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What do we do with Duncan?

Good morning, Netizens...

Joseph Edward Duncan III has already pleaded guilty to various violent crimes, including kidnapping Dylan and Shasta Groene, molesting them both and killing Dylan in a remote Montana campground. He has left a vile trail of innocent victims behind him, and now has to stand before a judge for his filthy crimes.

One has to wonder why at this point in time he wants to serve as his own attorney.

Is it because it is part of a macabre death wish, thinking that because of his choice he will speed the process of ending up on death row?

Contrary to what it might appear, he is not a stupid person, in the slightest. He has proven, over and over again, that he is cagey and extremely intelligent when it comes to eluding law enforcement. He has used technology successfully for his own warped and twisted desires.

He is an animal, a loathesome charicature of a man who committed unspeakable crimes against society's most-innocent victims.

There are several choices: either as many would suggest, he deserves to die. Short and sweet. Eliminate his genes from the gene pool. Sayanora, adios, good riddance.

Or, as some others have written, perhaps he needs to be incarcerated for life and studied, like an insect stuck on a board, until we better understand what makes such vile creatures tick.

If it were left up to you, what would you do with Duncan? Could we possibly learn anything from this freak of society?


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