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Community Comment

Band of Friends

We have a "band of friends" at Community Comment It's time to have a little face-to-face communication, or, keyboard to keyboard. I like the keyboard method because each person can pretty much use their imagination to what each of us look like. Of course, you know that I am a sweet little almost-old lady and not a threat to anyone by my appearance. I picture John ChefGus as a professor type (well MY imaginary professor type) with a pipe, puffing away on Vanilla Bean tobacco, very similar to my Dad's. Dave is a wise owl-like gentle and kind man sitting on an overstuffed pillow, cross-legged (in real life I don't think he could manage that, just as I can't), talking to himself as much as to anyone else about the world, politics, religion, the 60s, flower children, presidents, famous people he has actually met. Marty is also wise, leaning his head down so he can listen closer and carefully to your every word, smiling just so (in a way that makes you wonder if he is laughing WITH you or if you have just said something that is extremely naïve or not quite accurate; and he lets you keep on wondering). Cindy is tall, lovely, and witty – humor and compassion are twin souls of her spirit and she conveys that with every comment. Diane is extremely intelligent, precise, and states what she believes, right out in front with no qualms; always confident and certain. These are Community Comment's Band of Friends. There are others, ever growing, coming into our fold. We have high regard and respect for each other, and dare I say. . . love for each other. I, for one, (and speaking in tandem with Dave), am keenly interested in your opinions regarding Community Comment. We have been on the board (the blog board) for nine months now. So, how are we doing for our 300th day? Inquiring minds want to know.

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