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Autos archive for Jan. 1, 2015

TUESDAY, DEC. 29, 2015

MONDAY, DEC. 28, 2015

Battling the elements

When I wrote of the surprise that the magnesium chloride used by the City of Spokane was found to contain PCBs, I did not want to short-sell its corrosive properties. Besides now learning that those carcinogens exist in the mix, I’ve always known how tough…

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THURSDAY, DEC. 24, 2015

TUESDAY, DEC. 22, 2015

 (Courtesy Fiat)

Test Drive: 2016 Fiat 500

This week, we drive the 2016 Fiat 500X Lounge, the longer wheelbase and heavier 500 from the folks at Fiat. Built in Melfi, Italy, the 500 relies on an engine and transmission built in the United States and arrives dressed in upper class “Lounge” motif.

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MONDAY, DEC. 21, 2015

A valiant mission

A recent article published by Automotive News, written by Mike Colias, reported of a General Motors program honoring America’s discharged military. The mission, named Shifting Gears, aims to train civilian soldiers in automotive repair and place them as technicians at GM service departments around the…

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SATURDAY, DEC. 19, 2015

MONDAY, DEC. 14, 2015

More caustic than we thought

Last year, I wrote of my disdain of the caustic liquid brazenly spread on our roadways for melting snow and ice. One hundred percent of the record email respondents echoed my apprehension of its toxicity, corrosive properties, effectiveness and overuse. Now, a recent Spokesman-Review article…

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SATURDAY, DEC. 12, 2015

MONDAY, DEC. 7, 2015

More clarity on turning

Discussion of making turns seems to generate more discussion of making turns. After the last column on the topic, reader S.R. wrote, “I have a question about what the law allows for the two right turns lanes coming off of I-90 to Sullivan Road. I…

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SATURDAY, DEC. 5, 2015

With its long list of standard features, available torque-vectoring front-wheel-drive and unique three-door design, the $18,000 Veloster makes a strong value case for itself. (Hyundai)

Unconventional Hyundai Veloster is ripe with attitude

Hyundai’s subcompact Veloster is crammed with clever ideas and useful tech. With its long list of standard features, available torque-vectoring front-wheel-drive and unique three-door design, the $18,000 hatchback makes a strong value case for itself. Veloster’s squat and assertive kammback profile was influenced by racing-motorcycle…

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THURSDAY, DEC. 3, 2015

MONDAY, NOV. 30, 2015

Readers react to left turners

Two weeks ago, I wrote of drivers making left turns in heavy traffic at signal-light intersections with no left turn provision. Two factions exist: 1) drivers who pull into the intersection upon green indication to make a swift left when the oncoming traffic stops upon…

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SUNDAY, NOV. 29, 2015

MONDAY, NOV. 23, 2015

Steps toward autonomy

There’s some relatively new lingo being applied to the auto industry lately. A few of those terms that are bandied about — autonomous, self-driving, driver assist, adaptive and connected — prognosticate the future of automotive features and design. Recently, Toyota has made a big bet…

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SATURDAY, NOV. 21, 2015

TUESDAY, NOV. 17, 2015

MONDAY, NOV. 16, 2015

Breaking the law?

I’ve written of the gray areas of driving lately, and two readers have just sent questions regarding another one. In fact, this gray area arguably allows drivers to break the law. J.D., a driver new to Washington, wonders, “In Spokane, I notice that when a…

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SATURDAY, NOV. 14, 2015

MONDAY, NOV. 9, 2015

Road rules getting attention

Last week I wrote that good driving requires knowledge of road rules and adherence to them. Many readers sent email in support of that premise, especially when it comes to making proper turns. Readers, who evidently care about proper driving, wrote to report of drivers…

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MONDAY, NOV. 2, 2015

Driving gray areas persist

The categories of emails I receive are quite varied. Some of those reader inquiries have definitive answers, whereas others give rise to “grayer” discussions. An inquiry representing that latter group came from reader J.S., asking, “Who is responsible for cleaning up the vehicle debris from…

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MONDAY, OCT. 26, 2015

Correct driving matters

For reasons I don’t fully understand, some drivers fail to conform to regulations governing simple driving procedures. Whether it’s ignorance of those laws or simply a refusal to follow them, many drivers regularly operate their vehicles in non-compliance with basic rules of the road. Some…

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