the new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra at the Detroit Auto Show in January. They pulled the sheets off their new full-size stallions this week at a film studio in motor city with a bold message to the truck…

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The school of poor driving

Often, surrounding drivers show me how not to drive. During a trip to the airport last week, those in my periphery supplied many examples of actions that anger and endanger others on the roadway, creating a “school” of poor driving. I encountered the first of…

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THURSDAY, DEC. 13, 2012

TUESDAY, DEC. 11, 2012


The feds want your new car to have a BLACK BOX! 

Don’t panic. Chances are your car is already equipped with a black box, officially known as an Event Data Recorder (EDR). According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 91.6 percent of cars already have the little Benedict Arnold device installed somewhere inside them. What’s…

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SATURDAY, DEC. 8, 2012

VW Passat: The affordable European

Though European carmakers dominate the upper end of the automotive market, they are largely absent from the segments where most of us shop. The chief exception is Volkswagen, which of course made its mark flogging the humble Beetle. VW has flirted with going upscale --…

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FRIDAY, DEC. 7, 2012

TPMS topic lingers

Every time I discuss Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems lately, I stir up additional debate. When the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ruled that service providers would violate the law’s “make inoperative” provision if they installed wheels without TPMS sensors, Tire Industry Association VP Roy Littlefield…

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THURSDAY, DEC. 6, 2012

Cadillac ATS: Meant to be missed

I felt a twinge of loss when it came time to give up Cadillac ATS tester yesterday. It happens now and again, but only when a car strikes a very specific chord. For me, that chord is all about how the car feels under and…

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TUESDAY, DEC. 4, 2012

Cadillac ATS: Taming the wild road

In 2002, GM debuted a new suspension technology called Magnetic Ride Control (MRC). That name sounds like it came rolling straight from the Hype Machine, but MRC was a breakthrough in suspension design. It’s behind the FE3 sport suspension that’s available on the ATS. So…

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SATURDAY, DEC. 1, 2012

2013 Toyota Avalon: Swinging for the fences

For 2013, Toyota set out not to merely update the full-size Avalon; instead, it gave its underachieving flagship a personality transplant. For the first 12 years of its existence, the Avalon lacked focus and, consequently, a true identity. It was the Toyota of choice for…

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