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Eye On Boise archive for Jan. 1, 2007

FRIDAY, AUG. 31, 2007

Names, names, names

An Associated Press report now cites unnamed sources saying that Gov. Butch Otter will choose Idaho Lt. Gov. Jim Risch to replace Sen. Larry Craig. Risch has been saying for months that he’ll run for the seat if Craig chooses not to run for re-election.…

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THURSDAY, AUG. 30, 2007

Audio of police interview airing on TV, net

MSNBC has obtained the audio of Sen. Larry Craig’s interview by the arresting officer at the Minneapolis airport, and has been playing it and discussing it on TV. They’ve also posted it online here. Early in the interview, Craig says to the officer, “You solicited…

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WEDNESDAY, AUG. 29, 2007

Washington Post writes about Dan Popkey

Washington Post writer Howard Kurtz, who writes about the media, takes a look at Idaho Statesman political columnist Dan Popkey and his work on investigating Sen. Larry Craig in this article, “For Idaho paper and reporter, Craig story posed a moral dilemma.”

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Craig was one of 40 arrested in airport sting

Forty men have been arrested since May at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport in a restroom-sex solicitation sting that also snared Idaho Sen. Larry Craig, according to the AP, and most were nabbed after going through a similar foot-tapping ritual that police said was a signal…

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'Rank and homophobic hypocrisy'?

The executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Matt Foreman, is accusing Senate Republican leaders of hypocrisy for calling for an ethics investigation into Sen. Larry Craig’s arrest and guilty plea in a restroom sex-solicitation scandal, but not doing the same for…

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Poll: Practically everyone's heard

Survey USA conducted a poll of 600 Idaho adults last night on the revelations about Sen. Larry Craig, and found 89 percent were aware of the story of Craig’s arrest in an airport restroom and subsequent guilty plea on misdemeanor charges. Of those polled, 55…

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TUESDAY, AUG. 28, 2007

Happiest guy? Michael Vick

CNN has been hashing over the Craig men’s room scandal at length, causing one of their commentators to come up with this thought: Who’s the happiest man in the United States today? Michael Vick, because this got him off the front pages.

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Fischer calls for Craig resignation

Bryan Fischer’s Idaho Values Alliance is among those calling for Sen. Larry Craig to resign. In a statement posted on the group’s website “regretfully” calling for resignation, Fischer, a conservative pastor, wrote, “No member of the Republican Party in the 1860s could represent his party…

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Idaho GOP chair backs Craig

J. Kirk Sullivan, chairman of the Idaho Republican Party, said today, “I’m going to support Sen. Craig.” After hearing Craig’s statement at a downtown news conference, Sullivan said, “I listened, and I heard a man open his heart up today. I think he knows that…

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Craig to speak to public

Sen. Larry Craig is planning to make a public statement this afternoon in Boise, at 2:30 p.m. Mountain time. Spokesman Sid Smith said, “In a situation like this, not only the media but Idahoans want to hear from Sen. Craig directly.” It won’t be just…

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What Dan did for all those months

It’s been a subject of speculation for months in Boise – how Idaho Statesman political columnist Dan Popkey spent five months, full-time, investigating a blogger’s allegations that Sen. Larry Craig was a closeted homosexual who had engaged in sex acts at a public restroom near…

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MONDAY, AUG. 27, 2007

Craig issues statement

Here is the statement Idaho Sen. Larry Craig issued in response to the Roll Call story, which is posted on his official website (which has been up and down, apparently due to heavy traffic):"At the time of this incident, I complained to the police that…

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Idaho Dems say they helped oust Gonzales

The big political news nationwide today is the resignation of U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, but here in Boise, it’s the Idaho Democrats who are claiming to have helped oust the controversial Bush Administration official.Wondering how that could be? Well, back in June, Gonzales came…

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THURSDAY, AUG. 23, 2007

Fair weather arrives on cue

At the Western Idaho Fair this week, the biggest attraction hasn’t been the politicos or the food demonstrations or the biggest pig or even the Starship ride – it’s been the weather. After baking through a miserably hot summer when 100 degrees started to seem…

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Otter: Health care changes in the works

Gov. Butch Otter may not be saying much about his two-day, closed-door “Health Care Summit” meeting that he convened this week at Boise State, but he was quite clear going into it that he plans to introduce legislation this year based on recommendations the group…

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TUESDAY, AUG. 21, 2007

Barb's back - Space shuttle lands safely

The Space Shuttle Endeavour has landed safely, bringing to a successful conclusion the long-awaited mission to space by an American school teacher, along with completing the mission’s scheduled work on the International Space Station. McCall teacher-astronaut Barbara Morgan is now back on Earth. “Congratulations. Welcome…

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MONDAY, AUG. 20, 2007

FRIDAY, AUG. 17, 2007

Wildfires bring health advisory for smoke

With wildfires still raging across the region – Idaho and Montana now have 18 large wildfires each – the Idaho departments of Health & Welfare and Environmental Quality have issued a health advisory for “potentially unhealthy and even hazardous air quality conditions from wildfire smoke.”…

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THURSDAY, AUG. 16, 2007

'Space travel is risky, but we have confidence'

Idaho Public TV’s Marcia Franklin asked teacher-astronaut Barbara Morgan about the damage to tiles on the Space Shuttle Endeavor during her live interview with Morgan and fellow astronaut Al Drew today. Here’s what Morgan said: “The word we are getting is that this is more…

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WEDNESDAY, AUG. 15, 2007

The Idaho-to-space connection continues

Idaho Public Television producer and host Marcia Franklin will be conducting an uncommon interview tomorrow – she’ll be interviewing teacher-astronaut Barbara Morgan and one of her crewmates on the Space Shuttle Endeavor. Franklin will be in Boise, but thanks to phone and satellite hookups, her…

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TUESDAY, AUG. 14, 2007

Making the space-to-Idaho connection

What a cool thing! There was teacher-astronaut Barbara Morgan on the screen, her dark hair floating around her head in waves, while kids quizzed her and three fellow astronauts on everything from the speed of a baseball thrown in space (very, very slow, as the…

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