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Autos archive for Jan. 1, 2016

MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2016

Spring pedestrian bloom

While we watch the flowers bloom each spring, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians are emerging on our streets. After winter “hibernation,” their sudden increased presence can take unwary motorists by surprise. Pedestrians, especially, are plentiful and vulnerable. As groups and individuals, children and adults in the…

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MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2016

Pondering driverless vehicles

The talk of driverless, or autonomous, vehicles has been big news from automotive and technology industries of late. The “conversation,” beginning with Google, and continuing with automaker and software giants, seems to indicate that the reality of the concept is getting close. I have written…

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Local drivers are commenting

By sending their comments and questions, readers indicate that they are applying thought to their driving. To me, that’s a good thing. R.H. wondered, “…in driving Spokane’s many one-way streets: Is it lawful for a driver occupying the inside lane on a one-way street to…

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MONDAY, FEB. 29, 2016

Room for improvement

Regarding the safety of driverless cars, experts agree that they are not infallible. Those experts and captains of the auto industry also agree that people are not infallible either, and that driving errors are likely to be fewer in vehicles operating with autonomous, as opposed…

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SUNDAY, FEB. 28, 2016

MONDAY, FEB. 22, 2016

Requesting knowledge and questions

The roads we share are filled with drivers having varying exposure levels and abilities. And each one of them has their own set of driving experiences and potential questions regarding proper driving behavior. Lately, many readers have shared those experiences and questions, allowing me to…

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SATURDAY, FEB. 20, 2016

MONDAY, FEB. 15, 2016

Thoughtful drivers speak up 

Lately, many thoughtful drivers have emailed their insights and inquiries about driving situations and behaviors. For example, N.M. asked, “What are the rules for using turn signals when approaching a roundabout? No one uses them so you never know the ultimate direction a car will…

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SUNDAY, FEB. 14, 2016

SATURDAY, FEB. 13, 2016

FRIDAY, FEB. 12, 2016

MONDAY, FEB. 8, 2016

Car sharing gains traction

The concept of letting drivers with intermittent transportation needs share vehicles instead of owning them has gained steady momentum since Zipcar began popularizing the practice in 1999. Since then, the Avis-owned company has influenced a growing movement. Besides Zipcar, there are now several firms offering…

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SUNDAY, FEB. 7, 2016

SATURDAY, FEB. 6, 2016

FRIDAY, FEB. 5, 2016

MONDAY, FEB. 1, 2016

More reader recommendations

Readers continue to relay thoughtful recommendations in response to my columns touting driver resolutions and tips for winter driving. It’s always good to hear from those who devote extra attention to the driving task. As a New Year’s resolution, I reminded drivers to look as…

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SATURDAY, JAN. 30, 2016


Test Drive: 2016 Mazda6 Gran Touring

We're driving the 2016 Mazda6, a fine looking mid-size sedan from front to back. Good looks aside, Mazda6 delivers an outstanding 40-MPG highway EPA number along with very good performance thanks to Mazda's respected Skyactiv powertrain combination.

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FRIDAY, JAN. 29, 2016

MONDAY, JAN. 25, 2016

Readers' winter weigh-ins

When I recently offered winter driving reminders, many reader emails followed. I’m encouraged that so many local drivers are applying careful thought to the process of negotiating slickened roads. L.B. relayed a tip for effective stopping at icy intersections, writing, “It’s something I sort of…

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SATURDAY, JAN. 23, 2016

MONDAY, JAN. 18, 2016

An exciting automotive future

The automotive industry is facing an exciting and optimistic future. Predicting what is to come is not an exact science, but there are plenty of signs that manufacturer offerings will continue to be technological marvels of change. Prognosticators concur that the next ten years of…

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SATURDAY, JAN. 16, 2016


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